Frank Sinatra - Drinking Again Lyrics

Drinkin' again and thinkin' of when, when you loved me
I'm havin' a few and wishin' that you were here

Makin' the rounds, accepting a round from strangers
Bein' a fool just hopin' that you'll appear

Sure, I can borrow a smoke, maybe tell some joker a bad joke
But nobody laughs, they don't laugh at a broken heart

Oh, yeah, I'm drinkin' again, it's always the same
That same old story
After the kicks there's little old mixed-up me
Tryin' to lose a dream that used to be

Look at me, I'm drinkin' again, drinkin' all over town
Yeah, I'm drinkin' again

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Frank Sinatra Drinking Again Comments
  1. Robert Rob

    My heart has been broken. This song explains exactly what it's like

  2. dan fiore


  3. Uchiha Aizen

    I am drinking only tea cuz im muslim

  4. dan fiore


  5. Jesse Martinez

    Imagine not liking this song



  7. Anna Vajda

    I'm sober but I understand the sentiment.

  8. B Bro

    I’m havin’ a few and wishin’ that you were here Sinatra was a true artist

  9. Lalo Lopez

    it really be like that

  10. Christopher Mahoney

    There's perfect pitch, and then there's Frank.

  11. Christopher Mahoney

    The apex of American popular music.

  12. leomarbella1974

    Solo con el título de la canción me siento retratado , pero a quien le importa , estamos de paso por esta cruel CRUEL fucking Life , disfrutemos el presente , el futuro es una puta incógnita.brindo por todos vosotros bebedores latinos o quién quiera donde hayan nacido en un puto país hispanohablante. A todo esto esto queridos amigos les recomiendo el jameson con Coca cola light.
    Como quiera que sea ninguno de nosotros llegar al siglo XXII , vivir día a día .... Disfrutar el presente

  13. Dr. killpatient

    The greatest saloon/ torch singer of all time.

  14. Dr. killpatient

    I quit drinking in the 90's, but listening to this I can remember the lovely melancholy of boozing it over the "one that got away." Love you, Meghan.

  15. Luis Patricio Bustos

    im drinking again

  16. Golf Style with Me

    Drinking again...haha
    I love it! Frank always my favorite vocal

  17. Sally Nicholls

    The great Johnny Mercer wrote the lyrics to this song. He had a drinking problem, as did Sinatra. They turned their pain into an incredible song.

  18. Mikael Lima

    Minha favorita

  19. Elis

    He passed away before I was born. Makes me sad.

  20. luis guzman

    I remember very much Blanca Estela on mexico city,september in the rain whithout darling i need you .....

  21. some retard

    God, how I miss you. You have no idea how many endless nights I've spent thinking of you, crying over you. But what's the point? You've never felt the same. Never.

    Thank you, Frankie. You've touched my soul once again.

    some retard

    Just wanna add that the girl I was talking about no longer lingers in my mind (as much). I'm still miserable, but at least it's not about her anymore, right? (:

  22. Mali jazzymal

    sinatra the best voice of this world 4 ever

  23. Laverne Forrester

    i hear he was so carefree and generous. i love his soul <3

  24. Father Adam

    What a beautiful song Sinatra phrases the lyrics with such style snd emotion .not sure if he ever sung this song in any of his concerts ?in my opion this is one of best saloon songs ever written

  25. Luis Patricio Bustos

    Looking me now drinking again!

  26. Luis Patricio Bustos

    I like it!!

  27. franguccio1

    Such a mood piece.....and nobody could pull off a mood piece like Frank. He knew how to interject pathos into his singing...Only he and Billie Holiday could do that....

  28. René Rt

    Zum Abschied zu allem was ich noch brauche wäre es für mich ein wenig zu lernen für mich und meine Freunde und der Gesellschaft zu einander zu bringen

  29. Tom Andrews

    Frank has the most distinctive voice ever. This song is so powerful...

  30. Gerald Ford

    Frank got me drinkin again!!! #CheersTo18

  31. ThePokerSurfer

    THE man

  32. Lawrence Grima

    Happy birthday frank 102 your are best

  33. Ivan Sanofi boca


  34. Kevin Jimenez

    I had my heart broken tonight by the love of my life. When I first heard this song I recall thinking how beautiful and heart aching it was. Now I find comfort in knowing others have gone through losing what was so dear to them.

    Steve Vasilevski

    Kevin Jimenez just saw this. Hope you’re doing ok buddy. I’ve been there too

    Kevin Hays

    Women are like buses, if you miss one, don't worry, there will be another one coming along shortly.

