Frank Iero - Xmas Sux Lyrics

I don't give a fuck about Christmas
I don't give a shit about the snow
I want you on the count of two
All say, "Fuck this Santa Claus!"

Christmas fucking sucks
Christmas fucking sucks
Really fucking sucks
I don't give a fuck

I don't give a fuck about Santa
I don't give a shit about cheer
You can keep your gifts
And your fucking shitty lists
I probably won't call
Y'all this fucking year

Christmas fucking sucks
Christmas fucking sucks
Really fucking sucks
I don't give a fuck

I don't care
I don't care

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Frank Iero Xmas Sux Comments
  1. Wende Hoogendoorn

    This intro reminded me so much of the intro to 'no fun club'!

  2. MEggy Joklova

    Another year, another Christmas eve, still the same song

    simulation break

    same ✌️

  3. Arafoxania Yupiko

    Next time im asked to play a christmas song im gonna play ghis

  4. Vic Heath

    Wow Frank. You seem pretty excited about it now.

  5. Ash Is Mcr Trash


  6. Lane Scøtt

    its just,,,,no fun club,,,,oh my god

  7. toyshop666

    Mom: play song Christmas music
    Me: *plays this*

  8. uglyinsect

    i have gloves like that

  9. Draco Devil Child Malfoy

    Smol cute angry bean

  10. Original Doll

    Wait a minute... Isn't this "No Fun Club" but with different lyrics?

  11. Now what the hell do I put here? I ship frerard

    I'm in love with this song?

  12. Hazel

    I’m going to listen to all I want MCR’s all I want for christmas

  13. midoriya chan

    Me in December

  14. M0rgu3 Princ3ss

    Sounds vv similar to no fun club


    Its a cover like all songs on keep the coffins coming

  15. monroeville


  16. princess of darkness

    My favourite Xmas song for sure

  17. pidge

    there’s a swear word about every line what an angry small man

  18. Acheez Ratiny

    Everyone else: all I want for Christmaaaasss issss yyyooooouuuuuu
    Me: cHrIsTmAs fUxKiNg SuXXxxxxXxxkKKKkkkkKKssss

  19. neonesan

    This is just no fun club on meth

  20. fairyrach

    And he says he's not emo lmao

  21. Pickle Gerard

    On point

  22. look alive, sunshine.


  23. mosh spit

    this sounds exactly like No Fun Club

  24. mystic darkwing

    In most eyes this is the definition of bad music but I love it??

  25. Oh Frankie

    yes i love this

  26. KaiNeedsBleach

    Ohh. You're an _angry_ little elf.

  27. Abéline Cournoyer

    just a few more days before we can put it on full volume in the middle of the family Christmas dinner.


    'tis the season

  29. slimy worm

    It sounds like my sister wrote this

  30. Lo Svi

    all i wanna do when we all count to ten

  31. fRonK LerO

    *I swear to you after I listened to this every snowflakes different came on I-*

  32. Arielle Shea

    alllll i want for chrisrtmas, is you<3

  33. mikey

    how come nobody is talking about how he literally changed this song into no fun club years later i-

  34. Peter parkers ass

    Hes so edgy and cute

  35. Sassy Gerard

    and to think he was on 'Yo Gabba Gabba'

  36. Mystic Emo

    Love, Simon

  37. Hallie Hauer

    I low key have an emo Christmas playlist that i made and this is on it and my mom was like "are you....ok....what is this...? alrighty then ok...." and just didnt say anything else

  38. Sour Scientists

    Why am I here right now it’s the middle of April?

  39. Audrey Jayne

    I love this

  40. chrys

    Oh shit this sounds a lot like “No Fun Club” I’m fucking *shook*

  41. Cass Is Not Dead Yet

    there are two types of MCR fans

    1. XMAS SUX
    2. Every Snowflake Is Different Just Like You

  42. spoopy ghosty

    Did gee not give you the booty for christmas or are you just being a emo fuck

  43. obi wan

    My favorite Christmas song

  44. Junkyard

    Okay then frankie

  45. neon suits

    RIP Mariah Carey

  46. els

    when was this made? i love this song so fcking much

  47. Kaleigh Fish

    Angry midget

  48. sav_rxse

    oh i love the holidays
    *blasts this and burns the tree down*

  49. SupportGhost

    Ok. But his recent released of No Fun Club obviously came from this.

  50. Lola Alex Rose

    "My kids are emo as shit"
    - Frank Iero 2k17

  51. i hate snakeu

    when this song is your aesthetic

  52. Cud Midas


  53. Am beebo urie

    This is a horrible song and Christmas is the best.... HALLOWEEN SUX

  54. Grace Elise

    I honestly don't like Xmas so here's to a shitty Christmas. Fuck you 2017 12/25/17

  55. theofficialwatermelon

    It just Genuinely makes my day

  56. theofficialwatermelon

    Generally describes my feeling towards Christmas.
    I fucking hate this shit.

