Frank Sinatra - Come Back To Me Lyrics

Hear my voice, where you are, take a train, steal a car,
Hop a freight, grab a star, come back to me.
Catch a flame, catch a breeze, on your hand, on your knees,
Swim up high, only please come on back to me.
On a mule, in a jet, with your hair in a net,
In a shower wet, I don't care.
This is where you should be, from the hills to the shore,
By the wind to my door, raise the highway dust,
Break the law if you must, throw the world, only just
Come back to me.

Blast your hide, you recall, must I fight City hall
Here and now, damn it all, come on back to me,
Where on earth must I be, still I yell till I'm blue,
In control then when you come on back to me.
Have you gone to the moon, or the corner saloon
And to crack and to croon, oh my girl, where in hell can you be?
In a crate, in a trunk, on a horse, on a junk,
In a road or a van, wrapped in mink or saran,
Anyway that you can, came back to me,
Come back to me, come back to me, come back,
Come back to me, me!

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Frank Sinatra Come Back To Me Comments
  1. DonDraperism

    I remember when my mom bought this album. She was so excited and played it all the time.

  2. jbvtme

    shirley horn knocks this one out of the park

  3. Grace Gorman

    Going through all the performances of this great song.  Sinatra is currently outclassed by none other than Frankie Lane.  Woo hoo!  Cop that.

  4. Tom Gao

    lead trumpets

  5. P. Pijpers

    This a great one from Sinatra! The one by Cleo Laine is also admirable.

  6. j gipson

    I must say, I like Yves Montagne's version better. I miss the texture his French accent brings to the song. I do love Sinatra though, and this is great version.

  7. Guido Mattina

    Top Line..

  8. Marcelo Maldonado

    It's From "Francis A. & Edward K." (1968), the Frank Sinatra album with the incomparable Duke Ellington Orchestra.

    You can view the album at Amazon and it can be easily downloaded from several links at the web. Just google it!

    I hope you'll enjoy!


    1967, finished when Sinatra was 52.

  9. Shiznot

    What album is this from? For the life of me I can't find it!!

  10. hotnov

    What a lovely song!