Forever The Sickest Kids - La La Lainey Lyrics

She was in to hardcore, I was in to rock and roll
She was in to girls it was her own form of birth control
She was smoking cigarettes and drinking before 5
She was wild, she was fine with being hungover all the time

Come on!

She was always at a party disappointing daddy,
Always dating dirtbags, everyone but me she had
Lyrics from her favorite song tattooed on her arm
She was rough, she was fine, she was way out of her mind

I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...
I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...
I love her like hate, I love her like pain,
I need her like a picnic needs the rain
I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...

She loved drinking whiskey first thing in the morning,
She would start a fight, if you looked at her the wrong way
Everyday was Halloween a reason to rebel,
She was wild, she was fine with being bitter all the time

I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...
I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...
I love her like hate, I love her like pain,
I need her like a picnic needs the rain
I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...

La La La La La La La La La La...
La La La La La La La La La La...

I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...
I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...

She was smoking cigarettes and drinking before 5
She was wild, she was fine with being hungover...

I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...
I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...
I love her like hate, I love her like pain,
I need her like a forest needs a flame
I love her like rage, I love her like shame
I need her like a victim needs the plague
I love her like La La La La La La La La La La...

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Forever The Sickest Kids La La Lainey Comments
  1. Ally Maines

    I came from the youtube mix for anarbor

  2. Anh Việt Võ

    SivHD got me into this :))

  3. ZombieK100

    came here because of my spotify discover weekly LOL! XD

  4. crymeariver -_-

    Thank you spotify

  5. Brooklynn Lackey

    Me and uh my gf at the times favorite song....😢 memories

  6. lotus arashi

    In short he doesn't need her

  7. Squishy Rock

    My brother showed me this song
    Bless my brothers heart this song and band in general are just so amazing!

  8. Brooklynn Lackey

    Me and my girls song! Lov ya bailey!!!

  9. Eduardo Alvear

    Shit goood sooong

  10. crymeariver -_-

    When I first heard this song I thought it said "she was fine with being a whore all the time"😂😂

  11. Nicole Evanshaw

    It's really catchy. I love it

  12. Nicole Evanshaw

    This girl is mest up

  13. Default

    Came here from SivHD's vid and I absolutly <3 it

  14. Edda233

    This girl sounds about as appealing as prostate cancer.

  15. CuteInuKud

    Chloe price!!

  16. Ridho juliansyah

    Hello my all time favourite band, one of my wishes in this life are to see you guys perform this song, your song always giving me spirit and your song really warming up my chest, i really wanna see you live perform even just once in my life, i listen to your songs since my highschool 2014, greeting from indonesia 🤗 by the way my name ridho juliansyah, and i even made my version of my friendbsave me music video with my photo of me and my bestfriend from highschool i really like your band

  17. 김슈아

    please out the "lalala sound" in my head

  18. Scrum Diddly Dumptious

    This is one of my favorite songs and mah name is Lainey-

  19. Vi Jay

    2:23 Best part 😍

  20. alena garza

    2019! lmao i play this song religiously

  21. Nikki Laney

    So strange... This band has songs called "Nikki" and "LA LA Lainey" my name is actually Nikki Lainey xD coincidences🤔

  22. Trinity Williams

    This is fr my jam not even gonna lie

  23. alison ali

    Thanks for putting my business out there -___- Why you gotta do me like that.

  24. Sparky


  25. Syrus Bitangcol

    2019 maderpaker

  26. Jamie Toast

    I came from wattpad.....I’m disappointed in myself to....

  27. Brooklynn Lackey

    This was me and my gfs song we would sing it to each other EVERYONE TOLD US WE WoULD NEVER BE NORMAL! WELL GEUSS WHAT WE DONT WANT TO BE NORMAL

  28. Cindy Falls


  29. Jordanalwaysandforev

    I bought this album

  30. JustSomeGayEmo

    0:00 - 2:48 best parts of the song

  31. Venus. Tea

    Istg even after 2 years I still come back and listen to this

  32. delightful basement alpaca


    *d a d d y*

  33. Joseph Daniloski

    Very good

  34. Luciano V

    i came here from a fanfic, what about you?

    Jamie Toast

    SAMMMMEEE by any chance was it creepypasta boyfriend scenarios?

    Deny's Diary

    Spotify 😂

  35. FlurryofStars


  36. Weabuwu Is Drowning

    I thought they meant before 5 in the morning and _not the age _*_I'm an idiot_*

  37. saccharine - strychnine

    I just realized after listening to this song atleast 20 times, that he probably meant drinking before 5 o'clock not 5 years old... Here I am thinking someone gave a toddler alcohol

  38. Pitchy Nighcore

    I came her from and Strike the Blood edit. Yes it’s an anime. It’s my favourite harem anime. I am dead inside.

  39. alexis loker

    I've never related to a song so mutch

  40. Ethan Bell

    Can someone.... Please just make a Kiribaku PMV of this?

  41. My Chemical Misery

    oh god my mom sang this to me all the time

  42. Laszlo Frank

    I listened to this song 36 times since tuesday

  43. Angel P

    Who else is in love with this song? (Jk we all are)

  44. poppio

    everyone is here from another fandom and...

    im here from making fiends

  45. Sprinkle Pawz

    i came here because of a mep.
    im so happy i came from that mep.