  57. alifetime ofregret

    One day Cherry, Lily and Miles are gonna find this

  58. Sarah Lapinski

    Time to spread some holiday cheer!

    Jesse Rodriguez

    Blurryface that is a very good question my friend but to be completely honest no because this is his profession not mine but here's the thing this is just my opinion I mean he might sound better on other songs but far on this one it sounded like he hard time controlling his vocals to me that's why I didn't like it and Hey if you didn't like where I said he sucks then im sorry but this is my opinion 🤔 (btw not trying to sound like an ahole im.being completely honest) I kind of used to sing like this but it's been a while so yeah haha he's doing better than me😂

    Jesse Rodriguez

    Blurryface oh yeah and sorry haha didn't see the rest of your question and that's good that he saved 100 of lives ya know but it doesn't mean I have to like his music I like what he did for others because no one ever does that but if I don't like his music my friend then I'm sorry not everybody is gonna like everyone's music like for instance I like falling in reverse, bvb, sleeping sirens etc and others may not like them if they say they don't like them it doenst bother me and they even helped out 100s of people and played in front of millions people and gr8 bands but I'm not here saying oh can you do better to someone else is opinion I'm sorry if I have offend a hard core fan but respect other people's opinion and major respect to him for what he did for others🙏🙏

    Sarah Lapinski

    Jesse Rodriguez It's okay I mean you're right your opinion is you're opinion which is kinda rude for Me to say you're wrong for that opinion . Which I wasn't trying to do on purpose.

  59. F Mrtnz

    excuse me no fun club omg

  60. ErynWithAWhy?

    He's such a fucking rebellious teen who thinks he's cool cause he doesn't give a shit (and actually is)

  61. Jess

    Family:Put on a Christmas song!
    Me:Ok *plays this*
    Family: Who is that?
    Me:Frank Iero. He was in MCR.
    Family:Smash your phone and burn the tee shirts.
    Me: YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!*Jumps out window*

  62. Aaliyah Bohny

    It's that time of year

  63. Anthony

    Why isn't this on Spotify?

  64. ——

    This sounds exactly like no fun club

  65. Meitnerium

    no fun club !

  66. Cat Lad


  67. fia b

    this about sums up my feelings about christmas

  68. Robin Clarke

    Is this........... Did he rewrite this into not fun club or no fun club into this

    Lo Svi

    Rosie Clarke this into no fun club it was like a joke kinda but ppl rly liked it and now we have BOTH masterpieces

  69. Kiwi Boye

    sing No Fun Club over this


  70. The Fencing Bensons


  71. frankie says xanax

    sO EDgYY!!1!11

  72. v ø i d

    y is this smol man so angery

  73. ava

    This is TRULY the most punk rock thing I’ve ever seen

  74. ava

    Same, I fucking hate Christmas

    Gerard Way

    I can relate

  75. George E Brebner

    When you first see a Christmas themed car company commercial and you're reminded how much capitalism influences our holidays meant to be built on family and joy

  76. Samantha

    How can such a tiny man be so angry

  77. Jackson Gay

    Christmas fucking socks

  78. •yeet• •me off a bridge•

    I just realized the guitar part is the same as No Fun Club

  79. Ali Osmond

    Wait, I recognise this guitar riff from somewhere *plays No Fun Club* you son of a bitch Iero

  80. Sophie

    No fun club

  81. party dadTM

    I love that it's like a festive "no fun club"

  82. party dadTM

    I love that it's like a festive "no fun club"

  83. Chaotic floral arrangement

    Is frank ok

  84. litty mcshitty

    the quality oh my god

  85. Sophia

    I have to d i s a g r e e

  86. K D

    Tomorrow my parents are taking me and my sister to see Santa. I’m actually laughing so hard rn

  87. Jessica Robinson

    No Fun Club????

  88. cynko


  89. The Three Musketeers

    when I get kids this is gonna be our family christmas tradion song.

  90. julia

    children's day care, hErE i cOmE


    I fucking hate Christmas

  92. Fox Mulder

    Man, I remember making this video so many moons ago. Looking back it's complete shit, but thanks y'all.

  93. frrnkie dolls

    Why does this sound exactly like no fun club


    Because it most likely was based off of this. Idk but I noticed too.

  94. The Three Musketeers

    when your parents didn't by you band merch at christmas

  95. The Three Musketeers

    this song is me whenever I'm done playing in the snow and I have to take all my wet clothes off.