Frank Sinatra - Yellow Days Lyrics

I remember when the sunlight had a special kind of brightness
And laughter held a lover's kind of lightness, Yellow days, yellow days.
She would hold me and the smile would spread around us so completely
And the softness of a kiss would linger sweetly, Yellow days, yellow days.
But then came thunder and I heard her say "goodbye"
Through tears of wonder, Now I'm alone and my heart wants to know
Yellow days, where'd you go?
Life is empty and the sunlight seems so harsh instead of tender
And the laughter's just an echo I'll remember Yellow days, yellow days.
Now I'm alone and my heart wants to know
Yellow days, where'd you go?
Life is empty and the sunlight seems so harsh instead of tender
And the laughter's just an echo I'll remember Yellow days, yellow days

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Frank Sinatra Yellow Days Comments
  1. Raul

    I recommend listening to the spanish version, La Mentira(se te olvida) by Javier Solis, a man that even the great Fank Sinatra admired.

    Alejandro Martínez

    Un grande Javier pero la mejor versión es la del autor, Álvaro Carrillo.

  2. Haneef Alghani

    I prefer Willie Bobo's rendition! Simply magnificent

  3. Berenice Garmendia


  4. James Young

    I prefer the percy faith effort

  5. luis guzman

    Supongo que Frank la escucho en su momento con Javier solis,le gusto y pidió la traducción al ingles, no es mala esta versión,solo que Frank la americanizo, no es mala, si alguien insiste en eso esta mal, es interesante, también es importantedearle crédito al maestro ALVARO CARRILLO

  6. vaughn durant

    Sorry but Sinatra didn't do this wonderful song justice. Terribly arrangement.

  7. El Arche


  8. Gumaga Times

    A song from OAXACA written by Alvaro Carrillo

  9. Arturo Garza

    Nunca de los nunca se escuchara igual de hermosa a como la canta Javier Solis, asi que Sinatra te quedas muy chico al lado del rey del bolero

  10. Joske Guffens

    de mooiste uitvoering onverbeterlijk.

  11. 6StringsToRuleThemAll

    No frank. No

  12. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Nice English version of the Mexican song "Le mentira" or "The lie". Of course it has different lyrics and has a completely different message but it is good. And Frank' s voice is as good as always in this song. Nice to hear and enjoy.

  13. fact fact

    Frank Sinatra close friend of Javier Solís... the best voice of Mexico Javier Solís - La mentira live is the best version of this song!...

  14. DXSW

    This same song (La Mentira) in spanish by Luis Miguel sounds smooth with modern arragements from the 90's!

    fact fact

    Javier Solís the best... luis miguel no

  15. Peregrine

    Taste is subjective, so if you love this, enjoy.

    Me, I've got a ton of Frank's recordings from his earliest to his last, even the Christmas stuff. But -- sorry -- the treatment of this song misses the emotion of the original composition so completely that it comes off almost as a parody, like Bill Murray doing his lounge singer bit on Saturday Night Live.

    The lyric composed by Álvaro Carrillo Alarcón and translated into English by Alan Bernstein is a wistful, nostalgic, sad tale of a lost love that the speaker still doesn't understand but continues to grieve. This treatment -- with the utterly inappropriate upbeat orchestration by Billy May (whose stylings were great on albums like "Come Fly With Me," "Come Dance With Me" and "Come Swing With Me," where the score was suited to the material) -- doesn't convey anything like that. Frank might as well be recounting a shallow weekend fling with What's-her-name.

    Again, if you love this version of the song, enjoy it, by all means. For me, it's a mistreatment of a beautiful lyric that's been interpreted much better by other artists.


    I don't understand how this song sounds so upbeat to you... also this album was with Duke Ellington, not Billy May.

  16. Rob Martin

    Exquisite. American Music will NEVER reach this level of greatness again...........Oh, and by the way: Did you know that this song was written by Alvaro Carrillo????

    Jorge Mario Rodas

    Yes, it was and the original had Spanish Lyrics which are very good too. Regards.

  17. Selena Herrera

    I love this song so much!!

  18. Temachyotl

    La composicion de Alvara Carrillo es lo unico rescatable de esta cancion. La letra Yellow es pesima comparada a la original la Mentira. Es dificil traducir el sentimiento del bolero al mundo gringo.

  19. Dick McLamore


  20. Javier Osio

    I see many credits in the description, but it is missing the most important one, that is the one of its composer "Alvaro Carrillo"

  21. Patrick Gleeson

    I love Luis Miguel's version by Mexican composer "Alvaro Carrillo" too!

    Pedro Martinez Veraz

    Patrick Gleeson Javier Solís is the best

    Mariuzzz Rodz

    Amazing . EE.UU and Mexico juntos

    fact fact

    JAVIER SOLIS > luis miguel

  22. francerobert58

    Great, but please credit the composer Álvaro Carrillo.

  23. Centino Vicario

    Créditos a Alvaro Carrillo en la descripción del video, por favor.

    julian salcedo

    Centino Vicario orgullosamente mexicano el maestro alvaro carrillo

  24. Leticia Morales

    Autor; Alvaro Carrillo (mexicano/oaxaqueño)


    Alex Borosov que buena. Educación tienes. Que bonito. Te expresas y se ve tu. Nivel de educación

    Rosy Leyva

    Alex Borosov, aparte de ignorante, grosero!!!! El ilustre maestro Alvaro Carrillo de la costa de Oaxaca, exactamente de Cacahuatepec, nosotros los nacidos en Oaxaca lo sabemos muy bien y conocemos su obra, su tierra y su gente. Ojalá pudieras disculparte con Leticia Morales. Gracias

    Martin Ayala Garcia

    Alex Borosov que lamentable y desafortunada tu forma de hablar, lamento que tus padres hayan perdido su tiempo en educarte ya que de nada sirviò su esfuerzo y desgraciadamente reflejes lo que en realidad eres; un patàn sin educaciòn, ojalà que cuando tengas hijos no sigan tu decrèpito ejemplo.

  25. iracosta chicaoax

    Excelente, y manteniendo ese matiz original de la canción..

  26. Mauricio Nova

    Álvaro Carrillo :v

  27. pepeelorzamusica oficial

    Es elemental el crédito al autor :Alvaro Carrillo

  28. Angel Cespedes

    Original composition by mexican composer Alvaro Carrillo "La Mentira", check it out a beautiful bolero.

    Adolfo Vivanco

    +Angel Cespedes obvio microbio

  29. Jeffrey Huner

    The 100th anniversary of the birth of The Old Man!

    Lázaro Galindo Velázquez

    Y ahora se cumplen igualmente 100 del de Álvaro Carrillo

  30. John Perks

    Unknown to me, also. The most unique male singer of a gives me another big smile.ll time

  31. mysoundrights

    this tune was composed by Mexican musican Alvaro Carrillo... a big one!!

  32. Shiflis2

    Composer-Autor: Álvaro Carrillo

  33. Paco Booz

    Esta Verdadera Obra De Arte Es Del Gran Maestro De La Metafora #DonAlvaroCarrillo

  34. Sara Barriga Benavides

    y Álvaro Carrillo? ¬¬

  35. gaétan patience

    sinatra/ellington.. big fat album***
    Love it