French Montana - Move That Cane Lyrics

[French Montana:]
Yo know that boy Flame
Know I do my thang
I move that co cane
Damn I move that thang
I got that dro drank
Know I do my thing
I move that co cane
Damn I move that thang
Now get that dough dough
7 for the O
Shorty looking right
Trying to fuck tonight
You know I move the white, snow, girl
Boy, Flame
Know I do my thang
I move that co cane
Damn I move that thang I got that dro

Drop that money, spend that money
Never switch up, fuck that money
Nigga hustle, get that money
Industry hoes I fucked about 20
Motherfucking right I hustle
Motherfucking right we gonna win
And my niggas got that drop
Motherfucking right I'm in
Slick talk, pimp talk
Benz truck, leather seat
Tensed up, fifth spark, hit the club, a 100 deep
Motherfucking right I die for mine
Starting from grinding and I hold mine
Tell them fly bitches nigga hold on
Grinding on the track like a four line
Hold on, roll one, slow money better than no money
Slow grind, blow my, can on this when its showtime
Boy, Mane, you know I move that thang
Just cop that whole thang
Hit the block and move that cane

Yo know that boy Flame
Know I do my thang
I move that co cane
Damn I move that thang
I got that dro drank
Know I do my thing
I move that co cane
Damn I move that thang
Now get that dough dough
7 for the O
Shorty looking right
Trying to fuck tonight
You know I move the white, snow, girl
Boy, Flame
Know I do my thang
I move that co cane
Damn I move that thang I got that dro

[Waka Flocka Flame:]
I'm high, fucked up, on another level
I'm high, fucked up, on another level
Fuck you beginners, Brick Squad Monopoly
We the new Supreme Team, you can call me Kenneth
I ain't worried about no haters, I ain't worried about no bitch
I ain't worried about a cop, all a nigga know is getting it
Standing on the block
Put it all in, pain and sore
I lock and load and when I see a enemy I just let it go
Pow pow pow
Fuck a bitch, and fuck a hater (fuck em)
Light a blunt pour a couple for a fucking hater
Ride these rims, shorty fuck these bitches
I'm from Grove Street, all I know is this

[French Montana:]
Yo know that boy Flame
Know I do my thang
I move that co cane
Damn I move that thang
I got that dro drank
Know I do my thing
I move that co cane
Damn I move that thang
Now get that dough dough
7 for the O
Shorty looking right
Trying to fuck tonight
You know I move the white, snow, girl
Boy, Flame
Know I do my thang
I move that co cane
Damn I move that thang I got that dro...

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French Montana Move That Cane Comments
  1. El- Slimbo

    Gang gang gang

  2. Victor Conrad

    7 for a o. That says it all. 2006

  3. Kev Pearson

    So, does he sell cocaine? Not quite sure, he doesn’t seem to mention it🤔

  4. Luis Velador

    Dam french done came a long ass way respect.

  5. Cameron Sullivan

    Flocka is sick in this song

  6. Anthony Kinworthy

    2019 in this bitch

  7. jordan jewett

    Fucking wiit it still 2019

  8. Delly Grundy

    Only real ones deal with this.!!!!! Old tune. Shout out french.

  9. Dakon 1610144


  10. Roman Johnson

    2019 tho🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Kristopher Stegavik

    2019. 💯

  12. Nahjee Saint

    🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  13. Ibrahima Diarra

    2019 man wassup

  14. Dulce Ornelas Ortega

    This song never gets cold

  15. Neo Our

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. jessie rodriguez

    Still listening: from the future, 1738BRICKSQUADMONOPOLY #2038

  17. Aaron Dowdy


  18. adrian perez

    700 a zip, I wish.. not noooo more

    O0o MoFuzzR

    1200 down here

    O0o MoFuzzR

    700 was for a hook up probably

  19. James Tucker

    Jus copped a whole...thang...hit da block n move dat cane

  20. Gain Greene

    Wavy life

  21. Voice of Concern

    F*** YOU BEGINNERS 💥💥💥💥

  22. Sal rios

    2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. HASL 818

    Still bumpin this in 2018 🔥💯

  24. Sippin purple Sprite

    I heard this shit way back bro im 24 probably heard at 18

  25. LaFlare 1017

    French changed alot damnn

  26. LaFlare 1017

    The old French tho

  27. Andres Emigdio

    damn old french not like this unforgettable

  28. Slick Nick

    818 people ain't movin cane

  29. yung existential crisis

    mannn we used to bump this shit heavy flippin bottles n movin bricks.
    shit was wack. stay the fuck out of that game. I got mad lucky. could be behind bars I'm in college. don't fuck up yall.

