Franklin, Kirk - The Story Of Fear Lyrics

I can't sing, but I'm gonna work hard for you to like me
Didn't dream 'cuz if I fail then I might be
What they said I was, could I ever say I did it
Tell yay now that I'm second to admit it
Insecure, I can't understand the application
If I applied myself I guess there'd be no situation
But who teaches who when everydays a substitute
I tried to plant love, but it never took root
My soul's got weeds and the roots are too deep
The roots don't sail 'cuz the roots are too deep
ADDC my roots too deep
A kid too afraid to close his eyes and sleep
Can't you hear me studder everytime I speak
Fear said hello when she left me weak
Love me and left me with abandonment issues
Pains a secret, but it alluminates in you then it creates a menu
But sin on your plate you don't know until later how much ever you ate
Now I'm watching my weight
Will this album be my best one?
But if it's not y'all on to the next one
So hello fear it's about time we speak
It may take a while cause our roots run deep

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Franklin, Kirk The Story Of Fear Comments
  1. joe rosario

    Wow thats deep!

  2. Lord Of Aces

    P.S. Anyone else know that they spelled week when he said weak?

    joe rosario

    Mayb she left him for only 7 days? 7 is a significant number in the Bible. 6 days of creation 1 for rest...ect. js

  3. Lord Of Aces

    So deep i can relate on so many levels, and im 16.

  4. Nardie capellan

    I love this.

  5. Yzeedroc

    A kid afarid to close his eyes and sleep can u hear me stutter every time I speak fear said hello wen she left me weak

  6. Yzeedroc

    This is why I love kirk franklin because we are so alike and I related to him and I'm 17

  7. Evan Le'Mon

    It's "Tell 'Ye now that I'm second to admit it" He's talking about Kanye West; in one of his songs "All Falls Down" he says "We all self-conscious, I'm just the first to admit it"