Frank Sinatra - Indian Summer Lyrics

Summer, you old Indian Summer
You're the tear that comes after June-time's laughter
You see so many dreams that don't come true
Dreams we fashioned when Summertime was new

You are here to watch over
Some heart that is broken by a word that somebody left unspoken
You're the ghost of a romance in June going astray
Fading too soon, that's why I say
"Farewell to you, Indian Summer"

[extended sax solo]

You are here to watch over
A heart that is broken by a word that somebody left unspoken
You're the ghost of a romance in June going astray
Fading too soon, that's why I say
"Farewell to you, Indian Summer"

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Frank Sinatra Indian Summer Comments
  1. Jorge Mario Rodas

    He was such a special singer really and every song he sang sounds great. Real talent here not feigned one. He had the rarely found ability to rise the pitch at jsut the right time. So he gives the song a fuller meaning, and the orchestra backing him is great too.

  2. Life goes on

    So smooth, so soft...

  3. Thomas Jordan

    Transfixed, Steve you were there. 🙏

  4. franguccio1

    Frank and Johnny Hodges are sublime on this track....

  5. ghairraigh

    𝐇odges, 𝐅rank & 𝐃uke - 🎼𝐁illy 𝐌ay - arranger, conductor.
    Cootie Williams & Cat Anderson - Trumpet; Lawrence Brown - Trombone; Jimmy Hamilton - Clarinet, tenor sax; Paul Gonsalves - Tenor sax; Johnny Hodges - Alto sax; Russell Procope - Alto sax, clarinet; Harry Carney - Baritone sax; Jeff Castleman - Bass; Sam Woodyard - Drums; Duke Ellington - PIano.
    Hollywood, 1967. Sinatra's first time with Duke.

  6. SumayBay

    I think that Tommy Edwards sings this the best, but no one can deny that Sinatra's voice is charming!

  7. Isidro Bellón

    It was the most famous melody at 70s in Spain due to a radio's magazine. It's a pretty and wonder song really!

  8. u47tube

    Don't forget the May-Sinatra "Moonlight on the Ganges."

  9. u47tube

    Nice as it is, it gives only a clue to Billy May's genius. One of my all-time favorite pieces of music is his arrangement for Ray Anthony of "Skylark." I'm a little biased here, as this is from the LP GOLDEN HORN, which was the first LPs dad ever brought home. Listen to Billy's re harmonization, how logical and smoothly it flows. A work of arranging perfection.

  10. Dale Proctor

    As I recall, James Lincoln Collier gave this album a not so favourable review in his Duke bio.

  11. m hirsch

    One of the saddest songs ever written.

  12. CATWITCHJudie


  13. Haggis

    Sinatra knew just the right tempo for a song. I never listened to the lyrics that closely until I heard Sinatra's version. Sidney Bechet has a gorgeous straightforward reading of the song on soprano.

  14. Steve Silverman

    Johnny Hodges was one of several great tenor players in the Ellington Orchestra. He was called upon to deliver the solo here, and boy, did he ever. Sinatra almost came in late he was so transfixed by Johnny's playing.

    Ruben Greenberg

    +Steve Silverman I think you meant alto players. "Indian Summer" was usually played by Russel Procope in the band. They played it differently, but equally beautifully.

    Daniel Mays

    +Steve Silverman Johnny Hodges is on alto saxophone..... :)


    +Steve Silverman The solo is magic!

  15. Diana Gable

    No one sells a song like Sinatra -- ballads are his specialty, but can he swing! So many great recordings. Indian Summer floated into my mind, and I could not remember any of it except the title phrase Thank you, Milton Page!

  16. javier Azmat


  17. knarfartanis

    Sinatra makes every song so special, the way he sings a lyric,,nobody comes close.

  18. Danny Barrett

    As John Mullins writes....composer Victor Herbert and Al Dubin..1919

  19. john mullins

    written by victor Herbert in 1919 lyrics later added by Al Dubin

  20. john mullins

    listen to the original version by the Austrian Tenor Richard Tauber its definitive version recorder in Abbey studios in London way back when enjoy

  21. Milton Page

    After 30 min of pain- in -the -ass digging I did find the answer. Music by Victor Herbert, Lyrics by Al Dubin. Introduced by Sinatra when he was with Tommy Dorsey.

  22. Milton Page

    By a Johnny Hodges tune I assume that his playing is definitive. I caanot find areference anywhere that he wrote it. As a matter of fact I can't find who wrote it.

  23. John Daley

    Johnny Hodges!!!!!!!!!!

  24. John Daley

    This is defiantly a Johnny Hodges tune...

  25. Madhvi R.

    beautiful! I read somewhere that Sinatra was so impressed by the saxophone solo by Johnny Hodges he was a half second too late at 2:58 just wonderful!