Framing Hanley - Unbreakable Lyrics

Things haven't always been so black and white
You and I, we've had our fights
Thank you, for putting up with me.

How you managed that, I'll never quite get
All these questions just race around my head
You give me forever

I stand here tonight
I'll be unbreakable for you,
I'll do the unthinkable for you,
The bad times it happens,
always at my very best,
by your side, I'll be invincible with you
we will be unbreakable, we will be unbreakable.

I think my heart stops,
when you walk through that door,
With an elegance that I've never seen before,
thank you, I can't believe you stuck with me.

How you managed that, I'll never understand,
All I know is that your hand is in my hand,
It's you and me forever.


I guess what I'm trying to say,
Is i searched so, so long,
but it finally lead to this day, this day.
I hope that it's all that you dreamed, for so long,
I'm unbreakable, you're here with me, with me.

Stay here tonight [x3]

I'll be unbreakable, unbreakable.
I will be unbreakable, for you.

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