French Montana - Stylin Lyrics

I be stylin on you haters, Tell your main bitch see you later

I be stylin on you haters
Tell your main bitch I'll see her later
Before the deal
I be stylin on you haters
Tell your main bitch I'll see her later
Before the deal
I shoot for the kill
Coke boy bonafied cop

Came back 10 fold
Maybach 10 hoes
A fifth of hen, 10 O's
Stay down 10 toes
When that money coming fast I ain't gotta rob
Montana Ballin like Oscar Rob, ask your broad
Watch her climb off the pole let the ass bounce
Top off the whole crew, that's what I call a head count
Fuck humble, triple double on these fake niggas
Hundred rounds... Just to wake niggas up
Shake niggas up
Hole like 45 plates just to shake this is up
Throw that money up never been ashamed
Crib 4 acres yell fuckin haters

I be stylin on you haters
Tell your main bitch I'll see her later
Before the deal
I be stylin on you haters
Tell your main bitch I'll see her later
Before the deal
I shoot for the kill
Coke boy bonafied cop

The word on the streets that the nigga cokeboy flip hit his head right
Certified street nigga with his bread right
If I'm speeding through your hood with no headlights
Better grip up motherfucker cause it's a lead night
Flip in drugs yeah cocaine gang
Shit about to blow up, fire and propane
Tell your bitch I'm straight
Took her to the crib she on her knees blowing the whole gang
You out of line I had you looking like the japanese
Under pressure under water, beg the lord can you breathe
My nigga splat keep his... On
You gon see the next movement with the class of the young

I be stylin on you haters
Tell your main bitch I'll see her later
Before the deal
I be stylin on you haters
Tell your main bitch I'll see her later
Before the deal
I shoot for the kill
Coke boy bonafied cop

I be stylin on you haters
Tell your main bitch I see her later
We getting money that's a
Outta town well respected I'm the boss money player
New couple black and grey like the raiders
Try to go back and forth like a fuckin
If they don't get me now they get me later
Coke boys run new york more clock then the mayor

I've been putting work in overtime
Young face but I was graced with an older grind
They sneaking cheap shots but I resupply
[?] twist of lime
These niggas slippin on they pimpin get your bitch in line
Chinx Drugz squad up each an every time

Fo sho maine, good night

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French Montana Stylin Comments
  1. Stirofome Recordz

    Setting off 2020 Right HUNNNNN

    I chopped this up awhile ago for my screw supporters
    come and indulge yourselves in the 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Luca Cundo


  3. Scott Paulson

    Ra Wat wiley E3 grime godfather made the video... Lol

  4. Engels Romero

    Diciembre de 2019 ....

  5. Radwan Wydad

    وديما وداد❤❤

  6. Jesse Rodriguez

    This shit is timeless!! Like it’s brand new!! RIP Chinx!

  7. Seimo Genova

    Montana m9wad khouna drapo

  8. cheddar bob

    Dude I forgot about this song rip Chinx

  9. J H

    2018 anyone? No? Okay...

  10. Joey theGent

    Old French style the best

    J H

    Joe Jaden agreed he could actually hold down a whole verse

    Joey theGent

    @J H man the whole Eastside was on fire for his shit before he went Diddy on everyone, this man really repped NY with bangers like this

  11. jay perion

    Styinnnn on emmmm rip chinx

  12. Ayoub Qaos


  13. isela martinez

    Where's this instrumental from?

  14. Tisha Steen

    kha surf og willie beamon

  15. Tommy Brown

    Styleing on you haters

  16. sid

    Thank god they got rid of Charlie rock and flip they were ass

  17. Devonte Bell

    why dont montana rap like this anymore???

  18. M M


  19. Sky Barone

    RIP CHINX #1 coke boy YAY

  20. starboy hustle

    "new coupe black n Gray like raiders" going to town back & forth like a phukin cross fader!! y'all sleeping on those bars!! representn raiders going to Vegas all bad tho we still got the A' s & warriors tho👌


    looking at chinx i stilll find it hard that he died ! he had the potential to kill it !

  22. David Halpin

    Harry Fraud is a fucking BEAST💯💪🔥✊🏻💨RIP CHINX YAY💯✊🏻

  23. don Triple Double mofucking og father

    skip flip and its a banger

  24. J E S S E R E Y E S

    That yankee piece is mad crazy dope! #nyc

  25. J E S S E R E Y E S

    Fasho mayne ...



  26. Minx Minx

    all day

  27. michaelwest720

    yea yea!!!! Chinx! The legend never die! He was on and capped to soon..

  28. Tyerell Mack

    LONGLIVECHINX Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Sqqqqquuuuaaaaadddddddd uuuuuupppppp Rest easy boss man 👼✈✈✈✈🚀🚀🚀💯💯💯💯💯💯🏧🏧🏧🏧😡

  29. Sid Casey

    Free FLIP

  30. Tim Howard

    Still banging this like it just came out 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯



  31. jay star

    "These niggas slippin on dey pimpin get yo bitch in line, Chinx Drugs nigga, Squaaaad!!! Up each n every time" RIP Chinx

  32. Young metro G .

    RIP my nigga chinx DRUGZ $$$$$$$$

  33. Andy Moran

    damn he called it "if they don't get me now they get me later" rip chinx

  34. Jason Sodaberg

    Been listenin to this track since it. Dropped… still fire as fuck shit jus aint the Same witout chinx… RIP

  35. Ozzie Kotkamp - SoftBoyy


  36. James Morris

    R.i.p chinx

  37. Jack Lundgardh

    RIOT IN PEACE stacks n chinx / free the ninja max B

  38. Joe Scott

    Rip chinx

  39. Jimmy Rye

    Respect from - Vancouver Canada

  40. Chi Raq

    R.I.P CHINX 🙏🙏

  41. M LC

    RIP Chinx #yay

  42. Destinie Keamoaibarnes

    Alright im feeling it..

    cheddar bob

    Destinie Keamoaibarnes Feel this cock bitch

  43. James george

    Is this beat sampled?

