Francis And The Lights - Get In The Car Lyrics

When you were young
You would sit in the backseat
Those days are gone
Now you're on your own two feet

But it's not that simple
Not as easy as it seems
You're gonna need someone
Someone like me
So get in the car
Get in the car

Cause your mother told me
To meet you right here
I know it sounds crazy
But it's true I swear

You gotta be careful
These guys will eat you alive
You gotta believe me
You're gonna want me by your side

So get in the car
You could be bigger than Madonna
Get in the car
C'mon you know you wanna

You're moving backwards
And you don't know what you're doing
So get in the backseat baby
Cause I'm the best thing you got going

Don't you wanna make money
Cause you're making a mistake

I'll let you ride in the front seat honey

Don't let the world find out what a coward you are
You should get in the car

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