Franklin, Kirk - Declaration (This Is It) Lyrics

Check it out, ya'll
(There've been times in my life)
I'm tired and I wanna give up
(I've been wondering why)
Why is the world gettin' so crazy?
(Still, somehow I believe)
I've come too far to die now
(I always survive)
If you're a survivor, get up!
Let's get it!

[Verse 1]
Gonna cry now, go ahead and get it out of my system
Know I'm hurt now, but soon I gotta get back to livin'
Can't be here next year, givin' you these same tears
Hope you enjoyed it, 'cause it's the last time you'll take a piece of me

It start right now, I don't know how I'm gonna get thru it
I'm broke right now, I pray somehow 'cause I can't do it
Can't keep livin' like this, there's gotta be more than this
Jesus, I'm ready, I'm ready for what you have for me

(Are you gonna wait for a sign?)
Are you ready for your miracle
God's people it's time to (stand up and fight)
Let's get it, let's get it
This is it!!
You can't mess with my mind anymore
This is it!
I'm smarter, see I've been here before
This is it!
It's a new day, I'm not afraid anymore
This is it!
Yes, I believe, if you believe, help me say
This is it!

I'm a child of the King baby, look at somebody and tell 'em
This is it!

[Verse 2]
I look back now, I look at how you tried to break me
To take my life, my peace of mind and drive me crazy
My self esteem, my dreams, my destiny
So, God allowed it, because He knew He had big plans for me (Hallelujah!)

It's your grace, I know today it's how I made it (Thank You, Jesus)
When I thought that it was over (Lord, have mercy)


Everybody that's been holdin' you down, look at 'em and tell 'em
This is it!
I feel my help coming on right now, ya'll

You think that maybe it's over (You're life ain't over)
Not unless you want it to be

(Are you gonna wait for a sign?) your miracle
(stand up and fight)

This is it ya'll, this is it ya'll
You've been waitin' and debating , here it is, ya'll
All your stuff from your past, shake it off ya'll
Though they said you wouldn't last, who you is ya'll?
Want your dreams back? Let's get it!
Your peace of mind back? Let's get it!
Want your family back? Let's get it!
Are you ready? Let's get it! (This is it!)
I speak against everything that comes to destroy the purpose in your life
This is it!
Worrying about your finances, your future, when you can't even sleep at night
This is it!
I speak against depression and fear, every attack from the enemy
This is it!
This is your day, the Lord made it baby! God has set you free!
This is it!

You can't mess with my mind anymore
This is it!
I'm smarter, see I've been here before
This is it!
It's a new day, I'm not afraid anymore
This is it!
I wanna hear ya'll sing this with your boy!
Every body say
This is it!

You can't mess with my mind anymore
This is it!
I'm smarter, see I've been here before
This is it!
It's a new day, I'm not afraid anymore
This is it!
Yes, I believe, if you believe, help me say
This is it!

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Franklin, Kirk Declaration (This Is It) Comments
  1. jeniel cross

    This is it Kenny loggins

  2. Aleshia Haynes

    🙏🏾♥️beautiful song 2019 listening to this thank u God 🙏🏾This is it💯

  3. Anthony Vaughan


    Anthony Vaughan

    AMEN TO THAT !!!

  4. Alex Torquato

    Simplesmente show 👊🏾

  5. Vaniatiktok Silva


  6. Aleshia Haynes

    Beautiful song ♥️🙏🏾keep watching over us God

  7. Jeferson Rodrigues

    Glória a Deus 👏🏻👏🏻👏👏🏻👏

  8. Jerry Johnson

    Good Sunday evening; 'Time to feed the meter': Lord, with each new day, thank you for letting us put faith and trust in you. We know that with your guiding hand, we won't lose our way. Amen.

  9. LDubzz86

    Krump dancers was getting buck

  10. Nathalie Diaz

    My morning hype song🤯🤯🤯💃💃💃💃

  11. Linda Gatwiri

    I am tired of negative thoughts that keep holding me back

  12. Laurie Wolfe

    You killed this video. Praise God the Most High.

