Frames, The - Lay Me Down Lyrics

I will write you letters that
Explain the way I'm thinking now
I, I will return to you
What I have taken long before
I, I will return again
When it gets dark and day is done

And lay me down
In the hollowed ground
Down by your side I will stay
So lay me down

And if you wanna stay with me
Then let me know before it's light
I, I will recoil myself
Into the black and darkest night

And lay me down
In the hollowed ground
Where my father waits I will stay
So lay me down

And lay me down
In the hollowed ground
Down by your side I will stay
So lay me down

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Frames, The Lay Me Down Comments
  1. RYANER x

    Love this song😊

  2. E D Daly

    Just heard this for the first time ever on the radio.

  3. Helen mullane

    Great song from a great song writer!!!!

  4. 9288Savior

    1:01 creepiest part ever

  5. Fan Made Videos

    The melody reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot's "The Summer Side of Life"

  6. Cj C

    Just such a beautiful song

  7. disgusted penguin

    Burdge Bug brought me here

  8. MKNorske

    Years later...still love the tune:)

  9. Aeon135

    Ah, the song he wrote for his first girlfriend, the goth, he's been telling that story for years I see, I got to hear it first hand last year.


  10. Jennifer Blake

    Such a passionate song, I can imagine feeling that sad if ever I lost my husband, and best friend.  Wow this guy was into some major feelings at 16.   Excellent writer. 

  11. MarcoMin16

    I heard the story that it was about when he and his Ex decided to be just friends and and together burned the love letters they had written to each other.

  12. KatieDelany

    Aww, No Disco was quality.

    Denis O'hAichir

    KatieDelany.. Her dreamcatcher gift was so unique, Music was grand too.

  13. luke carpenter

    so many memories to it

  14. Steffi T.

    I love this song. The Cake Eaters is such a good movie!

    taz chars

    Steffi T. Good movie first I heard that song there

  15. annie bellino

    i love this song <3

  16. BigBrianStormer

    This song has got such a cool riff. Mesmerising

  17. Mscuriouspanda

    I found this from the cake eaters trailer. Im only 14 but this song is amazing :D makes me cry every time :'(

  18. rockguru14

    @SirBigBrain corey taylors gay man haha

  19. \sdv

    God remember no disco. Good times.

  20. DuckPuncher

    @irishmusiccentral lol thanks for that, didn't know ;)

  21. irishmusiccentral

    @SirBigBrain It's an Aztec face mask.. "commonly used in religious and cultural ceremonies of many peoples, such as the Kachina".

  22. DuckPuncher

    lol a failed copy of corey taylor's mask at 0:28

  23. AuntPearlsGlorybox

    This songs remains for me one of the most beautiful I have heard. It seems to link me into the Ireland of my ancestors in some mystical way?!

  24. aliciaann72

    On a Live version of the song,he states it is about burning old love letters. So, to me... it speaks of letting love go but knowing it still sacred.

  25. aliciaann72

    For those asking what the song is about...
    in a Live version, he talks about it being about gathering old love letters (from an ended relationship) and burning the letters together. So, to me.. it talks about the end of a relationship and letting go of the "earthly" tangible aspects of it. But, knowing that the relationship was indeed special and sacred.

  26. Church

    this song is wonderful

  27. Whipsaw

    Why isn't this band HUGE! Maybe they won't sell out :))

  28. Tom Meny

    @Pendor42 ya but if you watch the video you see a listing for their show, with Mic Cristopher opening.. so this video could not have been recorded after his death.

  29. Karl Porter

    anyone know where i could get my hands on one of these masks?? they were giving them out at the signing tent at witness in 2003, maybe earlier, but i must have lost mine. would love to buy another one!

  30. pajiad191

    this song is in the soundtrack for Bill Heath's "Sinners" it's a movie about the people who ski in Colorado and the Canadian Rockies. I originally saw it at the Boulder Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado. It is an excellent film with a superb soundtrack and I recommend it most highly.

  31. busacay

    love the Frames. Are they still active? They sound better with MaryJane guiding the band.

  32. FrozenSolidTwo

    The Cake Eaters

  33. ooozeGonnaSubscribe

    great!! <3 it

  34. Mel B

    love it, love it, love it x

  35. kaari1

    Great song!!! check out "you" by Inouwee if you like this one:)

  36. inisfallen10


  37. Paul Walsh

    I think Glen tells a couple of different stories from time to time about this song. The one I heard was that it's about the great value of a simple life spent working everyday, coming home to the one you love and staying with them until the day you die when you'll be happy in your grave beside them.

