Fredo Bang - Story To Tell Lyrics

Woke up, brush my teeth, and grab my strap today
Cause I know these pussy niggas, they be after me
Imma sinner, I ain't listen to what the pastor say
Last nigga play wit TBG, he passed away
Street nigga, can't be sad about no dog hoes
Wait, wait till you pull up and let the thang go
Catch another body, yeah I'm fin' do
Emma put you in the dirt if we got issues
He talking reck, he wanna dance, then we can tango
That bitch you're fuckin' get you setup by that same hoe
Real gangsta, I be thugs' where they can't go
I make ya bleed, keep my name up out your convo

Who that is, say they want some smoke
If you want it, nigga let me know
Who that is, say they want some smoke
If you want it, nigga let me know
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Bullet after bullet, make it cop out
We gon' lay up in your bushes, bitch we stalked out
I'm walkin' down when they pull up on me in a black hoodie
Every diss you niggas send, I send another bullet
My shoot begin' for a body, he like "Gimme the word"
You know the streets real crooked, so come with some curves
Laugh now, cry later, pussy bitch, it's my turn
Pull up on the sidewalk and leave his shit on the curb
Take a hound out the bank and then the pop shot
Choppa fold a nigga like a laptop
Put them hollow in your skin if you opt out
The other nigga he got lucky he had hopped out
I got blood all in my eyes, Imma demon in disguise
I got niggas begin' fires blat, blat homicide
I make you stand on what you speak, Imma gangsta, Imma G
I put you face up on a tee, and it was in the name of Gee

Who that is, say they want some smoke
If you want it, nigga let me know
Who that is, say they want some smoke
If you want it, nigga let me know

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Fredo Bang Story To Tell Comments
  1. Katrina Simonds

    This video is awesome! We love it! I'm a talent scout at NEXT Music and would love to work with you. Do you have an email address we can reach you at?


    Indian vers so much better

  3. anderson the king 2


  4. denise j.

    I love this man

  5. anderson the king 2

    This song more hotter then hot suce and its a banger

  6. luca Brazi

    I forgot too comment all the way from Barbados

  7. Jakylen G

    Big teeth on da thumbnail


    Is it just me or the the Indian version is better

  9. SRT LOL

    Choppa fold a nigga like a laptop

  10. Marcus James Villa

    Shawty on the left 😍😍 0:26



  12. JUICYRED 70

    Love our fredo bang rouge in the name of gee money 💰. Rip gee rip stands for revenge is promised

  13. Xxbatman 330

    🔥 Fire 🔥

  14. Deonte Lockett

    Is bro blood??

  15. Dakota Buck

    Fredos the man. And i rock with him.. I just wish he didnt have the kids in the video esp throwin up signs.. Its not a good look for fredo and i want him to be successful. He needs to always be himself but promote keeping kids outa the shit and a diff way.. That way maybe bc of his influence less people will have to feel the pain he felt when gee got killed..

  16. zack trever

    Basically Ghandi in Civilization

  17. Phillip Butler

    Dude at :29 must be dead don’t see him around anymore

  18. YourMammas AssCrack 9000

    Fuck fredo bang R.I.P Fredo Santana

  19. Dj Fletcher

    Came back after I heard the audio Mack version had to hear this heat again 🔥🔥

  20. Comrade Way

    I make you stand on what you speak... I'm a gangsta I'm a G...put ya face up on a tee...& It was in the name of Gee
    - the bang man🦍
    Actually I was the one who gave Fredo those exact bars
    - tk Kirkland

  21. Lucas Rogers

    rip gmoney

  22. Santiago Cabrera


  23. harlem king66

    india version fie

  24. rk marc

    Who don't won't

  25. Young 38

    #fredobang #tbgboss

  26. Adonis Doxilly

    DripReport Remix does this justice

  27. Trx_ Naz

    Who came from watching the Indian version

  28. Be A Pro

    whos here from DripReport??

  29. Agents Bed

    0:45 that kid trew up crip

  30. Khaos Claps


  31. NecroMeowcer

    Make more like this and you blow up. Your new music is shit....

  32. kristen 0105

    i like this song but me and my squad could fuck u guys up in. fight

  33. Jordan Townsend

    Listen to the Indian version

  34. Jordan Townsend

    I swear to god I’m going to like this


  35. Guillotte Preston

    Blood shit bitch

  36. Ryzz

    0:09 "niUUrH"

  37. Fire Fire

    that nigga nba pussy

  38. Nick Miller

    Shit I hit licks to this hahah

  39. Woah vicky

    Boutta rob my house .

