Frank Iero - Walk The Line Lyrics

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine, I walk the line

I find it very, very easy to be true
I find myself alone when each day is through
Yes, I'll admit that I'm a fool for you
Because you're mine, I walk the line

As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I've known proves that it's right
Because you're mine, I walk the line

You've got a way to keep me on your side
You give me cause for love that I can't hide
For you I know I'd even try to turn the tide
Because you're mine, I walk the line

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine, I walk the line

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Frank Iero Walk The Line Comments
  1. tia sullivan

    I love how Frank can actually make proper covers and make them into something that is very different (if not better) from the original, this is a perfect example of a cover.

  2. Kłębek Nerwów

    WHY I DON't saw this ealierasadhajishdiauwbdhakjshdaiwudhakjsdn...

  3. Zachary Rhaspody

    I love how he did this for jamia

  4. Carly Stark

    It's weird hearing both Frank and Halsey do a cover of this

    jesse shaftoe

    halsey's is better anyway. obviously.

    jesse shaftoe

    actually, frank sucks balls :))))))

    nico yazawa Will always be the best girl

    jesse shaftoe I'll fight you m8


    if theres someone who sucks balls its you and your dumb ass comment


    @jesse shaftoe Halsey's singing irritates me, so I'd have to disagree with you. Also her version is kinda bland tbh

  5. Sarah Waugh

    His voice is so beautiful. Jamia is so lucky <3

  6. y yg

    I cant believe I haven't heard this before
    this song is the cutest thing ever

  7. Ashlei Knight

    I love Johnny Cash and i have always loved this song but i have re-discovered Franks cover of it and fell in love with it 3 franks voice is truly amazing.

    Belle Aimée Hendrix


  8. myradicalromance

    Frank is literally the sweetest thing in the whole entire world.

  9. Christina Culver

    Tommy, Why do I believe you recorded those videos a long time ago?

  10. nico peralta

    weon los 4 son una mierda solos junten ce mejor y revivan a My Chemical Romance

  11. aya

    Y'All hating on this are wrong. NOISE PUNK FOREVER

  12. Elizabeth Holcomb

    Just remember, he didn't write this song.


    Instead of saying that just say Johnny Cash wrote it, because that actually answers the question you brought.

  13. Rexona Hill

    He's pretty good.

  14. Alayna Nash

    not actually his lyrics but this is good 

  15. Ryli Murray

    wow i love this 

  16. Falloutgirl69

    His voice reminds me of Connor oberst from bright eyes

  17. sprotid

    The backup vocal kinda sounds like Gee 0.0

  18. Grace Schultz

    Love this version! :)

  19. Peter Alexander

    I'd buy pretty much any song Frankie does, even if it was just him making weird noises, actually I'd want to buy it even more if that was the case, lol.


    @Potato Distortion
    Someone understands. ;~;


    Did you mean: End Of Life?


    Because that song is my shit tbh

    Spicy Mikey

    OneTrueLuckyGirl same

    Dakota Alien

    So leviathan

  20. Roman TTB

    This is bad..



  21. loverthg

    this is awesome

  22. loverthg

    johnny cashhhhhhh

  23. Rebeca Cervantes

    Wow..this is so punk. And you know what everyone? This is what music is supposed to be. Finally someone has the balls to express themselves enough to create a sound unlike any other. This song doesn't sound anything like what you normally hear..and THATS A GOOD THING. I don't know about u guys but I've had enough of mainstream crap, the same beat and trashy lyrics. Appreciate his originality. This is beautiful.


    Rebeca Cervantes frank is my favourite person ever but ill still prefer the original always ,,

  24. Another Skeleton

    I can understand why people don't like Frank's voice, but I honestly love it, and I'm not one of those people who will listen to something even though they don't like it because of who made it.

    Kaleigh Fish

    Another Skeleton I saw that Frank put out music, so I decided to listen to it. Instantly, I fell in love with his voice.

  25. satan the unicorn

    People who say you hate his voice but love the sound of MCR guess who helped them sound like that, frnk and you have your opinions but please dont hate!:)

  26. v.gaven

    It's like... bad at first sight... but insanely amazing and his voice is so unusual ah...

  27. Joe Wort

    Awesome frank is awesome

  28. Sofia ??

    Awe it says for Jamia at the bottom.

  29. Dav G.

    Es un insulto a el amor de Johnny Cash y June Carter que un artista Como Frank Iero haga un cover de esta una canción tan apasionada de la década del es un comentario en contra ni para armar una dispùta sino que yo personalmente soy un amante de la música de J.R. Cash... con todo respeto doy mi opinión a pesar de que aprecio mucho el trabajo de MCR y sus miembros.


  30. Jess Christophers

    Frank's voice <3

  31. Percy Jackson

    Johnny Cash + Frank Iero = <3

  32. Zoe Wilson

    I love how raw and honest his voice is, I know a lot of people are going to hate him for it, but I think it's brilliant to still hear a true artist's voice, brilliantly imperfect, rather than a voice auto tuned within an inch of it's life. This is a great cover :)

  33. Krys Manchette

    Even though the lyrics were originally done by Johnny Cash, I love this version!

