Franklin, Kirk - Jesus Lyrics

[Verse I]
Ooh, superstar
Never drove around in a fancy car
Kids looked at me funny, momma she had no money but she always told me,
"Baby, know who yo are"
I say ooh, don't know
It was hard always wearing my cousin clothes
Can you hand me down a dream with those hand-me-down jeans?
Thought I'd never make it, but i made it y'all, 'cause I had...

When I had nothing, had to struggle, and was up to no good
The reason I am still breathing is 'cause
Jesus [3x]
It's crazy how You love me even when I don't You like I should
Jesus [3x]

[Verse II]
Ooh, look at me
I know I'm not all I'm supposed to be, I'm gonna get it right,
didn't get here overnight, so while you're waiting please wait patiently
I say ooh, it's so sweet to know You were always in love with me
Though my game was clever, but no one can play me better than Yoiu
You know You always win cause You're


When I think about Your name I go
How You took away my pain I go Ooh
Every night at the club
Ain't no wife at the club
That Jesus He be showing me love
They said I wasn't gon' make it Kirk
I know how taht sound
It's only by His grace I can say 'look at me now'
If you love this joint right here
I want you to call your radio station in the moring
And I want you to tell 'em
Hey Mr. DJ
Can you play my favorite song? (Will you play my favorite song?)
I heard it say it's gonna get better
We gon' make out the hood someday
Hey Mr. DJ
I wanna hear that song about Jesus
I heard my moma crying, I gotta let her know He's gonna wipe her tears away
You are listening to sound of a brotha who should be dead right now
But I'm so glad God didn't give up on me!
Ain't you glad He didn't give up on you?
What's His name?


Hey Mr. DJ, Jesus [4x]

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Franklin, Kirk Jesus Comments
  1. Thaddea Woods

    No one can tell you what worship music should be or how it should sound. I legitimately started crying worshipping God to this song for all He's been to me. Never would have made it without Jesus!

  2. Alex Vieira

    I am Braziliam aleluia eu amei a musica

  3. Leona Scott

    Listening to my auntie favorite songs bc she is 76 in the hosptail losing her memory. And getting worser by the day. My auntie had the CD stuck in her car going on loop every single day.

  4. Sabrina Morning star

    takes me back to when I was younger lol y'all

  5. Jimmy Thomas

    When I go church I am gonna tell pastor to sing this song

  6. Supersonic Family

    This song is a blessing! Love it!

  7. Angel H

    2019 ANYONE??🙋🙌

  8. vando rambert

    The ending 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Leslea Harrison

    song:Hay mr do can you play my favorite song???
    Me: this is my favorite song lol.

    God bless who ever reads this like it you read.😍😍😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿

  10. Leslea Harrison

    2019 close enough😂😂

  11. Building Young Professionals


  12. Jessica Johnson

    #2019🙇🙋🙌🙏 I Just Need Jesus All Day!! Everyday without God I could do nothing

  13. chiquetta austin

    OMG this is on point

  14. chiquetta austin

    OMG this is on point

  15. chiquetta austin

    OMG this is on point

  16. chiquetta austin

    OMG this is on point

  17. Jx3 Life

    The next song ima praise dance to

  18. Nyla Wells

    I spent like 15 20 minutes trying to find this song 😭🤦🏾‍♀️

    Mysta Cyric

    It's rare Tbh

    Kayla Thompson

    Me too 😭

  19. SUNNY girl

    love the lord

  20. London Davis

    This dont make no sense shawn

  21. I love U


  22. Janay Baker

    i love god

  23. Nozeva Irby


  24. Keahe Lopes

    Your the best in the world my grampa tot me foxing and Hawaiian people are crazy

  25. mrm64


  26. Taylor H


  27. Cyber Da Kid

    Love this song!!!!

  28. V P

    God is faithful! Amen!🙌🏾💕😭

  29. secretaccountyay

    Is the cover him knocking out a doppleganger of himself?

