Franklin, Kirk - Hide Me Lyrics

I know You see us,
I know You hear us
And you feel us
When we pray

You understand us,
See deep inside us,
Translate tears
Then take 'em away

I'm 'a be honest,
There are times,
Your ways and methods,
I don't understand

You seem so far,
Tell me who You are,
I know Your touch,
But can't see Your plan

I'm lost in this thing called life,
Left to me now feels right
It's Your turn now,
I wanna be where You are

Hide me
Let me live behind You
'Cause I need
Shelter from the rain
Remind me
The only way my faith can grow
Is when You let Your winds blow
You're making me stronger now
So, rain, don't go away
Don't go away

For real, though

I admit, it'd be nice to have some light shine down on me
Especially when what I shall be You don't always let me see

It ain't easy but I'm trying hard to get out of Your way
To believe in what You say,
That my change begins today

The road includes some pain
And to grow you need some rain
And when it falls
I wanna be where you are

If you don't mind, can you?

Hide me
Let me live behind You
'Cause I need
Shelter from the rain
Remind me
The only way my faith can grow
Is when You let Your winds blow
You're making me stronger now
So, rain, don't go away
Don't go away

'Cause there's so much I see
Needs to grow inside of me
In the fire I realized
Before I live I had to die

Please believe me when I say
I can't waste another day
It's so easy to complain,
But complain don't make a change

Not the victim anymore,
All the things God has in store
If I ain't ready don't let the rain
Go away
Don't go away

Hide me
Can I just hang out behind You?
'Cause I need
It's cold out here. This rain.

Remind me
The only way my faith can grow
Is when You let Your winds blow
You're making me stronger now

[Repeat in background until the end:]
You're making me stronger now

It don't feel good right now
But I have to realise
It's necessary
You're tryna grow me up
You're taking away everything that's not like you, Jesus
It's that break in passage, yo, come on
Your delay is not a denial
I realise
You love me too much to give me too much
Your plan is perfect even when I'm not
I realise
I can't rely on my own circus time, yo, come on

I cry when I worship
Forgiven my enemies
When daddy walked out
When mama gave me up
She made me stronger now
Everybody that gave up on me
They made me stronger now
I need you write you thank-you letter
They made me stronger now

'Cause you made me
Jesus I thank you
I can see clearly now
I didn't understand it at first

How you ... manage
'Cause you were taking too long
But I'm sorry, daddy
Your ways are not my ways

I felt that
I felt that, darling
I felt that

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Franklin, Kirk Hide Me Comments
  1. Kisha Smith

    Still listening in 2019 been stuck in my head all weekend glory to God🙏🏾❤️🙌🏾

  2. Brandy

    This song was in my head this morning.

  3. rajput boy

    Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Hide Me on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/hide-me-review/ Thanks, Ignacio.

  4. Janay Monique Matthews

    Thank you God for making me stronger and more compassionate throughout your trials. Amen!!

  5. Gooblyful

    Regardless of faith this tune is UNDENIABLE FIRE

  6. Jordan Kellam

    Still playing 🙏

  7. Tiago Silva

    Licry português pliss 😭!!?

  8. Danie F Baby

    Years later... July 3 2018, this song still speaks to me. I need to listen and actually hear it. If only I could get out of my own way. Make me stronger lord. Bless us all

  9. Slayqueen21 Slay

    This song is so beautiful

  10. Time Travel

    your making me stronger now

  11. Funky Okade

    Love dis song
    Pls can someone tell me d name of dis album

    Cashmere Clarke

    Funky Okade rebirth of Kirk Franklin

    Michael Daley

    The Fight For My Life is the album

  12. Ms Chill

    I have my issues with belief in a higher power,but this song always makes me think...

  13. Charlene E. Taylor

    FIRE/ 2018

  14. Sherron Brown

    This is one of the few songs I can play over and over again and never tire of it. I haven't heard it in a few months, so I queued it up here today and played it repeatedly! When it's right, it's right..... and it's always on time!!!

  15. Owatta Lady777

    I was so angry this week, getting impatient with God. Thankfully he blesses because he loves me, not because of what I do or don't do. He is God and he will do what he will. Sufficient and faithful to us, his children in Christ Jesus. Amen💛

  16. John Carter

    How in the whole wide world be there anyone who doesn't love this song ??? God is, and Jesus is too.

  17. Royale Music Incorporated

    can't stop playing this song o my head and here i am..i need to be stronger Lord

  18. Paul Laymon

    Years later and I still love this song!!!!

  19. Yolanda Wright

    Lord hide me in your secret place, your plan is not my plan, your ways are not my ways please don't let my left foot go before my right. Lord Jesus cover me.

  20. highlighted reply

    uh ohhhh! its got dat excraah bump to it.........sumbody made diss

  21. J.T Smith

    This songs bring so much memories !!! Last year of high school 2008

  22. Lekgotla Tgae

    I'm in Awe..God bless everybody :D

  23. Renan

    Your delay is not a denial. Thank you Jesus

  24. christina thomas

    This song is so true. Love this song.

  25. Tommo Datboy

    Rain dont go away

  26. Emily Roque

    even I heard this again and again.. I can't stop hearing this song! really love hear this! ^^

    Yolanda Wright

    repeated like 4 times simply beautiful song.

  27. Mi Mi

    Love it!!

  28. shirley foust

    Rain down your blessings Lord, we need you. Loving this song

  29. Emerald George

    This is literally my favorite song

  30. Sadia5646

    its necessary u trying to grow me up, u making me stronger now!

  31. All 4 holistic

    I was listening to a wow gospel cd and i almost skipped the song. And when i stopped to listen to this song not only with my ears but with my heart God began to minister to me i have been going through a stage of long suffering felt like giving up but now i know its to make me stonger Amen!!!!

