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Why, no why they tossin' me, when I'm lonely
Ooh, they care don't about my situation
They, don't care about the troubles I be facin' (no-oh-oh)
Why, no why they tossin' me when I'm lonely
Ooh, they care don't about my situation
They, don't care about the troubles I be facin' (no-oh-oh)

They don't give a fuck that I can't sleep at night
But they wonder why I keep this heater tight
They want me to sacrifice, and they're like fuck the price
Too many problems, I forget to talk to Jesus Christ
I'm livin' wrong, Then I know it ain't right
I'm sellin' wrong just to get me right (Yeah)
Free my nigga, I just sent a Kite
I need help, I never seek advice (Yeah-ah)

Why, no why they tossin' me, when I'm lonely
Ooh, they care don't about my situation
They, don't care about the troubles I be facin' (no-oh-oh)
Why, no why they tossin' me when I'm lonely
Ooh, they care don't about my situation
They, don't care about the troubles I be facin' (no-oh-oh)

I'ma pour a four up in a [?]
(I'ma pour it up)
I still feel the pain that I felt yesterday
(I thought I've given up)
My life dark like I'm stuck up in a ca-a-ge
My girl love me but I'm stuck up in my wa-ays
All that fake love stay up on my fa-ayy-ace
Tense up in my eyes, this ain't the kind of play-ay
Yeah, body after body we got gra-a-ves
Stuck in the streets, and I want out I can't be sa-a-fe

Why, no why they tossin' me, when I'm lonely
Ooh, they care don't about my situation
They, don't care about the troubles I be facin' (no-oh-oh)
Why, no why they tossin' me when I'm lonely
Ooh, they care don't about my situation
They, don't care about the troubles I be facin' (no-oh-oh)


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Fredo Bang Why Comments
  1. Bryce Evans

    This song has gotten me through some shit 💯

  2. Malachi Gates

    Wish Da Real Gee Money was still here💯😭🦍🔥❤💔

  3. Goofy Bear

    Song 🔥 🔥 shit helped me get thru alot shit

  4. Graig H

    Stuck in the streets, I want it all, I cant be saved 😈😈💯💯🖤🖤

  5. Don West


  6. April Goodwin

    I love you Fredo bang why my fav song real life 💯🙏🏼❤️

  7. Dempsey Klees

    Boi this song should be at 1 m by now

  8. Lebron Hernadez

    Felt this MAYNE!!!


    I feel this ...dude spitting real shit. Rest up Gee money

  10. B J

    I jammed this hoe atleast 20 times..bitch u doing ya thang keep the pressure applied🔥🔥🦍🦍🦍❌🐍🔫❌Louisiana to Houston🦍🦍🦍

  11. OYT Coopo


  12. kong fu lee

    I relate to much to this niggas bruh 🤦🏾

  13. Killshottt Official

    you the goat big bra🆗🔥
    put me on 😂

  14. M3BenzYboI Rillyland


  15. TSG Yt_ljlewis08

    “I still fell that pain that I felt yesterday “ I can relate to that

  16. Lloyd Stl

    This my favorite song fedro bro keep bringing the songs . This song so real

  17. Angel Creations

    WHY is everyone downtalking Fantasia but not Hotgirl summer??

  18. JayDee318

    this one get me the tough times

  19. Ace Dunlap

    Stg i feel this

  20. Bossmane Arnold


  21. Latoya Morgan

    Rip gee money in frado band

  22. Jay Jay

    Fuck Fredo Bang mark ass nigga

    IWill 94

    Lame ass

  23. DeLeeuw Matthew

    Da bangman

  24. Xaniyah Morris


  25. Salvador Martinez Jr.

    "I need help but neva seek advice...💯"

  26. BBG Jay

    I want to die to this rn 😭💔

  27. lil lonni3


  28. G. Williams

    That bih Fredo Snappin on my momma 🔥🔥

  29. LTC Chief

    No 🧢 I didn’t think anybody po’d up with a Gatorade/Powerade I thought I was fuccd up 4 that shit lol

  30. Citi Calhoun

    Young nikka fuckin it up repeatedly.!yyyyyy? Y they talk to me when im....

  31. LilRhody Jay

    "I need help but never seek for advice "

  32. Keyshawn Karen

    Spit slam slat

  33. Heem OfficialYoutube

    Bitch you shoulda made a video to this

  34. Brandon Castillo

    All that fake love stay up out my faceeee!💯

  35. YGM DankTV

    this hit the soul even harder when you can really relate to everything bruh saying deep shit .this bitch raw asf Bang straight facts💯LLG R.I.P THAT BOY QUICK

  36. Jamica Brown

    Big APE 🔥

  37. Fashion Shitzu

    depression is real

  38. tyrell francis

    music video?

  39. Malachi Gates

    Big Ape❤🔥💯🦍😇💯

  40. Exclusive Idiot5

    Who still fw this ? ❤

  41. Makaylah Gonzalez

    Cant stop lisening to it btw god bless gee money

  42. Beezie Boi

    On repeat for the day

  43. ImJustTooGood1

    Who here before a mili?🦍

  44. DRIP x GoD21

    This Fire Bang On Bro.