  30. Denise Covington

    Cause I got Jesus!!!

  31. Regina James

    The children sound so cute singing with Kirk Franklin. I love this song myself. When i got out of the shower, i had to see what the name of this song was. Now when I'm cleaning my houses, i will listen to this Song.

  32. William Cooper

    I love dis song

  33. William Cooper

    I love dis song

  34. Williams Williams

    I love you G

  35. Ralph Garrett

    Amazing Video!!!!

  36. Mel B

    I couldn't understand all the words they were sung too fast.

  37. Andrian Jones

    the god in me

  38. Jesse LJ Brown III


  39. Sergio Jr Olivares

    Anyone one watching in 2020?:-[

    No Trick Bag For Me


    Leslea Harrison


    tanequa banks

    Gonna watch FOREVER 🥰🙏🏾💯💯💯

  40. Troy Curtain

    cause I got jesus....

  41. l3tspray


  42. Alexandra Collins

    Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

    Ik wunz


  43. mary nettles


  44. Brian Leonard

    we gonna do it

  45. deonte Stevenson

    I heard this song on the radio today and fell n love

  46. Clemsonshawty

    who is the girl leading?

    Ty Vevo2

    Clemsonshawty keirea sheard

    dawn miller

    Ty Vevo2 dshodra perry

  47. Jessica Office

    I've got Jesus!! Look at me, I know I'm not how I'm supposed to be.

  48. SugarSigur

    Realer? lol... I rest my case.

  49. ConsciousLiving

    God is just as real as you and me. if not realer.

  50. Crystal Watkins

    we gonna make it out the hood some day

  51. SugarSigur

    ya'll know god isn't real, right?

    Yvonne Holloway

    SugarSigur u is a lie and if u think he aint then u just going to go to the devil

    Kirsty Lee

    Ur so stupid need to go to church asshole

    Jalea Alexander

    You know that you too find Jesus and accept into your life before it's too late. You know that tomorrow isn't promised.

    Jed Appiah

    SugarSigur God loves you

    Cam Dynasty

    You know god loves you all

  52. bwild61

    sounds great! i love it!

  53. joelee_316

    i can understand everything kirk says cause kids always looked at me funny cause my mama never had any money and i had to wear my couzins clothes growin up and my mama always told me to know who i am

  54. VonDivaTheRebel

    @diggidydoe : I hope he's truly the same person...=(

  55. Ceewiththetea

    Love for you Jesus x

  56. Ceewiththetea

    Heard this song just now I love it x



  58. Danielle Louise

    God bless Kirk Franklin and the other gospel artists spreading their ministry of music & Jesus' good will throughout the world x

  59. t o r i

    @beeyooTful1 That's the part that got me too. I love it!

  60. Giorgio Armani-Finau

    I LOVE HIM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  61. Maya Wrought

    ahhhhhhhhhh i love this song

  62. disneylover4ever

    I always get a lump i my throat when I hear that part...I think of my momzy ... Smile for me Momma, What;s it like up there in Heaven?

  63. justjayinoc


  64. crimjqt83

    we got dat JESUS!

  65. Janelle Danielle

    yess!! sing it Kirk!!
    he speaks da truth
    awesome song...had me jumpin and singing along

  66. sparkletone1684

    This song is da bomb! I know that's old school, but that's the best term for it!

  67. jordan dunne

    whoz the girl that singz on this sng soundz like dondria aka phattphat

  68. lilprez56

    dis sng describes my life I LUV JESUS

  69. RoyalT Ali

    dis song is BADD! truth is spoken thru his music

  70. Okebaram E

    Yes it is.

  71. Damion poe

    this song spoke to me truly cause i could have been gone several times and sooo many people said i wasn't gonna make it but i'm a senior

  72. Error1007

    Yeah her name is kierra sheard also known as "kiki"

  73. Justin Starr

    he is truly a blessed man