    Albert Davis

    Two fingers of Jack, two ice cubes. Frank's drink.


    There is plenty of sharks in the sea

    Dobie Gillis

    Check out 'One for the Road'. What you went thru has been institutionalized!

  35. Denise Munoz

    Better voice drinking again

  36. Chantal C


  37. arturo nuñez

    Drinkin' again and thinkin' of when, when you loved me
    I'm havin' a few and wishin' that you were here

    Makin' the rounds, accepting a round from strangers
    Bein' a fool just hopin' that you'll appear

    Sure, I can borrow a smoke, maybe tell some joker a bad joke
    But nobody laughs, they don't laugh at a broken heart

    Oh, yeah, I'm drinkin' again, it's always the same
    That same old story
    After the kicks there's little old mixed-up me
    Tryin' to lose a dream that used to be

    Look at me, I'm drinkin' again, drinkin' all over town
    Yeah, I'm drinkin' again

    Yovany Hernández

    Oh wow!!

  38. Mike1614b

    one of Frank's best

  39. javier Azmat


  40. Paulo Nascimento

    The piano has to be performed by the unforgettable Bill Miller.

  41. Thomas Mathews jr.

    What a song.

  42. Thomas Mathews jr.

    Only someone who's heart has been broken can under stand this song. it is not about just drinking sorry mr A.A.

  43. Joe Russo

    I don't know how you can take this to your next AA meeting. but whatever, personally I don't believe there is such a thing as an alcoholic. only people with addictive personalities. However, alcoholic or not this song kicks ass! Long live alcohol!!!

  44. Frank Pipolo

    "Little Old Mixed Up Me," this song beats me up.

  45. Jack war

    I'll never forget him and his "PAL" Dino!

  46. Brian Dawson

    This Song, Angel Eyes, and One for my Baby, He was and is the very best

  47. Margaret Goldberg

    quintessential Sinatra, at his very best

  48. Seha Yıldırım

    this song is about pure

    Tracy Simmons

    Selin Yıldırım Salute Frank

  49. Erin Condon

    But nobody laughs. They don't laugh at a broken heart.

    Roy Pope

    AdrienStevens655 mm

    Tracy Simmons

    Erin Condon Salute Frank

    T.W. Grunner-Gunner

    Prosit ..


    Spiteful people do


    its always ..that same ol story

  50. Kevin Hays

    Sinatra was the best. Could sing any song and make it his own.

  51. 5850terry

    Pure genius.

  52. dan fiore


  53. Kathy DeRuiter

    I'm takin' this to my next AA meeting!

    Jack war

    If you do, you'll never go to another AA meeting-GUARANTEED!

    Scruffy City News Vols

    You win the internet lol

    Dennis James

    Kathy DeRuiter did you?


    Madonna mia.


    AA is for quitters!

  54. knarfartanis

    The Voice,,,not a single day without his music,, nobody came close,

  55. Billy young

    love this tune

  56. saintcruzin

    One of my very favorite Sinatra songs. I wish he would have done an entire LP of these songs during this time period (1967)....He was singing so well here...


    M.J. Leger Meeting him must be memorable. I saw him live, many many times but when I try to pin down his best years, it becomes soo hard. So...20 year period...1953-1973. All of Capital and 90% of Reprise...Sinatra was THE best...period.

    Jack war

    He was doing a lot of gigs in Atlantic City- 1982 86 in all the casino's he was wonderful, throwing his cigarette butts on the stage!!!! HA! HA! HA! GREAT GUY!

    M.J. Leger

    For me, "saintcruzin" his best years were about 1964 to about 84, because that's when I was listening to him most, among all the singers I enjoyed.  I love what he called his "suicide albums" in '55, '58 & '59.   "Drinkin' Again" is a great song -- I think I'll go make myself a very dry martini, stirred, not shaken, and listen to it again!   I really preferred his more mature voice to his 1940 young voice, which was sweet, but held not the maturity of his older, more sensitive voice.  This song is a good example, which he recorded in 1967.


    M.J. Leger IMO His 5 best LP's are "Wee Small Hours"..1955. Songs for "Swingin Lovers"...1956 "Only the Lonely"..1958 (My fav)"The Concert Sinatra"..1963 "September of My Years"..1965...Sooo many great ones, hard to pick just 5....

    Frank Pipolo

    Oh Yeah, "don't worry `bout me," great song.

  57. Dennis James

    Yes it must rank high in Franks recordings brilliant

  58. Drew Chamberlain

    19 people are out of their minds

    M.J. Leger

    Oh don't pay any attention to those stupid thumbs-down signs, sometimes kids play around with them, just to be adverse!  No one in their right minds would NOT like this!


