Franks, Michael - Summer In New York Lyrics

Come, loved one
Let's ride that silver train
Right down the Hudson
Have lunch in midtown
It's summer in New York

Meander through the Met
Just like we used to
The odds are King Tut still
Summers in New York

We'll both review Fifth Avenue
From uptown to St. Pat's
Indulge our vice:
Italian ice
Then walk through Central Park
It's summer in New York

And last, love, we'll order two
Espressos at a jazz club
Where someone we know
Is gigging in New York

There's more to do tomorrow too
Get lost inside the strand
Devote some time
To Guggenheim
See Shakespeare in the park
It's summer in New York

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Franks, Michael Summer In New York Comments
  1. Iona Scholtz

    Where can I buy this but on Dvd? Adore Michael Franks music😘♥️♥️

  2. coachlady 68

    This man makes beautiful music! He is that guy!!!! Seem him at a concert for my 18th birthday! That was the best gift ever after! Now in my 50s ! When I hear his music it takes me back to teen years lol!

  3. Auburn Orange and Blues

    This reminds me, I need to be at the beach.

  4. Sir Earl Wilmer Jones KT

    Very nice thank you.

  5. Christopher Smith

    Everytime I hear this song, I am takened away in my fantasies of one day living in NYC

  6. Horacio Gianello


  7. savariaxa

    Michael Franks, Steely Dan, Kenny Rankin and the Pat Metheny Group back in the days always excited when a new album came out it was always something special 😉

  8. Pk Teguh

    it's really relaxing my brain, particularly when doing hard table working and studying, since long time ago and until now..thanks Mike for this such nice music ever launched..

  9. jimbo

    top class

  10. Deborah Steele


  11. Andre' Murray

    One of the best song, l have ever listen too. Really love this song.

  12. Charles Boisseau

    Magnifique !!!

  13. Archie Armeninfo TV

    New York is a depressive trash can, this beautiful song should not even mention that rat hole!

  14. Mad SUPANOVA

    I can't relate to his life of summer in new york at connection

  15. Eddie Conard

    A magical and sophisticated composer and lyricist. Really nice music with deep essence and mind relaxing.

  16. Kendra Irvin

    I loveeeee Michael Franks!!!This is the best!!!

  17. sibusiso nkonzo

    this is big lv it still 2019!!!

  18. Anita Sewer

    What blows me away too is the lyrics / description in all of his songs. I say wow how he thought to put it this way.

  19. Amanda Theunissen

    This is breath taking I LOVE it

  20. henry callaway

    One of my favorite artist from the good 'ole days. Awesome material to listen to.

  21. Valerie Allen


  22. Marina Mart

    Полный кайф😊😊😊

  23. VeNuS2910

    omg i love this! <3

  24. Rhonda Humphrey

    Michael, oh what you do to me❤

  25. Marina Mart

    Очень нежная фирма.....

  26. Zanadia Estrich

    Love This Song!!! It’s Smooth and Soothing!

  27. Gregory Durden

    I swear... he's getting BETTER with time!
    Been listening to him since 1976. He is amazing.

    Jim Coson

    Yep. He was born September 18, 1944. He is now 74.

  28. Alexander Laryea

    this is a lovely track but no sweetie, malheuresement.

  29. master 82575

    good summer song

  30. Alexander Laryea

    this is a very classy romantic track by michael franks. the kind of track you play while having sex on the beach with a sweetie like barbara pierce bush, jennifer renee bevard, sheila joy whitcomb or a southern belle like bree adams.

  31. Judth Chrismon

    I saw him in Philadelphia many years ago, every age & nationality was there to hear him too. I was so happy to share him with such a wide range of lovers of fabulous song/music. He was everything I expected & more.

  32. Gustavo Duarte

    The best song the best singer beautiful

  33. Paul Oates

    I used to play this all the time when it's first came out remind me of my weekend I had in New York one summer many years ago.

  34. Liz Christie-Johnston

    First time I ever heard Michael Franks I was on Samosir Island, Lake Toba in Sumatra. We heard this amazing music floating across the water and we yelled out 'Who is that singing'? A voice yelled back, 'Michael Franks'. I've been a fan ever since.

  35. Dana Šperlová

    Dolce, romantico,stupendo

  36. Christopher Smith

    I feel NYC so strong in this song!! .....and not jus because the song's about New York😂

  37. J. Montrice

    Anybody know any good Jazz Clubs in the City?

  38. Ana Castillo

    This for Dean

  39. Edison Mosley II

    ...Yes, simply musical genius with the gift of song for us to enjoy... Heavenly indeed... I can dig it!

  40. Eric Schneider

    J'avais oublié comme il était agréable d'écouter Michael Franks... Chapeau l'artiste !!!

  41. Alexander Laryea

    Lorraine, George, Leonie( in heaven) Diane , Ann, Dede, Reggie, Ayesha, Afifa,Aziza, Aubrey Too many to mention if i die and i don't complete my flying course because papa has the money but would not fund my training please forbid him from coming to my graveside.

  42. Alexander Laryea

    he's saved so many lives and been on so many military escapades with partington, asaase gyimah, adjei, w.o kuntor etc why is he so troubled?