  30. LaFlare 1017



    Fuck I miss this waka 😞

  32. Welch III

    stikl here

  33. Cxrnagx

    Love seeing the come up

  34. Montana Man

    haaaannnnnnn rattatttah 😎😎😎♨💯

  35. Erik Espinoza

    its a good one alright.

  36. SOLD13R ink


    Nokoni Logan

    SOLD13R ink hell yea he the real nigga lol

  37. Carlos Melo

    2016 and still bumping bring back French. :D

  38. Gene Hubbard

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 that hot fiya

  39. Antonio Rodriguez

    This song is still my shit

  40. alvin bond

    still fucking wit this 🔥🔥

  41. ArtGod

    Still bumpin this fire!



  43. 48180_kingPin 48180_kingPin


  44. Truly Blessed

    Throwback, this slap tooo hard bra, that old french

  45. Mauquez Barnard

    dope throwback spurs hat

  46. Brian Ortega

    odiosos e envidiosos

  47. Abdelghafour Hazioun

    Them bitches got hella ass 🍑😛

  48. LIL TOON ebk.abk

    Flocka! Montana! Rip chinxx!


    these hoezz <3

  50. Sergio Pacheco

    is that cartel mgm in the beggining

  51. Moe Khalaf

    Real music right here ,,, damn I miss theses days

  52. cabide 370

    eu quero cocaine!!!!

  53. 8 8

    that lifestyle aint so far fetched if u aint a keyboard warrior square lol

  54. Armando Perico

    Such a classic, this song will still be on the radio in 10 years.

    J'Mari Hawkins

    haven't heard it in a while

    Cameron Sullivan

    Armando Perico never been on radio that's why it's such a good song

    Omar Armendariz

    Fire ass song but man stfu rt pussy boy

  55. Brandon Johnson

    This is soo bad its confusing. Are these dudes acting? Either that or they are mentally disabled. Either way i really feel bad for them embarrassing themselves like this. Straight uncle toms homie! I can tell they never even seen cocaine in their lives.

    Yusef Talib Siraj El-Bey

    @Brandon Johnson You cant be serious?


    They just talking bout moving those things. Cocaine.

  56. G.E.Y. Beatz.


    David Postma

    Would be better without the paint on but than it wouldn't be on YouTube

  57. AddyBangClip(4life2style0)

    Fuck Illuminati   the beat is sick <3 

  58. Rob Cameron

    Don't panic about moving the cane

  59. Andrew Medel


  60. Purnachandra Pradhan



  61. Joe Roberts

    Mainstream illuminati rap, tryna get kids to "trap" it's a trap for real, government own the trap, police load the trap, dumbass rappers bait the trap with their dumbass jewellery, bimbos and cars that depreciate like a motherfucker, dumbass rappers sold their soul for the devils baubles and tinsel. DUMBASS RAPPERS! Fuck French  (kissing Puffy) Monwannabe and Wackass FloKKKass Lame

    Ali Aliouinne

    to calm u down a bit .

    Joe Roberts

    @Ali Aliouinne yeah you're right, really everyone should just ignore the truth and let the government do whatever it wants with/to us.

    chelsea forbes

    @Ali Aliouinne

    Anthony Devine

    You just a hater

  62. Maria madsen

    oh her ass with those keloids yuk

  63. shotfromsky

    you live with both parents and are a snobby rich kid, have never even been to the hood. That may be why you don't understand his music. Go listen to your gay ass Austin Mahone of something more on your level.