    Drew Chamberlain 46 lunatics.

    Cherisy Konstanz

    probably drunk folks who missed the like-button

  59. john white

    What it's really all about! Classic Frank, nobody could do better!

  60. jojo z

    The Chairman of the Board...Happy Birthday baby....100 ...timeless, and there will never be another...

    Albert Davis

    No Ma'am. There will never be another! I'm a black man that absolutely loves The Voice!!!

  61. jasong146

    Glen Campbell is playing the guitar in this song incase nobody knew....

    Alberto Gallinaro

    +jasong146 Who played the piano intro?


    Id have to guess bill miller


    jasong146 wow

    Allen Carrick

    jasong146 he played on the cycles album too I think

  62. Fred Modugno

    Mr. Sinatra, HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY in December

  63. Les Auerbach

    Beautiful arrangement, beautifully sung...

  64. Natsukashii Atsume

    *making the rounds*

  65. Ivan Sanofi boca


  66. Robert Rizzo

    Love it, pure gold ! My favorite Sinatra song. So smooth no one could sing this song like ol' blue eyes.

  67. Hugh Carpenter

    "After the kicks, there's little ol' mixed up me....♪♫•*¨*•."

  68. Donald Gordon


  69. Paul LoCascio

    Drinking again

  70. Joseph Guderian

    what a choice for one trying to quit,

    john white

    Ain't that the truth? He makes it difficult, with this and other songs. Dredges up the memories and the "painful present".

    Joseph Guderian

    I'm still there

    Ance Chanderson

    Joseph Guderian still drinking?

    cardinal scott

    Joseph Guderian lol great


    Like I've always said, AA is for quitters!

  71. tom kozic

    What a mood he gets on this...The master

    M.J. Leger

    The Master, The Voice, Chairman of the Board, The Man, Francis Albert,  yes, he was truly all that!  The best ever.

    Janitor Bill

    Yo check out dinah washingtons version, its amazing

  72. john richards

    pissed up locked up donner kabab 

  73. Luna Wolf

    Heres to you buddy! Cheers!

  74. Miguel Benítez

    La típica historia del hombre que toma alcohol una  y otra vez,para olvidar a la mujer que ama y no regresará, unido a Sinatra en un estilo suave y romántico, con una excelente orquesta. Esto es jamón del medio.(lo mejor de lo mejor)

  75. PorknBeans

    Cheers Frank

    Steve Vasilevski

    PorknBeans I love this post! Simple but great line

  76. George Bond

    Vivienne, Nanny, missing you and drinking to you is my salve.
    Your memory is my balm.

  77. Dave Dawson

    For Mo Heap who meant so much to me, for so long.

  78. Mike A Drover

    Thanks, so true.where are the Sinarta-s of theses times. the US just needs style.~M~

    Charlotte Simmonds

    Sam smith

  79. Dave Dawson

    Quite possibly the best he ever recorded.

  80. Stan Smith

    Here's to you Chuck Niles. R.I.P.


    Chuck Niles was my FAVORITE of all time. Since the KBCA days....

  81. Rosalind Kover

    he's the

  82. Johnny Gilbert

    fantastic lyrics

  83. eMKa Corp.

    my best Mr Sinatra song ;)

  84. BluesRig

    Bel canto

  85. DMParker43

    I just sing to myself though

  86. DMParker43

    You literally cannot replace Sinatra with anyone. I have to come here everytime I get tired of this song sung by me. I have to hear him.

  87. Cinder

    He is still the man, cheers to frank and the music he had made.

    a good evening everybody, from Germany.

  88. Patriciapats

    real music.........

  89. PhoenixBHO

    drinking again

  90. louis burg

    How about the songwriter-Johnny Mercer. He wrote this, A summer wind, Moon River to name a few.

  91. thehivpositiveshow

    Fuck. As an alcoholic who just quit drinking...this was a bad choice of song

  92. stewart gemmill

    This is one of those drinking , quiet moments, when it's just you and the man, and his music....then I note you other fans, GETTING IT....makes me feel great.

  93. 512glebe

    still is .

  94. allan slaugh

    He was the man for so many years,RIP Mr Sinatra

  95. Illmatic662

    Don't worry bro you'll find another better one out there.

  96. clay4444

    first some more good smoke, some friends and then the refill.

  97. UkeleleStoner1992

    lo fucking l

  98. TheBPNYboyz

    I do. There are some, and just a point I`d add if there any girls who listen to this I`d love to meet you