Frames, The - What Happens When The Heart Just Stops Lyrics

So what happens when the heart just stops
Stops caring for anyone
The hollow in your chest dries up
And you stop believing

So what happens when the heart gives up
But the body goes on living
The blood crawls to a slow and stops
And flows away

Well we got no-one to meet
No love we would beseech
We only have ourselves to blame for everything
There was no answer in the dust
And I'm missing you so much
And now you're sleeping
And I'm leaving

Empty-handed waiting
Time it will subside and we'll agree
It was a given
Well there was no standard we could set
And the world it does regret
To have to leave you in this state of bereavement

You see I'm feeling everything
Nothing gets by

There is a hollow in my chest
The time I won't forget
There is no comfort in the eyes
They put us always to the test
I can't prepare myself for that
But I work it out in time
There is a love that flows between us
Ever-changing everyday
I worked myself up to a crawl
But I'm not fearing it at all
We have no reason left to stay
And that's why we're leaving
And there was no answer in the dust
And the one I feared to trust
There is a lie that drags us
Beating and pulling into disappointment

I'm disappointed
I'm disappointed
I'm disappointed

It's so late, till you're gone

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Frames, The What Happens When The Heart Just Stops Comments
  1. Hananá

    we only have ourselves to blame


    for everything

  2. Genifer Vega

    man this just break my fucking heart! i just can't stop crying! god.

  3. Dolly Nova

    y do I miss people so much?

  4. Stephen Cooper

    thanks for lirycs , forgot just how haunting and beatiful   that song is

  5. John Hiram

    My heart gave up 12 years ago. Im waiting for my time to come now.

  6. Sami Adams

    that's happened to me before.

  7. Sami Adams

    crying only numbs the pain...

  8. Siddharth Gupta

    so beautiful!!

  9. Damon Alexander Lewis

    I Love You Victoria.

  10. beerymon

    its...sad...crushing....but true....losing a loved one is ...well its in the song

  11. Little girl Blue

    "...there is a lie that drags us, beating and pulling into disappointment, I'm disappointed...I'm disappointed...I'm disappointed..."

  12. Nicolas Cage

    This song rips my heart from my chest, and Im hurting myself anyways. over and over again.

  13. Rory Wiseman

    Everyone who likes this song should check out star star.fall asleep to it almost every night for the last 3 years,just doesn't get old.

  14. Nícolas Felipe Cervantes

    if glen hansard does a tour for latinoamerica y will go to all his concerts I'm waiting

  15. tproctor88

    I am a loser for sure.

  16. rszdemon

    "ahaha yeah, well, years later, Dfer died there on that corner, and uh, we buried him and had a little funeral and everything, and we never found out what exactly he was waiting for."

    Dean Fitzpatrick

    I wonder what he's thinking

    Esther Syvanen

    I'm sorry, that made me laugh

  17. rszdemon

    @ballinastack93 a white car.

  18. ballinastack93

    hmm what was that dog waiting for?

  19. Mystro84

    @justblank19. I so heard Glan Hansard going "Bow-ow-ow-ow-ow..." in my head when I read that.


  20. justblank19

    @Mystro84 "Watch this, white car!"

  21. PEPE petitpas

    thx u dude for introducing me The Frames, it became my favorite band, they lyrics and Melodies are unique.

  22. Mystro84

    The story on Set List about 'D-for-Dog' before they play this is brilliant too. Puts a whole new spin on the song.

  23. Chelcee Gigliotti

    I want this to be playing in the background when I'm in my last minutes of my life

  24. WereGoingSomewhere

    chickenskin...over and over again when I hear this song...

  25. saltypork3

    Thanks for posting this. Set List is one of the best live cds that has ever been produced. I'm so excited to see them in Chicago in November!

  26. Danny Brady

    I think this is the first relatively popular I've come across on youtube that has literally ZERO dislikes. For damn good reason too. Pretty sure if the dislike button is hit, your computer automatically explodes.

  27. Mary Clarke

    This is the saddest song in the world :(

  28. ShaydeLedger

    This man always hurts my feelings. So beautiful. I think I might cry....AGAIN!
    I hate crying,lol.

  29. iownagreyhound

    utterly beautiful

  30. sophie macleod

    thanks :)

  31. Colin M

    I love Glen Hansard, and I love this song, but I feel like he could have given it more emotion, considering what he is capable of...

  32. george36255

    what a hauntingly sad song :|

    it perfectly describes the emotional turmoil you get yourself in when you just stop...caring about a relationship

    sad stuff, and it is dissapointing