  13. Guito Vokal

    Whats the name of the dancer?

  14. Ricky’s Hungry

    I’m not even religious. But this song and video inspired me to keep fighting against my own evils and fears, to leave the dark past behind me and embrace a brighter future.

  15. Loren BiG

    2019 <3

  16. elizabeth jose

    Still jamming to this in 2019 and it still hits home ❤️

  17. issaqueenlyvibe_binx

    This song always makes me cry every time I hear it. I just feel every word so deep down in my spirit. My season is coming. I know it. #THIS IS IT

  18. Sounds of Steven Page

    Didnt know til now that this is taken from kenny Loggins this is it. Lol

  19. David Joseph

    A Kirk and Kenny Loggins collab. Listening still in 2019.

  20. chali Botha

    This song got me through some tough exams 5years ago....keep going kirk Franklin you're an encouragement!!!

  21. Will Jenkins

    Still bumping [email protected]@@!!!!!!!!

  22. Albert Robinson

    Definitely on the workout playlist tonight lol🙏🏿👍🏿💪🏿

  23. Shawnta Mcdonald

    This song brings me to tears,it truly is a fight but i know my father has my back and i know he has my back. I was at a point in my life where i felt like i was loosing mind and honestly thinking about ending it all but god stepped in and said otherwise. So for every person who is reading this and is seriously considering suicide ,please understand that suicide is nothing more than an evil demonic spirit created by the enemy designed to make you feel as if your going crazy,nobody loves you etc. But always remember if you have issues with your family remember god loves you no mattet what and hes always ready to talk to you . 24/7 just give him a try and trust him.

  24. Holy Bible

    God bless you.

  25. Tre' Lavon


  26. Annette Jenkins

    Still Listening 20l9. Cant believe this song is practically 40 years old. The original still sounds good ( Kenny Loggins)planted the seed. Still relevant. Thanks Kirk for revamping it and watching it grow!

  27. lilato means love

    God allowed it because He had big plans for me

  28. Tyresha Walker

    Fighting Sickle cell, lupus, and now diabetes I know I have God, and he have me 🙏🏼🙏🏼💯❤❤

    Jack Marsh

    Prayers and love God will see you through

  29. Jacqueline Wernett

    There are many false Prophets..Kirk Franklin is Real.

  30. Jacqueline Wernett

    To chabad...Rabbi Adler...I told him Prophecy

  31. Jacqueline Wernett

    On the way to chan on Fisher road...Pinellas...God told me ...You are The Ali Wickstrom...As I drove over Tampa Bay...It means the great who rides over the bay

  32. Dion Morgan

    It's a Grrreat day in South Carolina!🤗

  33. Janay Monique Matthews

    I'm fighting for my life, future and friend Nancy back. God has total victory over this. Amen!!

  34. Azahr Malik

    wow first The Fat Boys break up now this Christian rap music can never work because of the frequency the Christians are on

  35. Mikie Shaw

    Let's get it, let's get it!!!! Ayeeeee!!

  36. Mikie Shaw

    Listening in 2019! Still my jam!!!!

  37. Noelia Saldaña

    i cry because i love god soooosooo much

  38. Latasha Brown

    This is it! Good bye depression, unwanted thoughts, fear, hopelessness, sadness, Today is a new day and I’m putting my foot down! I’m walking with God!

  39. Elijah Demon Kelley

    Declaration (This is it) By Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin and Declaration of War By Rapp Group The GetoBoys Seek Game

  40. Haley Goss

    I love this song I am going to be dancing

  41. MsMs Ms

    2019 still listening and it still is a powerful message. ....To God Be The Glory

  42. David Michael

    Kirk's music brings me life.

  43. Elijah Demon Kelley

    Declaration (This Is It) By Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin and Declaration Of War By Rapp Group The GetoBoys Seek It Out

  44. onlyoldnavy

    Kenny Loggins wrote this song.



  46. Coby Hooten

    I enjoy all of Kirk Franklin's Music . Thank God 🙌🙏 for you.


    Amen 🤲🏽 This is it

  48. Damion Palmer

    Who's listening in 2019?