  64. DaN7ebg1

    Move that flour

  65. Wrx Guy

    why would you post yourself making cocaine 

  66. Chris Smith

    you guys diss waka but know nothing about him. he has said many times he's not a rapper nd besides its crunk music not rap...most of it

  67. The209629

    wtf is a Waka Floka

    Jimmy Conz

    The209629 a real ass hood nigga

  68. Itz Mohammed

    y ur bitch ass copyed chief keef chain?!?! fake ass niqqa

  69. xmann1088

    i like that beat jo shit sounds good

  70. luigi torres

    the police should arrest this guys asap

  71. Danton Wilson-Swampy

    who ever is listening to this I know you be baggin ;) 

  72. Jay T

    this song got me grindin so fuckin hard for those ben franklins 

  73. Juan Pacheco

    lol did that nigga just really smell the coke bag -_-

  74. getmoney1550

    They rocking that shit up , but I don't see anything but powder. Nah the video sick , but that ain't real cocaine.

  75. AllVolTan

    My friend and I listen to this cruising down the road with 2 12 inchers in the back. And it's a damn good feelin haha

  76. Miister Oth

    La puissance vien du maroc , on n'est trop loiiin .

  77. Sean Kelly

    U ever try n sell me that shit in this vid imma laugh in ur face

  78. LouvichDaLad TV

    good shit ma ninja's

  79. Ke Shaun'te

    #Dead af

  80. ChemicalBaby Ent

    my son mi hijo checka the musica

  81. Henry Cee

    damn near bust my subs.

  82. Da Killah

    that is some good flour

  83. Mike Larry

    Dudes have the talent to make music, it's the content tha'ts fu*king irritating.

  84. Fromda North

    waka flocka (y)

  85. John Pinto

    0:18 was that Zimmerman running up to the camera? lol

    Vincent Valentine

    hahaha oh shit thats funny as hell

  86. rasheed maharam

    I only heard to french! but wake floka was weak.

  87. Zovakcain FKFB
    Click the link
    I'm one dope ass MC

  88. Yung Pandana

    French went hard but got to say Waka Flocka was real weak! :o

    Yung Pandana

    @eskoturn5000 smh.... I just said on this track ^^


    @James Davies nah even on this track I like flockas betta is more hype

    Yung Pandana

    @eskoturn5000 personally I prefer French's flow, but Flocka does have the hype


    James Davies you right I don't fuck with french like that tho

    Alex Calibasi

    eskoturn5000 French spilt dope

  89. Joseph Alexander

    That ain't coke it's to white I've seen bricks and bricks real MEXICAN SHIT

    Everton Chambers

    U guys kissing n make up now ? Good :)

    Joseph Alexander


    Joseph Alexander

    Alchile carnal estos pinche mayates no saben nada

    Joseph Alexander

    @AlídelaCuesta al Mero chile

    Davion Thornton

    Is all this shit even relevant? Like French Montana would use REAL cocaine in this video. It's called avoiding jail time.

  90. Desire Williams

    I prefer "Move That Cane" over "Move That Dope" ...GO FRENCH!!!!

  91. DomesticatedApez

    I wonder what the average IQ of someone who likes this is lol

    Everton Chambers

    @DomesticatedApez Degree in Computer Science. Learn this don't judge people because something that seems stupid to you appeal to them. goodluck @Melvin H 

    Roberto J Frankfurt

    yet where you are watching, giving this video more views!

    pinkypie123 12345678

    of course I watched the video I wouldn't have known it was wack if I didn't. That's how you find out if you like something or not... you watch it first. I watched this shit and it was trash, so I said so.

    pinkypie123 12345678

    For instance I just checked your shit out to see if it was any good... its not. See how that works.

    Everton Chambers

    lol this is getting interesting ^

  92. Bundy OCK

    fuck wit this track hard!!!!

  93. MrGoater11

    my face numb just from watching this

  94. Callum Mcavoy smith

    Theyre probably just using flower


    Callum Mcavoy smith y u worried bout it

  95. jungleGSC

    dont rappers know how to rhyme anymore? god wacka flocka sucks i remember i got that dudes first mixtape because i knew he fucked with gucci and i threw that shit out the whip on the highway it was so bad


    if i remember correctly it was in 2008, i bought it at the barber shop because i was bumpin gucci all the time back then. shit was terrible honestly. dude sucks

    pinkypie123 12345678

    @jungleGSC guccie trash too


    nah gucci can actually spit man. he was killin shit for a few years til he fucked up and did those bids right when he was poppin like crazy


    Try Waka's "I Can't Rap Vol. 1", if you didn't.