Frank Sinatra - This Is My Love Lyrics

Soft as a raindrop
Fresh as the sea
Warm as the sunshine
Shining on me
This is my love
This is my love
Light was her laughter
Few were her tears
Gentle her beauty
Tender her years
This is my love
This is my love
So young
So fair
Such bright golden hair
A smile always on her face
No other love
Can ever compare
No other can take her place
Others may cherish
Fortune or fame
I will forever
Cherish her name
For this is my love
This is my love

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Frank Sinatra This Is My Love Comments
  1. john watson

    This was my love, my darling Janice, Edinburgh 1955 many years have passed ,however my love for you goes on

  2. rjasin123

    This makes me more than ever love my wife. I may sing this in her passing, but for now I love and cherish her.

  3. MrEvad65

    An almost unbearable bittersweet song that will always remind me of my ex, all the heartbreak I suffered when she left me and how our brief love affair nearly destroyed me. Beautiful and terrible at the same time. I don't think I will ever totally get over it.

    Mr. Guion

    I went through the same thing but I found out later that "there is more fish in the sea."

  4. Life goes on


  5. Faustère

    Frank forever ... ! A beautiful love song !!!


    One of his best.

  6. Maria Mutitu

    I love this song!!! Thank you for the video. It's so beautiful!!