    Doucebas Kouame

    Me!10 years from now and not outdate



  49. Brian Ellis

    This song gives me hope for my future as I work through depression, anxiety, and other things and just overall mental relapses. I've backslided ao many times on God, you might think I'm crazy, but God through all of the sin, shame, condemnation, and guilt, he's never left me. I don't why he hasn't just left me to the wolves. There was times I though I was losing it, but he kept me by his grace and mercy. It's just like the poem where Jesus says there were two sets of footsteps and then when he looked again, he saw one set, and then the guys asked whose footsteps area those in the sand and Jesus response was "those are mine from when I carried you".

  50. jfrom650

    The thumbnail reminds. Me of mike Tyson and Floyd May weather

  51. Coco Mcgee

    The 686 ppl who disliked this song is the devil

  52. Jasmine Marie Hunt


  53. Tequana Love

    This song Gives Me So Much Reassurance... Thankkk You Kirkkkkk🙏🙏🙏

  54. khaniya wade


  55. Mario F

    Happy birthday Kirk!

  56. Christy Gentry

    I've been listening to this song since I found it about 7 years ago anytime things get hard. This song is always one of my go to songs to feel better and has gotten me through so many different struggles in life.

  57. lawdy_lawd

    Still listening to this in 2019 like it just came out

  58. MAJOR653

    This is my song every morning facing the world

  59. Calesha Boston

    This is it devil!! I refuse to let you control my mind anymore!

  60. Kymberley field's

    This song allways keep me going

  61. Shonda Mosley

    this is it come into my life and change a uncleaned spirit and I am a child of true living King Jesus the only son of GOD

  62. Kent Johnson

    Best song for god blessing dont fall

  63. sosaboy sosa

    2019.....on & me Jesus, get my life back, :)

  64. Niviane&Joseph Phelps

    Free Joseph Phelps 2019 my Husband 14years strong marriage.

  65. Gathua Muigai

    Timeless! Kirk is a genius!!

  66. The K&J Family

    2018 and still at the top of my list!!

  67. Andrew Watson

    amazing song

  68. Princess Destiny

    Enough is enough, the Devil is a liar. Jesus is our Savior. Praise Jesus FOREVER. JESUS JESUS JESUS. We and I most definitely ❤️❤️ Jesus🙏🏾. He died for US

  69. Miss Jen

    This is my fight and victory song still!!!💯👊🏾💪🏾🙌🏾🔥💗My get up and rise song!!! I can do all things through Christ Jesus!!!

  70. Vic Chrispin

    Yes sir

  71. Jipi La Réponse

    life its like that god i lUv 4 ever, and thks familys KF god bless U 4 ever too

  72. Art girl92


  73. MissLadyJen Gardner

    🎵Inspiration for this --day-- life ❤❤❤🎵

  74. Renee Eberly

    I love this song to

  75. Idraw allthingsgood2me

    Powerful song

  76. Niviane&Joseph Phelps

    Freedom Joseph Junior Phelps this is for you my Husband and I have been through a big storm God Jesus saved us i rebuke the enemy thanks Kirk Franklin for making music like this.

  77. anne kennedy

    awesome lyrics Jesus bless you

  78. Isandra Gabriela Simbo


  79. Monica Trevino

    This is the day The Lord has made!!

  80. Monica Trevino

    Stand Amen

  81. Monica Trevino

    Romans 8:2 Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Deondre Edmonds

    Still bumping this 2018

  83. Wendyv Coplin

    Great message.

  84. Wendyv Coplin

    Good song.

  85. rex nwafejokwu

    Now control these fools till i get there

  86. rex nwafejokwu

    Cause you a God for real

  87. rex nwafejokwu

    Now declare it bro

  88. Paris Smith


  89. clovis bessard


  90. Bob Cummings

    Our greatest opponent in a fight is OURSELF!

  91. Signora Jones

    Kirk TKO the devil in his flesh. Amen! There will always be a battle with the flesh and spirit. Kirk knock it out!!!!!!!!!!!AMEN

  92. Tawana Campbell


  93. Tawana Campbell