Fraser, Brooke - Who Are We Fooling Lyrics

So we're back here again
Tiptoeing round the edge of the end
Wondering who will be last to admit
That we're finally over

Turned twenty one on a day that we met
Terrible shoes, implausible dress
It's funny how sad the funny things get as you grow older

Better or worse
But what else can we do?
For better or worse
I am tethered to you
If it's not either of us
Tell me who are we fooling?

I learnt the art of biting my tongue
I tired of trying to guess what was wrong
Both agreed on where we should go
But not how to get there

We tried and tried to loosen the knots
Thinking once we're untangled we'll be better off
But it's these failures and faults that hold us together

Better or worse
But what else can we do?
And better or worse
I am tethered to you
If it's not either of us
Tell me who are we fooling?

This beautiful tangle that's bruising us blue
It's a beautiful knot that we just can't undo
Together we're one but apart tell me
Who are we fooling?

Cause real love
Is hard love
It's all we have
It's a break-neck
Train wreck
It's all we have

So we're back here again
Turning away from the edge of the end
Arm in arm

Better or worse
But what else can we do?
And better or worse
I am tethered to you
If it's not either of us
Tell me who are we fooling?

This beautiful tangle that's bruising us blue
It's a beautiful knot we just can't undo
If it's not either of us, tell me who are we fooling?

Together we're one, but apart tell me
Who are we fooling?

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Fraser, Brooke Who Are We Fooling Comments
  1. God bless you God bless you

    2019, I still listen Sigo Escuchando las maravillas de brooke Fraser, please brooke come to Uruguay! I love you

  2. Jackso Ventura

    You know, i don't see GOD in your songs , may he is bacause you're looking please men and not GOD. I've watched many of your songs and i really loved them but now you leave GOD aside brooke fraser.:(

    Joshua R. Deal

    She writes many songs to the Lord. "What A Beautiful Name", "Who You Say I Am", and "New Wine" are all newer beautiful songs of worship. I would encourage you to look for God in things that you know reveal his heart or nature, according to His word. The entire message and theme of this song is entirely godly and a reflection of His heart for marriage. Just remember that we serve a God who is sympathetic to our afflictions and hurts and who can enter into them with us. He longs for us to be honest and open with our feelings and and to freely put our hearts on display, even during difficult seasons. Songs like this can be used to express relatable feelings to the listener who might be going through a similar situation and the Lord can use songs like this to minister to them. Get creative with the way you see God in things, and He will reveal Himself in surprising ways.

  3. Josh

    "Together we're one but apart tell me who are we fooling"
    Amazing. Just amazing.

  4. Channel has lost purpose if it ever had it

    15 people got fooled

  5. PJ Taylor

    Beautiful piano work on this one; so emotional.

  6. Marcela Vieira

    Qual é o nome desse belíssimo cantor? Sorry!!!

  7. Lindsey Shields

    Sarah Drew brought me here and I am so thankful because this songs story represents exactly what I'm going through


    Lindsey Shields me too......

  8. Fabienne ZOPIE

    Jolie mélodie ...

  9. Philippa Morris

    Love this song :')

  10. Molly V


  11. Mark Gerzanics

    I love this love song! I listened it dozen times, but I cannot tell anything more... ...just lovely!


    Wooooowwww before a break up or a divorce I would challenge anybody who truly loves a person no matter the struggle no matter the circumstances of the past or present to listen to this song...LOVING FIERCELY, BOLDLY,AND GODLY....#UNCONDITIONALLY. So powerful!!

    Sophia Lee-Dadswell

    What if their being physically abused?!

    Jocelyne Sade

    Run. and run fast.... but be smart about it. No one should stay in an abusive relationship. No. One.

  13. Deborah Kala

    Just amazing!

  14. Lindi Harvey

    @sofurthermore you're right. 

  15. Torie Jae Wheeler

    1:09 you forgot 'us', 1:02 you said 'when' when its 'in' 1:32 its 'not' not 'no' 2:03 you said 'when' when its 'in' again 2:08 you forgot 'us' again 2:17 you said 'that's' instead of 'is' 2:37 you forgot ' 'cause' 3:37 'in' again 3:42 forgot 'us' 3:52 'is' instead of 'that's ' again 4:01 forgot us again and that's it.... :) sorry but you asked :D

  16. Chumisa Bam

    i love this song_ i can appreciate how entangling love is_its never easy, its hard work but every thing worth having is.

