Forever The Sickest Kids - Keep Calm And Don't Let Me Go Lyrics

Just another night
Just another fight
Just another kiss
From a wanna be beauty queen

Just another rendezvous
I bit off more than I can chew
You're falling out of love with me
Cause I'm falling more in love with you

Don't let me go
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Please stay with me
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I'd die to save your life
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Don't let me go
Let me go (go, go)

Agree to disagree we fell apart at the seams
And there's no way to repair it (no way to repair it)
Clinging on to words and finding broken bones
Like I never knew I had them

You had my love and you used it like a drug
Then move to the next one (don't expect a rerun)
Look me in the eye, cross your heart, hope to die
And just promise we'll survive this (we'll make it out alive)

Don't let me go
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Please stay with me
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I'd die to save your life
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Don't let me go
Let me go

Didn't I listen
Didn't I try
Didn't I give you
All of my life
Didn't I, oh yeah
Didn't I

I'd die to save your life
I'd die to save your life
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)

Don't let me go
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Please stay with me
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I'd die to save your life
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Don't let me go
Let me go

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Forever The Sickest Kids Keep Calm And Don't Let Me Go Comments
  1. Stevens inwhite

    Ftsk 4ever plebes

  2. Amal Alosious123

    Falling more, more, more in love with this song 😍

  3. Jemuell Maralit

    The best part comes from 1:10

  4. Michael Callahan

    You suck

  5. Jaime Bustamante

    their best song imo

  6. Galactic Nyx

    I feel bad... All the comments are from so long ago. Is there any fans left?

    Jaime Bustamante

    Cinderelle's Escape yup here i saw them on their last show in Houston

    Galactic Nyx

    Jaime Bustamante Thank fuck. This band deserves loyal fans- like you :)

    wendy's broken blender

    Galactic Nyx hello lmao

    Lilyday 115

    Yes but it doesn't mean they have to comment just to prove it..... Like those dumb fucks who will leave comments like this ( 2019? Anyone) those kinda comments are just sad

  7. El TokǝnSlot

    the opening sounds like re:re by asian kung-fu generation weird haha

  8. Martin Mijares

    i love this song

  9. Syloph


  10. TheCheddarFish

    The editing for this video makes this song twelve times more awesome

  11. toosecret2no

    Aww, this sounds like it could be a cute anime opening

  12. snowleopardpawz

    this isn't the song i heard at the dollar store... but its still good >:3

    (i heard a song with lyrics something like "don't let me go" and "don't let me be you" something like that i forgot cause its been awhile and i fell asleep for a few minutes)


    snowleopardpawz I wanna find out what this song was

  13. Melodicine

    Favorite part starts at 2:17 :D

  14. Bmf TwoThousand

    I guess I have a soft spot for these guys still

  15. christopher Urbe

    Correct me if I'm wrong but,
    I think the song ending instrumental needed to be longer...

  16. Vr. Evif Neves Gen

    Forever... The Sickest Kids... truly! Wish i could be a sick kid forever.... haha.

  17. jjvgeeh98

    I don't know why but this song reminded me of a girl that I dated about two and half years ago and I think I still might have feelings for her. 
    I love FTSK and always will! 

    JE Hutchinson

    Cool story bro...

  18. Anna

    I love this I love this I love this

  19. tfot0907

    Sighh :((

  20. Ellie Introvertic

    I can't believe this only has 58k.


    I can't believe that just 55,146 of pepol watch  and discoverd this amazing band today + they really GOOD

  22. Antra Zāğere

    I can't believe that I only discoverd this amazing band today...:)

  23. Jordan Brazelton

    How does this not have more views?

  24. Cruton

    @Luis Martinez Attention everyone Luis' ovaries exploded.

  25. Myth Reid

    tonight, i become officially ur fan <3

  26. Quiet Gamer

    I love this band, and this song, I just wish that at 2:18 in they had done something different. The techno/whatever sound kinda put a damper on it, but still, awesome song.

  27. Luis AlegreMusic


  28. Luis Martinez

    my ovaries just exploded


    Their song "Whoa Oh" has over 4 millions views. They're still famous it's just that their popularity has peaked.

  30. Tyrone Walters

    37k views isn't enough for a famous band.

  31. iluvmexicanbeer

    They are.. Wicked


    They are...

  33. Tyrone Walters

    Why are they not famous...

  34. ToasterLady

    puu. sh/3POs2. png

  35. Shay Toulane

    i'd diet to save your life

  36. theswimlax

    1:08 is the best part

  37. leah jacobson

    love them SOOO much!!!!

  38. Luca Neves

    that song reminds me so much of underdog alma mater, the signature 'autotuned breakdown'. that's great. it brings memories.

  39. Joey Tapia

    The replay button said she was 18 I swear

  40. Fox Jackson


  41. NeverForgetTheMusic

    Great song!!!

  42. rosieluna01

    Forever the sickest kids fan numba one broski's

  43. rosieluna01

    So true press replay

  44. sp00kyjc Cash

    P....r......o is this an album for sale

  45. Sapphire Hall


  46. FoxyTot14

    Keep calm and hit the replay button.

  47. Katrina Fey

    Sounds like a mix of All Time Low and Metrostation. At least to a certain extent, and man am I loving it!

  48. Hermione Styles


  49. KING PIS

    keep calm and rape the replay button.(y)

  50. Batu Gunting Kertas

    It's kinda sad to know that there's no top comments :(

  51. Cloud Nine And A Half

    whoa! so damn perfect!

  52. Surphyse

    I'm not used to this from Fearless...

  53. zeboy12345

    wow.. and they banned people for upload this song early.. fuck you

  54. Christian Belanger

    I wanna be a beauty queen too!

  55. Darkerella

    Awesome song

  56. darsy

    I love these guys so much:3

  57. Juliana Roeder

    pure perfection

  58. NeverForgetTheMusic

    Wow, I love their music!

  59. Ranon Chiles


  60. ZERO.

    The first FTSK song that I loved in years.
    The good old underdogs are back :)