  43. Alexander Laryea

    I want to know why papais always sad?

  44. Alexander Laryea

    i've heard this song about one million times, it's stuck in my head. right now i am off to get some akpeteshie and mary jane but first i haveto make breakfast for the 'rents

  45. スマート時代


  46. Daniel Fitzsimmons

    Came across this man when I was convalescing in Sweden after a major operation in 86, just what was needed at that time in my life, thank you Annalerna.x

  47. Edison Mosley II

    ...Simply inspiring ... I can dig it!  A smooth soulful man...

  48. Harvich Sambo




  50. GoldaNavin


  51. Amanda Theunissen

    This song takes me to another place that I have never been

  52. Nava Singer

    What a great groove!

  53. spainishgirl


  54. William Latson

    Michael Frank's is an amazing artist!

  55. Peggy Rannick

    Just have some collection Jim...thanks for sharing ❤️

    Jim Coson

    Hi Peggy. I have all his albums including the unreleased ones. Thanks so much. My pleasure Peggy. Keep on dancing my dear... ❤️

  56. Ken Murray

    This song has it all. Jazz, funk, soul, latin, rumba, salsa and a brilliant trumpet. Pure class.

  57. Nyokabi Wainaina

    This song takes me places I've never been 💙

  58. Ralph Lim

    So so good!

  59. Julio Jimenez


  60. Nabeelah Gani


  61. Francisco

    SWEET SOUNDS!!!!!thank you

  62. T Law

    He should have had Roy Ayers vibes on this !

  63. fabien bourgeais

    YES !!!!!!

  64. alisa williams

    Michael's music just makes me feel free spirited, sexy and happy!

  65. eva nescence

    💖 Ma préférée parmi toutes 🎶

  66. Aubrey Johannes

    Has to be on of my favorites especially the horns(Ricky Braun)

  67. Ken Murray

    There's nobody in the World who creates a west coast soul sound like Michael Franks

  68. Rob Williams

    Damn , just discovered this wonderful song writer. Lush!

  69. Glenda F. Rowe

    Listening to Micheal's music reminds me of Tracey

  70. Mauricio Cano

    My favorite musician

  71. Rosana dos Santos Rangel


  72. Mark S

    Beautiful, evocative music by the master!

  73. Ken Murray

    Michael Franks is the master of white soul! Love his sound

  74. 13resi

    Very nice, super!!

  75. Greg Pruitt

    I love how Michael Franks uses Samba beats in his music. The trumpet finish in this song is amazing.

    Björn Nordström

    Right on, the trumpet is great! Not too artistic, just plain and straightforward.

  76. Julius Thomas

    rick braun

  77. Dennis Eudela

    ●Michael Franks - The original MR. MELLOW!
    ☆Whether John Mayer will accept it or not...He got his vocal style from this original. ..No Doubt(!) in my mind!
    Thanks for all 'mellow moments, Michael!'

  78. Denise45

    I absolutely love his music. I feel like I'm on vacation on an island when I listen.

  79. gerald johnson

    another classic ....

  80. Jim Porto

    Bravo. Mr Franks this song take me to every were the summer its mágic... Rio , new York, grecce. ,Buzios , Sardegna, formentera. ;-) And the trumpet to the moon :-)
    Jim Porto

  81. colin vh

    Incredible Michael franks every song of his

  82. Blaster gastr

    молодец мужик, классная музыка

  83. 캐찹파란

    best song!!

  84. Silvia Rafaelli

    Increíble tema y Crhis Botti genial!!!

  85. dennis dickson

    not Chris, still beautiful

    Mark S

    Till Bronner - agree, beautiful.

    richard Tabor

    .why is everything a competition

  86. dennis dickson

    I would bet the house it's Chris Boti, either way   Beautiful

    Jim Coson Sorry. ;)

  87. Oleg Abidor

    so gooood!

  88. Raymond L Johnson jr

    ✝✨Micheal franks never ceases to amaze me. Bringing a group of extremely talented artists together and of course His voice, will always be a work of great craftsmanship. To me, Micheal is way ahead of time ✨🎹

  89. the madafaka

    his vocals js brings back my childhood days... vacationing w my famz on da beach...
    God bless him.

  90. Mary Tongue

    nice arrangements

  91. gerald williams

    only one half of one percent likes?? This is good jazz.

  92. Gerald More

    My all time fav writer. His groove & lyrics unmatched!


    la classe

  94. Mo Atkins

    Michael Franks is all about love!!!! Yay!! I love it!!!!

    Paul Lessard

    Funky town

  95. Antoinne patton

    Had the chance in 2002 to see him in Austin but my Tour of Duty in the Army was closing. The night i was leaving he was Playing

  96. Antoinne patton

    Yes it's Chris Boti. Michael Franks is just a gift for us we better enjoy his music, when he's Gone there never be Another.


    what makes you think hes going somewhere?????

    Uli Bund

    Its till brönner

    Hans Oberländer

    @Uli Bund Yup.

  97. Benissa Spears i have been a follower of yours for many many years and im in love with your music it relaxes me so much, keep doing you.