Frank Sinatra - Sunny Lyrics

Never comb your hair, sun-ny!
Leave the breez-es there, sun-ny!
Let your stock-ing fall down,
For shock-ing the town is all that you do.
Smil-ing all the while, tom-boy
Where'd you get your smile from boy?
Lit-tle sun-ny girl,
Be my hon-ey girl, I'm for you!

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Frank Sinatra Sunny Comments
  1. Nicholas Colangelo

    Sonny Richards we miss you dude ! Don't Panic. AMEN

  2. JocelynHk Carter

    Jocelyn Carter: Frank and Duke! Wow, a classic! I loved them both. RIP.

  3. Stargazer26

    This is full of slow, sexy swagger.

  4. Betula Obscura

    What a great flow!

  5. Jairzinho Mito

    Frank canta muito mas aqui a orquestra íntima ele sem igual

  6. Brenda Orvis Shay

    Sunny is always welcome! ❤️

  7. aaron laluzerne

    And the Honey M. Made their own disco cover of this song in 1976.

  8. Jairzinho Mito

    Queria cantar assim

  9. chrudolf

    quite boring, I prefer the original version and stevie wonder's

  10. Albert Mongillo

    Yikes. This says it all. Fabulous.

  11. boomerfag

    Fucking hell, and I thought Hebb's version was the dopest out there. Damn, was I wrong. Sinatra always takes the cake for me. Maybe it's his voice, which is hella arousing. Or his style, which fits my mood. Either way, this is amazing. Frank will always be amazing. Thanks for the upload, man.

  12. Rosario gia

    no one sounds like him. ever. damn how lucky we are.

  13. El profe 123

    Excelente interpretación de Sunny.

  14. bdscavenger


  15. Rick Laponte

    Great cover version of SUNNY. Thanks for posting

  16. Nas Dean

    So jazzzzzyyyyy 🎤🎶🎼🎻🎹🎷🎺🎸🎵🎧🎼🎻🎹🎷🎻🎼🎶🎷🎷🎷🎺🎹

  17. Lorenzo mastromarino

    C'est pas la meilleure reprise que Mr Sinatra a interprété

  18. lance li

    everyone else's arrangement is so fast pace, I want something slow

  19. BronzeTiger82

    I feel like I'm in one of those old looney tunes cartoons. IT'S FRAAAAAAAAANKIIIIIIIE!!!!!!!!!!

  20. tarik15380 debarge

    I do like this version Sorry!!

  21. Trevor Morris

    There are a number of great versions of this song. This must be just about at the top. That Sinatra is good goes without saying, but the orchestration on this is really great and adds a lot to the total impact. My favourite version is the Ella-Tom Jones duet. I expected him to be put in the shade by Ella but he rises to the occasion. There is also a really great solo version by Ella, although for me the orchestration is overdone towards the end, and overpowers Ella's voice to some extent.

    the talisman

    You're right, this song has been covered by many. I think this is that rare song that can be done by anyone and still be at least half way decent. I don't like disco but Boney M (?) does a great cover. Stevie Wonder has a slowed down version I like also. I've listened to this Sinatra cover 2 times in a row now and it is really growing on me big time.

    Trevor Morris

    ++the talisman
    Did you have a listen to the Tom Jones -Ella duet? It's a powerful version. I was saying it was my favourite version, but I becoming even more hooked on this. I'm pretty sure its the orchestrating really tips the scales for me as I've always been an Ellington fan. Apparently it's Billy May's arrangement, not the Duke's, but it's still the distinctive Ellington instrumental voicings we hear with Sinatra.
    I listened to both Stevie Wonder and Boney M. Stevie Wonder was okay but I've never been much into him, and the Boney M one was sung pretty well but phrases were chopped so short to fit in with but that Poppy, Disco sound which irritates me.

    the talisman

    Ha! I love Tom Jones. I had no idea he and Ella did this song. It's very good.

    Trevor Morris

    ++the talisman
    It's the only duet of him and Ella that I've ever come across. Recorded live in 1970 apparentl,y I'm guessing she was a guest on one of his TV shows in the USA. I think it's a great duet, although it is one of those duets where they take alternative verses rather than harmonise.

  22. Xerxes 666

    Love this Song !!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌻🌹🌹🌹🌻🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  23. 13loomisst

    Wow . . . a spellbinder.

  24. Valerie CV

    Very sexy and loving song done the best way possible by Frank

  25. sonyaethaniel

    This is supposed to be a happy song.


    Even though I usually prefer the more quicker edition of Sunny sung by the PROPHETS, MARVIN GAYE, or the BONEY M, Franky's SUNNY however, was also a true master piece!

    Aven Cannon

    I first heard Boney M do it, I'm surfing around now listening to everyone's version.



  27. Steven Carinci

    Jesus Christ he kills it.


    Nha! So much you know about music much you talk! It's a master piece, you fool!

    Jerry Garza

    THEO NEMESIS he's saying he did great


    To be honest with both of 'ya, I suspected that, but on the other hand, we've seen so many fools inside here, already, from times to times, that nowadays, we don't take any more chances. Well....if that's the case however...then I take it back, and please excuse my comment. False alarm everybody. All as well......

    Mr. T Pain 60 58

    THEO NEMESIS why are you doing that shit anyway? Bum.

  28. Geenalee1

    Honestly, I cant think of a cover song Frank did, that I don't Like !!!!!! \m/Rock*On\m/ !!!!!!

  29. Norma Cazangian

    Frank Sinatra es uno de mis preferidos interpretes, sin embargo la version de Sunny interpretada por Robert Mitchum la prefiero.

  30. KeyofMe

    My name is Sunny.... I like to think he's singing to me ;)

    Steven Carinci

    He is. To you only. Who else?

  31. Steven Fanale

    I will tell you that without Bobby Hebb life would have been dull at The Massachusetts Highway Department and I mean it. RIP Bobby Hebb wherever you are.

  32. Steven Fanale

    You just made my day,Frank because of this great song I will always remember Booby Hebb for what he did in life and I was truly blessed to know one of the kindest gentleman who ever worked for the Massachusetts Highway Department in Boston. Period. Steven M. Fanale

  33. Salentovideo


  34. Benjamin David

    What a strange moment in music history. In any case the Bobby Hebb tune must have legs since the Ellington sound only makes the tune more seminal.

  35. catman916

    Sinatra and Ellington do justice to Billy May's great arrangement of Bobby Hebb's song.

    Celia Gualda

    catman916 ï

  36. Steven Carinci

    This guy makes it up as he goes along...AND MAKES IT WORK!

  37. Milton Page

    I'm back in Have 150 uploads now.

  38. Milton Page

    You are welcome. I forgot my password and cannot get in to upload .

  39. Sergey Laptev

    Thanks.Thanks.Thanks. Bravo Sinatra.