  17. Michael Jenkins

    I believe it is about a relationship that is tearing apart. They keep trying to keep the spark alive but nothing seems to be working. Try and try to make things worst but they are only fooling themselves. Agreed a beautiful song.

  18. Jocelyne Sade

    What does.... who are we fooling..... mean? And what's good about staying in a relationship where your tangles are endlessly bruising you blue? and who wants just failures and faults to hold you together? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. The song is downright beautiful, the piano, the voices, but the words! I don't know..... and also, why do singers today feel the need to drop the last letters of the words they sing? Is there some advantage? I believe every word needs to be articulated

  19. Zachariah J

    Beautiful duet

  20. Singa2570

    3.57-3.58 - one of the most beautiful moments in contemporary music for me.... Well done Brooke I love you and am thankful to God that He made you, and sustains you in this life in order for you to be able to bless others and bring them closer to Him... because that's what you do for me. What an incredible ministry. God bless you heaps!! :-)

  21. Gabriel Mitchell

    Beautiful video, song, and truth! : Great Job! :)

  22. Michael Jenkins

    Love this song.

  23. mheitm

    1:08 If it's not either of *us* tell me who
    1:31 but *not* how to get there
    2:07 not either of *us* tell me who
    2:27 but apart tell me who are *we* fooling?
    2:33 *'cause* real love
    3:42 If it's not either of *us* tell me who
    4:01 If it's not either of *us* tell me who

    Great vid nevertheless!

    Jocelyne Sade

    Glad you brought it up.

  24. Allan Pitanga

    This song is amazing! Brooke Fraser is a blessed composer

  25. Ashley Derailed

    This Song Was Litterally The Death Of Me. I Know The Feeling Of Asking Yourself Who Are We Fooling And I Hate It So Much. Thats How My Last Relationship Ended...Asking Who Are We Fooling. It Was Long Distance And I Knew It Wouldnt Last Forever But It Ended Up With This Song Becoming The End Of Us. This Song Hits So Close And Makes Me Break At The Seams...Brooke Fraser Your Songs Are My Way Of Life. If You Dont Like This Song Then Go Away!

  26. monkeyfart88

    This song killed me...haha

  27. Sharon Rose

    Do you belive in à tweens sister???

  28. Scarlettredtea

    Thank you so much. I am so grateful to have such an observant human who comments on my videos and honouring my work. That's the only reason why I am doing this. I want to reach my viewers. You have such a emotional intelligence. Thank you for your comments. I think the song is exactly like you describe it.

  29. Scarlettredtea

    what's not right?

  30. Scarlettredtea

    Thank you so much. Your story really touched my heart. I wish you the best and may God be with you. Bless you !

  31. Rita Carrizo

    Y el video...genial!

  32. Rita Carrizo

    Una de las canciones mas maravillosas que escuche , está en el top 5 del soundtrack de mi vida U_U

  33. Marcelyne Morales

    Where'd you edit your video? :)

  34. Malia Amane


  35. Tesse23

    I've been an aqualung fan for many, many years now, but until this video I had never heard of Brooke Fraser. Thank you for posting this, and introducing me to a new artist.

  36. jessica fernandes

    linda!sinceramente amei me tocou bastante.que Deus te abençoe sempre brooke!:)

  37. Vir RRea

    That's a beautiful, but you didn't write right! Doesn't say what I hear on the song, but it was just what I needed! Is my new favorite song! (:

  38. cai presby

    very relaxing song.. i love it <3

  39. tessa104able

    this makes me happy

  40. Argen Benito

    what a beautiful song

  41. Mark Lyons

    I can soooo relate to the lyrics! The voices dovetail beautifully... like an unbreakable 'tethered' but loose fluid knot!!!

  42. MissVall Souza

    Perfect!!! Amazing song....

  43. Lukáš Michálek

    Nádherná ( Nice song)

  44. leena Paul

    awesome ! its just like my story!

  45. Jochim Bos

    HARCORE 4 EVER !!!

  46. Samuel Gomez

    If is no either of US tell me who are we fooling... Missing US

  47. Scarlettredtea

    @MrsDCeased Nice, thank you for the comment.