    David Halpin

    Negative 👎 Harry fucking Fraud my nigga💯

  44. StackA Records

    GET IT - TAKE IT - KEEP IT!!!!!


  45. Dominik Zukauskas

    WHERE IS THE INSTRUMENTAL??????????????????????

  46. MRTDubs2006

    viva maroc

  47. Camtop Entertainment

    You already know: Holla @ me for music videos: I'm with Wiley and this is how it's going down. We shooting French Montana, Wocka Flocka, Fabolous, 2 Chains, and more! Get @ me 212.470.0921 || Artists come check me @ 49 W. 23RD ST 10TH FL New York, NY 10010. We could do a photo shoot and album cover and all that!

  48. pcsretro

    Lmfaooo at the comment just put more black bitches on the video lol

  49. QuisThaFlight | RichSpirit

    I Know Some One is Going To Be Ignorant and Discourage me before they even listen
    But im 16 , & i Rap / Sing do music videos My Mom Assume im going to end up like my dad just another failure in life and fuck up ,im almost done with highschool but my lyrics can actually touch hearts of anyone i make music with meaning . could you guys comment your honest opinion on my video thats on my channel , maybe if i get enough people to believe in me my mom will begin too & sub and ill sub back

  50. CapiTen10

    lol even black dudes don't put black bitches in videos. the lighter the artist the lighter the vide hoes smh

  51. Sir. Quis Obalaca

    Decent.. He sound like 50, but Modern

  52. Kufari Re


  53. treedoggygr


  54. Brandon Anthony

    Shit go hard just put more black bitches in the video lol

  55. Dante Owusu

    French Montana aint no real man either doing stuff for people.

  56. craig hutto


  57. Michael Brewster

    u kids are burnt .coke boys run new york.. sksk squaadn' up each n everytime.

  58. TheNateynate6

    I saw a really dope music video OLD MAN SAXON - OFF MY MIND. you gotta check it out!!

  59. Sam Bonner

    This song was on my IPod constant this time last year, that's rare, I don't like artists with lame concepts and lyrical talents. The thing is Harry Fraud is the producer that could make you listen to anyone no matter how bad, theses dude's are bad, but Harry has even made Riff Raff listenable on this last tape. Top Five current gen.

  60. Rene Fuller

    French kills it, but without that Max B Coke Wave exposure, Where would he be? Just a thought, wish Diddy had signed the Boss Don.

  61. mrmainerr

    french does it for the real g's. its music for the streets even if the ppl who hear it are harder than him

  62. mrmainerr

    Harry knows french goes in on his beats. just listen to Slow Down if you wanna know french

  63. BasslineKarma

    dope beat, french does well over it, harry fraud talented producer.

    fuck the rewinds at the start of the song, shit unnecessary

  64. uakoo

    you know it
    too wavyyyy for the rest , he like reggae, soul, pimp juice

  65. Naoufal Lamrani

    is dat art for u !! this is not rap bitches

  66. India Jackson

    Crack Boo Chinx Drugz is nice #CokeBoyWave #SquadUp #RIPStackBundles

    starboy hustle

    I like how u said that ma RIP stacks RIp chinx just think of the album's & mixtapes & coloabos & paper that coulda been made it's like they knew they were gonna blow & hav French on some hooks??🔥🔥😎the good die young👌god bless from the yay area

  67. mia louise

    that bitch next to frenchy needs to sort it out acting all uncomfortable ugly biach


    This beat blow my mind

  69. Engels Romero


  70. UltraBrothaHood


  71. nikowhoop

    the girls in this video are so fine

  72. Gust

    makes me wanna smoke

  73. ganga mocro

    daam boay! this song is wacking!

  74. kilo gee

    This guy is reppin the Muslim faith to the fullest!!! Lol!

  75. IzA M.R.A

    This is music to blaze too o yaaa

  76. laptops mettime

    authenticviews.c()m for legit youtube views..

  77. Learnmore

    The beat is dope, the lyrics, what can I say, I wish all the best I'm not a hate, no wait the raps suck

  78. Chris Preciado

    One of my Fav! #Frenchie!!

  79. Paolo magistrati

    I be stylin on you haters......tell your main bitch i see her later...!!

  80. Ant Staxx

    Bow bow Bow!!!

  81. hector ramos

    Chinx drugz gets down!

  82. SneakerDemon4991

    French Montana is hotter than fish grease xD

  83. AmazighRydah

    Coke Boys Till Dey Burry Me .

  84. nynycnew

    the best part in this song is "la musica de harry fraud"

  85. Blindigity Erff

    Fukz wit it...Rip Stack

  86. smokinganja617

    this should b cirocs official commercial

  87. Anthony Walker

    tell ya main bitch ill c her lata

  88. Solidd Fareal

    Damn I like this one no doubt... And anybody wanting to hear new flavor and insane flowz, ya gotta come take a listen on my channel... no bullshyt, I be lyrically and stylistically killing these rapperz mane...

  89. MuggaReik

    Flip had the best verse to me

  90. MuggaReik


  91. Naja Kolic

    crooks is hurt

  92. TrillCane214

    My nigga Chinx snapped on this track!

  93. DJ Rakk

    French says some shit that Coke boys can understand, his rap really aint deep or shallow its for a certain lifestyle. coming home at 6 waking up in a city you dont remember which. Trunk full of shit making moves without letting people know what your doing. making 10 stacks in a week. Shit thats hard for some people to get hes almost speaking a secret hustler language.

  94. Shawn McCarthy

    Coke Boys T-Shirts For