  40. MLG k3rmit

    Who else came here from the Indian version

  41. Elijah Hunter

    "Last nigga play with T.B.G he passed away"🔥🔥

  42. Mookie Pressley

    NBA better but I like both rappers stop dick riding u lame ass people if he had beef with youngboy he would have said it so so tryna boost lie hhh so ashamed no life having ass people

  43. Jimmie West jr


  44. Hassan Ahmed

    Y’all need to listen this Remix 🧪🌊

  45. Zexityy

    4KT 💚💣🔫

    SG Txny

    ZexityFN fuck u TBG 💯😂

  46. Casual_Dropout

    Let me knowwww

  47. LoT p

    We all got our own story! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Tho

  48. Swatnum King

    Bruh I just found out bout this guy

  49. Lela Trela

    bruh 0:15 - 2:02 I felt that

  50. Snezii

    Who else came from drip report?

  51. Mister Oblivious

    Talladega College brought me here

  52. Anthony Cardenas

    Pussy, fuckin, and bitch are the only bad words he used. He speakin facts thats why

  53. King Cush

    🗣In the name of GEE🦍💪🏾💯

  54. Timothy Wright


  55. Timothy Wright


  56. Timothy Wright


  57. Jaylen Winston

    Main hol lot of crip in this bitch fucc blood cuhhhn

  58. Infamous EZ

    On God I can hear gee on here spazzin rest in paradise geemoney inthenameofGee

  59. TyTy Davis

    Who that is 💨💨💨💨💨 RVAs BIG OG

  60. Ponkmamii 666

    This and the piano version gooooo tooooo hard. 🚀🚀

  61. KAMO.


  62. LA Eilijah - Official

  63. Jones Domfeh

    The indian version sounds as hard as this❌🧢

  64. RazeX DaZe

    Put a nigga face on a T that’s in the name of gee 🔥

  65. גיצ'או אבטה

    The best own of mani af your song nembr 1 r.s.p your friends

  66. Vell Harris



    Kids look like they all got a body under their belt already 😅

  68. LaMarquis Brown

    Fredo Bang 💵💸🤯😈😎🐍💰

  69. s1n.vibezzz

    Big g 🦍♿️💙🔥🍃

  70. Janiah Levi

    Free JT for Fredo Bang

    Ponkmamii 666

    Janiah Levi lollolololol


    Nigga will wear color rags and represent a set. But. Wont go to school and represent a book.. lol



  72. Soutside Texas

    Whoever dislikes this is a real life hater keep doing ya thang Fredo TBG 💯

  73. Babyface Savage

    My dawg Fredo bang sound like someone drunk uncle😭

  74. Donovon Mattocks

    🥶🥶🥶 you and GEE money or the best

  75. its Swurrvy


  76. Christa Collier

    Mood af

  77. Ashley Luke

    Fredo over NBA ANY mfn day!

  78. Jesus 7051

    TBG 🦍 gang!! Y’all know it was in the name Of Gee!!!

  79. jizzyozzy

    if i saw my kid there i’d beat his fucking ass

  80. The king of kings dee

    How dat is say they want some smoke..

  81. XMoonxRocksX

    Just another kid wearing blue to fool them punks the word down in cartel city Fredo is boomin my nikka shows me dis . Now cartel city has the word. Fredo welcome down in texas. I know who the ops are . I don't think any gang member wants there head on a stick as display......Fredo 💯

  82. Kay Rene'e

    Ihhh i love him and kentrell! Cant we all just get along

  83. Saucy 300Flockz

    👌🏾❣️🅱️💯 Suwoop

  84. Traviesa Moralez

    Great song .

  85. Safwane Bouksimi

    0:40 damn he looks like g money rip man ❤❤❤😢😢😢

  86. Solar Panel

    ima put u in the dirt if we got isssuueess

  87. Pretty Blasian

    Dope As Fuck🥵🔥🔥🔥

  88. True Hebrew

    “I got niggaz banging 5 BLAT BLAT “❗️❗️❗️

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    Fuck the whole NBA gang Lebron Kobe all of em 😤😤

  90. King Samuraii

    I literally play this when I wake up in a good mood😂

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    Who else watching this with no socks

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    High key I want to join tbg now because of this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Dayo Cutta

    what is tbg

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    🖕🛑🗑️fuck Fredo he trash and like if youngboy better than Fredo 🐍