Frank Sinatra - Born Free Lyrics

Born free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows,
Born free to follow your heart.
Live free and beauty surrounds you, the world still astounds you,
Each time you look at the stars.
Stay free where no walls divide you, you're free as the roaring tide,
So there's no need to hide.
Born free and life is worth living, but only worth livng,
Cause you're born free.

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Frank Sinatra Born Free Comments
  1. Voracious Reader

    How can you tell the difference?? Munro could have been a Sinatra tribute artist, he sounds exactly like him!!

  2. Kenneth Drewary

    Good try Frank, but Matt Munro was much better. I say this now Frank is dead, otherwise I might have been knee capped, lol

  3. TheLocoUnion

    I love Frank but it’s still Matt Munro’s song!


    I'm partial to Andy Williams version