  46. Miriam kimzey

    Is anyone here from Marah/DaveNekoStrider/PastelTheGhost musically?

  47. 5thElem3nt

    I like this song but every time the Outro starts at 2:35 I think: Now starts the real shit, but then the song just ends.

  48. Loo Lainey

    Uhh....  Hi. I love my name.

  49. lavy Ryzo

    Anyone else came here from damijon? No?
    Just me? Oh well

  50. AJTrecords

    Came here a long time ago because I actually knew the band. Not a lot of those around anymore.

  51. D' Infęris

    Soooooooo, basically, I take the song like: "she is a disaster, but I love her."
    A beautiful disaster maybe?

  52. Dairy Saiden

    Anyone come here from exom edits the laurie And Micheal Myers from Instagram cause I did

  53. Brianna Diggs

    Love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. Verena Shadowy

    Katie McGary: Dare you to, Beth and Ryan? just me? ok.

  55. Sashi Peiris

    Margo Roth Spigelman + Alaska Young

  56. devil


  57. Gabriel Enrique Ortiz De La Hoz


  58. Marcixchu Dawn

    WHAT THEY ARE STILL MAKING SONGS OMFG ..i mean yeah 2013 but still isnt that long do anyone know if they are still doing something

  59. Bora

    Siv HD'den gelenler sa😎

  60. MizzDemon

    Anyone here from the series MSP?


    Cqutesycake I’m here from Camizetta 😂🤗

  61. Emily Schott

    im obsessed😍

  62. Jay-Ann Tallad

    Okikagu brought me here.

  63. Bee jesus

    I found this in a Crankthatfrank video (emo cringe musically) so basically I found the sun in the midst of the cancer

  64. It ya boi nya

    Dis song is really good ^-^

  65. Esperanza Mendoza


  66. Charlie Ann

    Came here from a goddamn Kagehina amv edit, and honestly, Im beginning to realize how random that is

  67. Jedi Quarian

    Young Bellatrix theme song xD

  68. Salma M

    Alaska Young ♥

  69. UtaChan

    maybe the reason she isn’t dating u is because she is GAY

  70. Ramenrage

    Came here because a friend showed me and they discovered this song through Spotify lmao

  71. Lucie Bugler

    I feel like I'm the only one here cause they're actually into forever the sickest kids....

    Joshua Peters

    You're not that fucking special.

  72. Lollypoppins


  73. AnimeGod025

    My life

  74. hellaletaa :/

    this is just confirmation that i am in fact a straight white teenage male

  75. Yseo

    Yoonns le plus bô !

  76. Joe Marino

    Damn. Spot on. Really miss my ex. Songs spot on too including her name

  77. Quyet Duy

    I was here when 999k views 😂

  78. James Anderson

    Oh, 5 o'clock, not five years old.

  79. Noir Stylo

    Ok but Romano and Spain

  80. Achoo !

    Hugh X Rosa

  81. Satan

    So fucking relatable

  82. Innocent Little Sinnamon Roll

    Am I the only one who came from Marah/PasteltheGhost?

  83. little lilac

    1:37 The relationship between Max and Chloe from Life Is Strange.

  84. NSNSLU

    beril sergünden gelenler beğensin la sayımızı gösterelim canısılar

  85. KarrisaTheWeirdo

    it seems like everyone got here from something totally unrelated and here i am just a fan of forever the sickest kids.

  86. lily Adkins

    I think I found my new favorite song

  87. nikii ray

    this songs my life before I met the love of my life atly warped 16 I went 15 to but I wen out and. eather dated dirt bags or people who hurt me and got attached to alcohol and it got bad but I finally fell for the right person
    we both liked forms of rock and I liked girls only to pass the Tim like I guess there is a scale on liking girls but I'm half half like I'm open minded and u don't know what's wrong with that like I'd get lyrecs tattood but they are already I n my broken soul bc my heart goes to Tyler and it always will I found him and the people who love me for who u am and I'm grlreatful I turned to cigarette because of stress but in not addicted bc I only took it when I wanted to kill myself most.. I hope you reach out in positive way I love talking about things...

  88. bandaidcrusade

    I came here from Musically wow

  89. Nguyen Khoi

    I love this song

  90. River Williams

    whoa who wait, new favourite song????? I totally clicked on this song by accident btw, and now i love it! xDDD

  91. Music Unity

    136 people didn't la la la la la la love her.

  92. Karalynn Cromack

    Every once in a while the cancer that is musically will bless me with being introduced to a new song

  93. Mattie Robitaille

    Sounds like the next atl

  94. Mattie Robitaille

    Damn this song is great !

  95. Sam Larsen

    Love this song

  96. Beca Baca

    I found this while looking for pink skies by lani. 😂😂😂

  97. Hatake Kakashi

    Am I the only one who found the song because of his girl? Oh... ok.. I'm just gonna sit here, in corner and cry...

  98. wvlfsbane

    this is an amazing song but ive replayed it so many times that i notice little things and 1:45 - 1:52 sounds like elmo singing

    Mr Cobble

    U did this on purpose


    Omg I'm going to cry

    John Godfrey Malig

    Please, politely time travel from before you posted this comment and don't post it.

  99. KaKa Shi

    why is hungover?