  45. Micheal Buckhanan

    🤟🏾🤟🏾 My Nigga Fredo


    Fredo bang is 💯
    Rip Gee Money 💴 “Industry” “The recipe”
    Rip Blvd Quick “never lackin” “war with us”

    CBG ckracka

    My favorite songs

    Mufasa Trt

    Gee money pride to the side and they switching quick job done and body bag

  47. Purpose BBM

    Damn Fredo....I felt all this 🥀📝

  48. South Sidee870

    This shit raw 🔥🔥

  49. jay gordon

    Whhyyyyyy nobody talks to mmeeeeee! Shits stuck in my head! Bang man on his shit

  50. jay vales

    Still stuck off in my ways ! 🤫

  51. Donial Norman

    I literally replayed this song. 100 times

  52. Donial Norman

    I fill yo pain bro

  53. Donial Norman

    I can relate to this shit real talk

  54. Asaa Otaa

    I swear fredo is slept on !!!! 🤦‍♀️❤️ I hate it took a tragedy to discover his music but I been hooked since day one !!! Also please SUBSCRIBE ❤️🌸

  55. Trey Mac

    If u rockin wit 74 hit dat like button

  56. Premier budz

    I had to start that bitch over 1/2 way through the first verse 💯

  57. Tariq Bean

    I felt this whole song 💯🦍❤️

  58. T Lanez

    Dope song even tho u sampled yb gangsta fever

  59. Dre Gilmore

    Played this song 40 times on repeat I felt that shit

  60. John Wick

    straight fire

  61. Damarion Channel

    That's sad Fredo Bang

  62. lil snapper

    Imma forever listen to dis stay on repeat

  63. Quincy Carter

    not to knock the song but did anybody notice this is Youngboys gangster fever beat??🤔

  64. jo jo


  65. WuTang AlphaKush

    felt this song with so much pain

  66. Sheila Moore

    I know how that feels and I'm only 11

  67. Shane Martin


  68. Gee Babyy

    Why you cancel your show in phx man I was looking forward to going to that concert

  69. Bishop Hound Dawgg

    Dey dont give a fuck dat i cant sleep at night.. Its 2am aint slept all day but who cares😞😞😞😞😞😞😴😴😴😴😴

  70. Gang Gang

    If you can’t relate to this song or if you don’t like this song dawg throw me the fade for the disrespect💯

  71. MAD MAX


  72. king harris

  73. Elijah Rock

    Why By Rapp Artist Fredo Bang And Why By Rapp Artist Jadakiss Peep Game

  74. Sad Ent

    Feelin dis

  75. Kutta Wit Tha Rod

    He hit the nail on the head with this bitch💯💯

  76. David Hoard

    Im fucking with this all year long fuck n.b.a.youngboy

  77. Nba yb


  78. BigSparks

    NoKapp i Felt dis shit



  80. Anthony Nelson

    Shit ppl Barely commenting bout the music

  81. Kave Kapuy

    225 ppl dat disliked dis some hoes

  82. Caliando On Da Riddim


  83. Fnaf Plush101

    if you love gee money so much leave a like 👇if you like yb comment free nba youngboy

  84. Cheryl Jones

    You need stay in a safe place

  85. Doobie Mafi

    Hook go kraY

  86. Doobie Mafi

    Sav song by u

  87. Money Jay

    "Why nobody talk to me when im lonely they don't care about situation they don't care about the trouble i be facing" realist line in a rap song

  88. paintman2020

    Buck this your brother. I care fool remember that. Love ya fool

  89. Katrina washington

    Love it

  90. Daniel West

    Say brudda.. watch dem fake snake ass niggas.. when me and Ashton was on f5, brudda couldnt wait to make it home to yall boys.. ion even kno anyone of dem pussys outta nba.. but you see pap, bitch nigga from my neck of da woods.. pointe coupee.. Dude pussy, half dem boys down dhere pussy.. dey ain't really ready to die.. any scared pussy could pull a trigger.. but can dey listen to their last breath..😏 shid no.. knowing quick, tells enough about da gang.. keep an eye on Everyone.. I salute you.. glad you made it out from round there.. fans don't really know what's going on.. only generals do.✊🏾💯

  91. OYT Coopo


  92. charol loper

    Tbg 4live🦍❤

  93. Ycm BJIZZLE

    Make the instrumental

  94. Daphne Simmons

    From Louisiana Boosie My Favorite But No Bullshit Fredo Right Behind Him I Fw Real Street Music

  95. Fredo Bang

    Big Ape🦍❤️


    Fredo u a fucking pit ur music really mean something keep doing your thing rest in peace gee mother great artist gone too soon

    Cam P

    I still feel da pain dat I felt yesterday

    Cam P

    Drop fat ion need no nigga watching me ion need no nigga trinna talk ta me hoes and niggas me and ion need no friends

    Ronnie Dawson

    Rip gee