Franks, Michael - Samba Blue Lyrics

We said goodbye one last time at the Louvre
Our long happy Summer was through
Just lovers in Paris as common as doves
But I still think of you, Samba Blue

Just how long has it been?
I still remember when
We strolled the Champs Elysees
Sharing a warm baguette
Coffee with anisette
We kissed in the Metro
In love very retro

I've visited Paris so many times since
And it always reminds me of you
And happily now all these many years hence
You are still by my side, Samba Blue

To Astrud Gilberto tunes
We made love in the afternoon
Then strolled down the Champs Elysees
Sharing a warm baguette
Coffee with anisette
We kissed in the Metro
In love very retro

We're together again, by the Seine, Samba Blue
On the grand avenues, me and you, Samba Blue

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Franks, Michael Samba Blue Comments
  1. Marcus Reeves


  2. Horacio Gianello


  3. Robert Crawford

    my military friend enlighten me about Michael Franks in 1980 while station in Germany. Thanks old friend. R.I.P

  4. Gary Collins

    Michael Franks you are truly brilliant and unique. So cool.

  5. VeNuS2910

    this really made me do the samba :)

  6. Matias Wagner

    This is just brazilian sensualìdade and he knew about this a long time Brazil has the luck to make this music possible because of many people with diverse cultural backgrounds lives in Brazil and Africa has the biggest part in it ,no Africa no samba ,all credits to them....

  7. Monnet Claude

    Thanx from a long time fan from Paris France

  8. John King

    Smooth Dude 👍🏾MICHELLE Mc Donald

  9. Aang Burhanudin

    Nice song .....

  10. lolz93

    Thanks for the music Michael Franks! Been a huge fan since i was little

  11. Sofo Daraselia


    Sofo Daraselia

    ძალიან თბილი ხმის პატრონია, სასიამოვნო ხმა აქვს 💓

  12. 秋山あけみ


  13. ehowardjr

    My favorite song from his " Time Together" CD. I was in Paris in May of 2017 and was humming this song while walking the streets of Paris. What a great experience !!

  14. Dominiek Segaert

    O, just great music of Michael Franks that I discovered in Mindanao in the Philippines. The island hopping experience in and around Samal Island with great people the Pinoy... Mr. Franks is a genius in making a warm atmosphere. Mr. Smooth is dashing on my i-pad and in and around our nipa-hut in Paradise Island just a few minutes away from boosting Davao. Great with a sip of Tanduay and pineapple juice. Why this kind of music is not produced anymore these days? Thanks, Mr. Franks!

  15. Clarence Bacolor

    Thanks Bro! Cheers!

    Jim Coson

    Hello Clark! My pleasure bro. Sorry, just saw this today pare. Hope all is well. ;)

  16. Keyboardman88

    This guy was SMOOTH JAZZ before anyone else ever thought of smooth jazz.

  17. jack salem

    Michael Franks Maestro extraordinary, a musical genius. thanks for sharing.

  18. Dennis Eudela

    ●Michael Franks - The original MR. MELLOW!
    ☆Whether John Mayer will accept it or not...He got his vocal style from this original. ..No Doubt(!) in my mind!
    Thanks for all 'mellow moments, Michael!'

  19. Bob L


  20. Michael Riley

    who is the lady singing duet?

    Jim Coson

    Carmen Cuesta. :)

  21. Pink Lady

    Great music! I get to know Franks music in the Philippines. In Belgium hard to find his music... Superb music! Thank you, Sir Franks from,Dominiek and Leah, Belgium. Great!

  22. Arnold Ransom

    i think this is the smoothest and softest, coolest he's made. so romantic.

  23. Gerald More

    Can't stop playing this song.

    Arnold Ransom

    you're like me, mad sax aint it

    Pert Burton

    Is that David Sanborn on sax

    Eva Duran

    Arnold Ransom gv

    Arnold Ramson

    sounds like em don't it

  24. Edith van Loo

    love love loveeeeee it..

  25. dapunatiquemama

    ahhhhhhhhhh, I remember my lover Fernand~~~~ if you see him, tell him his California Girl still thinks of him~~~


    call him or stalk him on facebook lol.

  26. stephanie stoner

    I absolutely love love love this!!! On repeat!

    Vax Not

    The entire album (Time Together) is one of his best. The album I keep playing most often is Burchfield Nines. I can't get enough of Dear Little Nightingale!

    Pacitto dominique

    @Vax Not yes,time is toghether is one of his best,and the most beautiful is tiger in the rain. if he could make a new tiger in the rain cd with the sound of now...



  28. Asei Muraguchi


  29. libragemleo

    Days and days of summer sun and sea, along with mixes of jazz and fusion, Gino Vanelli, Chick Corea and Egberto Gismonti, I would listen to Michael Franks, my little white boy American, who knew how I felt about my music. Such a light groove to take me through my days in San Diego and La Jolla....

    Steve Brooks

    My favorite artist the man

  30. xyxyee

    Très belle chanson. Thank you Michael!!

    Eric Marienthal (as)