  32. Tevies Wright


  33. KENNYBOO504

    Love this song so much awesome

  34. Jeremy Kim

    I came here from "Officially Missing You" cover by JayseeLee

  35. TheMellowKidd TV

    I would play this song in my dorm room in college really loud lol. I love this song so much.

  36. Brandon Edwards

    This is the song of my life

    Sherron Brown

    I wish I could hit the like button several times for your statement because it's so true for me too!!! Kirk is singing my life right here with this song!!!

  37. Last Kvng_zeal

    who could dislike this song....

  38. Frema Mensah

    looooooove this song

  39. Dee M

    Your delay is not a denial, amen !

  40. Sanchez Family

    Yes.... His ways are not our ways.

  41. Debbie Winkler

    Amen wonderful

  42. saffron hall

    I just feel like crying out loud to God for help :-(

  43. Lev P

    Beautiful song. Simultaneously makes me happy and sad...

  44. Alexzandria Johnson

    i love this song

    EmmaDee Harlan

    I really enjoyed listening to this song. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Mz Yems

    This song makes me well up inside......

  46. Lau Alberti

    amazinggg!I really like Kirk Franklin!

  47. Debbie Smith

    This song gives me hope, makes me smile, I've loved it ever since the first time I heard it! Thanks! :-)

  48. Chris Parks

    yeah I love this song sing it

  49. NovaSuper420

    i was planning to sing this song on sunday, is this a good choice? :)

  50. tiffany dell

    i love this

  51. sofia ketty

    nice tune and words

  52. Kyana Burgess

    Love this song.....qustion who is jayesslee r u tring to say (jesus) confused is that another name or something ??

  53. Latia Fruge

    i love this song and this song is very powerful and i feel lost in this thing called life and i dont wanna be lost and i know god hears and sees me and wipe my tears away when i cry

  54. Mariah Winston

    Jayesslee brought me here. but praise his name <3

  55. Jasmine Taka

    Jayesslee brought me heree <3

  56. Marcell Cummings

    4 dislikes? why dislike this

  57. QueensHigh Way

    This song has a wonderful message in it.....if I'm not ready don't take the rain away......i got mad at you lord, but your ways are not my ways and I'm sorry daddy(jesus)

  58. phizzy

    Ah it ok haha, i've been looking ALL OVER can't find it anywhere.. :/

  59. Juanita Tayou

    @bubblegum5629 There must be one but I don't have it. sorry :-S

  60. Youyafox

    Shazam brings me hear !
    Thanks very much for super perfect song

  61. verlisa cradle


  62. Jaai

    FANTASTIC!! :)

  63. phizzy


  64. xoxoyoudo

    Jayesslee brought me here ^^

  65. Simon Ly

    jayesslee brought me here :)

  66. lifesabeach

    @ajnjocemom I had to pause and understand what "if I aint ready dont let the rain go away" means. For me, it means the Lord is preparing us for the right moment and He has plans for us so we shouldn't get anxious. But your interpretation of the lyrics is so right! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. God bless you!

  67. chivi009

    thumbs up if Jayesslee brought you here :D

  68. urhiness80

    Love this song, touches me deeply every time I listen to it!

  69. 1DanyEZD1


  70. Juanita Tayou

    @cptrambowens1 Your message really touches me. I'm glad & give praise to the Lord as it ministered to you. Keep growing stronger in the Lord Jesus Christ :)

  71. cptjmb

    I fell in love with this song about one week ago. Tonight, I was searching the net for the lyrics and found your video. What a divine encounter. The presentation of lyrics and the song together really ministered to me. What a powerful message!YOU MAKING ME STRONGER NOW!!! Thanks so much for taking out the time to put the video together.

  72. K light


    You are certainly right beautiful indeed......may God continue to cover and 'hide you' in his comfort and under his wings.

  73. Kyprii Whitney

    @klighta40 Ikr its

  74. Ashely Baker

    this a lovely song. thanks for picking out. may god bless you!

  75. Keyana

    I love this song

  76. Zeetys

    im lost in this thing called life. Left to me now seems right -
    Me right now, i just want to be close to God again, i feel so distant from God and so distant from the world. Its as if im stuck in my own world.
    Hmm .. "/

  77. Godly Wifetobe

    I have a bestfriend who is a seven day adventist and I am non-denominational and she is basically judging me because I attend church on Sunday...SO I AM HIDING BEHIND JESUS AND READING MY WORD MORE AND PRAYING. I ASSURE YOU THAT I AM GETTING STRONGER...THIS SONG IS SO TRUE!! Thank you JESUS for making me stronger!!

  78. Janie & Cierrah

    i listen to this song every time i feel down.

  79. Juanita Tayou

    @sims1214 ...Nine months later =P thank you very much! And I'm sorry for the late reply. I've not really been on here in a while. but it's over now =) May God bless you abundantly. x

  80. Juanita Tayou

    @Sk8orNoJESUSorDie God bless you too fam! x

  81. miss4man

    I love this song

  82. misshebolicious

    i've just found this song. and i fell in love at the first time i heard it. :)

  83. dash971

    God bless

    °°°GuAdElOuPe°°° French West Indies, baby!

  84. Juanita Tayou

    Thanks a lot! I pray this new year should be an extravagantly gracious one for you. One in which God will open many doors and that he will grant you the strength to take one day at a time. Never forget you are light and you must light others up! <3

  85. sims1214

    thank u for the words to the song. be blessed. may God great blessing be in your life this new year 2010. peace and much love!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. K light

    The words of this song is so powerful.....I really love it .....very touching

  87. Juanita Tayou

    likewise ^_^