  38. Paul Walsh

    I think Glen tells a couple of different stories from time to time. The one I heard was that it's about the great value of a simple life spent working everyday, coming home to the one you love and staying with them until the day you die when you'll be happy in your grave beside them.

  39. Tico Tyrant

    freat song, so catchy, very good music

  40. Amadrieclya

    @ch23huang agreeed

  41. RichieW

    no disco! wow teh memories!

  42. ihatemygirlfriend

    Happy memories, in the day, lost in thoughts, lost in time.....tanx

  43. wasiimabbas

    movie was good and this song is breathtaking

  44. Dani Munoz

    Heard it in The Cake Eaters.

    LOVE both the movie and this song!

  45. spiralism3

    for flickety,
    who found this song,me and us with her own divinity and a little bit of help at this end.

  46. Firstaid10x4


  47. Hyungsup Kim

    I think it's highly probable that the man was from north side of dublin. The accent over there is quite strong.
    Never saw an Irish guy speaking Gaelic. Well some people do for the craic making fun of me when I'm the only one who doesn't understand Irish :) I should have learnt it when I was young :)

  48. irishmusiccentral

    the 'buzz' was the intro to the next music video "The Grand Lunar" by galway band band 'Cane141'.

  49. AdiFitri Ahmad

    they were 16 (he said) and she wAs a goth, so there u go.. :)

  50. CeliaXDD

    really? when i was there my frind and me were in a taxi and i was feeling awful cos i couldnt understand a word of what the taxi man was saying. then my friend told him we were not irish and then he start speaking in english instead of gaelic plus you can see gaelic everywhere in the city. thats my experience tho

  51. watchedpotneverboils

    The tenor banjo at 1:50 I think is really cool.

  52. Andrew Maznek

    man, this is really... relaxing!

  53. irishmusiccentral

    originally released in 2001, but probably written a year or two before that.

  54. waakkeuppp

    how old is this song? i've never heard it until now. i love the style.

  55. sferris15

    i fuckin love the frames! the first concer i ever went to was them in the olympia back in 2004!! It was amazing!

  56. jack mccaulife

    is aoibhinn liam THE FUCKIN FRAMES!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Ngarissa Marsh

    Do you know tour dates?

  58. Kayleigh Bowery

    Amazing song!x But then so is all of there stuff, fucking amazing!x

  59. jack mccaulife

    this song is lay me down u are thinking of what just happenes when the heart just stops

  60. fa2bio

    thank you...

  61. teresa lowry

    The girl obviously had no sense of humour. Her loss, our gain with the song!

  62. Klenny

    I get it. I mean, she was a goth after all...

    He he he

    I thought it was really sweet in a creepy kind of way.

  63. lorikeet88

    so why did he buy the grave; did he want her to break up with him?

  64. Mohanicus

    ha,ha thats a mad story!!!!!!!!!!!
    hes brilliant.
    hate the late late.
    pat kenny is a twatter!!!!!!!!1

  65. Oliver Lamb

    jeez, even i think its a bit far to actually buy her a grave....

  66. Mark McDonagh

    The song is written about a dog the band use to see waiting in the same spot looking down the road. They reckoned the dogs owner has died and the dog is waiting for him to return. The dog will stay faitful to the end and lay down beside his owner.

  67. irishmusiccentral

    I think the general theme is "Even if I'm dead, as long as I'm beside you, I'll be happy."
    ' Lay me down/In the hallowed ground/Down by your side I will stay '

  68. Colin Monahan

    really nice, soothing song. but whats with the day of the dead stuff?

  69. c02615223

    lay me down beside my daddy

  70. minedarea

    It was such a shame that they got rid of No Disco. I loved it. Those were the days. Lay me down.

  71. TerriblyNiceNot

    Jesus, this is certainly in nostalgia flavour. No Disco and on the scroll it mentions Mic Christopher playing a gig. Ah them were the days...staying up late to watch No Disco!

  72. katuusss

    They won the second prize in MTV for the best video (few years ago)-their beauty is in simplicity-That´s why I love them-and their music is great!

  73. Amanda Ryan