  34. Sheepy 16able

    oh man, why is every song of him so short??

    Jennifer Rodriguez

    ^^^ no he's not. he's like 5'6

    Sheepy 16able

    Ooh I understand. No, I meant why is every SONG of him so short and not himself xD

    Sazlin Haron

    @Sheepy16able it was suppose to be a pun ahahah

    Sheepy 16able

    ooh sure :D


    +Jennifer Rodriguez Pretty sure he's from 5'2" to 5'5"

  35. Kittie Shamaya

    I don't like this

  36. Hanz Renegade

    His voice remains an mcr voice for me.. cuz that's where he belong..

  37. Aysha Lovecookie

    His voice, his voice, it's a creepy but sexy voice, it's one where you are creeped out but you wanna let him do what he's gotta do...... to you?!

  38. Zai G

    Su tan....alsdlkjallaslkdfalñs *^*

  39. Olivia

    jesus christ this man...

  40. Alex Murray

    I love how he has his own signature sound

  41. zegingersquirrel

    I love how gravely and wavery his voice can be

  42. Lorena Quijada Struve

    I love when Frank plays his guitars, I love when Frank talks, I love when Frank laughs, but I hate when he sings, really. His voice sounds extremely beautiful and sexy when he talks, but sounds awful when he sings. With Gerard is the contrary, he sings amazing, but his voice is not so sexy when he talks. Just my opinion.


    Its not about being 'sexy', its about making good music.

  43. Athina Agelopoulos

    I love this sooo much

  44. ParamoreLover19

    Before the guitar and loud vocals came in, I thought this was okay. But after they came in, I actually liked this. Pretty good :P

  45. Emilia Paredes Ross

    His voice... oh god <3

  46. Kat Sykes

    I love frank so much I can't even explain it this was awesome

  47. TrueFabKilljoy

    This isn't Frankie at all. There's no Frankie personality in it, and I think it sounds like they're trying to hold a tune while drunk when other voices come in. Message for Frank: THIS STYLE DON'T SUIT YOU, BRO!

  48. Tessa Helena

    There goes my ovaries

  49. Mikael Takahashi-Johnson

    I like his voice, but the base and the (guitar?) are kinda covering it up.

  50. Angeon Booker

    To Natalie Killjoy Brondo- Frank invented that symbol, it's also his twitter icon

  51. Angeon Booker

    My poor heart

  52. rockstarjessica

    i s2g that second voice or backup vocal whatever sounds a bit like gerard to me

    Camila Carmona

    yeess!! I thought the same *u*, I'm not the only one :)


    Um, I guess. o.o

    Yadira jimenez

    He spent a little over a decade doing backing vocals for gee of course he's gonna have those "sounds like Gerard " moments, its more clean than the rest of the vocals so I see what you mean when you say it kinda sounds like Gerard.

  53. Prolly datboi WinkWonk

    I absolutely adore Frank and everyone from MCR-
    I grew up with them- I've been listening to them since I was 7 and it's insane to think that in just a few months I'll be moving all my MCR posters into a dorm room-
    but,this cover just did not do it for me :c

    I'm sorry, Frankie ; n ;

    I feel like such a bad person now ;n;''

  54. roksananaem

    I can't... wow... cute... and sad... but why not for the Gerard? :3 :X :C

  55. Jenna Gronsman

    Since I knew this was a Johnny Cash cover, and my dad's a big Johnny Cash fan, I showed him this and all he said was "Johnny Cash is dead and he could beat that guy up" xD

  56. saidiemai

    I love Frank, but no. No no.

    tia sullivan

    this is amazing ???

  57. Mel S. WITB

    Who sing the second voice...???
    this song makes me feel so confortable... it makes me happy

  58. Emma Hagans

    Im gonna die frankie is so amazing

  59. GMFRB77

    I really like this song - I listened to the original, but I like Frankies

  60. Jiwon Kim

    Aww...i love this
    make one for be my baby too?? Please:D

  61. Yan Saavedra

    por que todas sus canciones tienen que ser de dos minutos y algo apenas por que?? quiero sus canciones eternas *-*

  62. FabruT

    I love frankie but this song fucking sucks

  63. Yamile J Ortiz


  64. michh890

    awwwwww so cute but very sad :')

  65. Jesica Rocío Samudio Franco

    ♥♥♥♥ amo su voz

  66. alejandra kuromi flores ticona

    LIKE :D

  67. LulaMento

    que cancion mas extraña :P igualmente es linda c:

  68. Nati Brondo

    what does the chinese or japanesse or whatever letter stand for? can anyone tell me?

    Veronique kobra

    If you're asking about the symbols on the top left and right corner, they are the logo of his band called Frnk Iero andthe Cellebration

    Veronique kobra

    +Veronique cellabration*

  69. Abby Froidl

    replay over and over and over

  70. daktfm

    He sounds a bit like Connor Oberst here. I'm into it.

  71. Bradly Owen

    Frank is such a cutie I love this song