For All Eternity - The Vacated Lyrics

As the wind blows, hope from sorrow
This place we used to call our home leaves me cold as stone

The voice of the vacated is still present

In a way it has never left
I wish the pain away but it holds in my skin
Old wounds are the words I have left unsaid
The pain behind these eyes is the kind you don't forget

You've taken everything, more of me that anyone ever has
Now I'm taking it all back, taking it back

We were tethered, you and I
Tangled up in a lie, intertwined
We were tethered, held together
I may seem free but I'm lost behind your eyes

Pain is shaping who I am
Time is taking me away from this
When I arrive, survived and determined
I can rebuild with the pieces that remain untaken

I may be broken and hurting in this place you left
Place you left
But in a flicker, this will be a memory
Years in the past

Hold on, hold on, hold on
These words will soon be gone

My heart refuses to restart
It once beat in time with yours
Our eyes lock and I remember what we've lost

Across this barren plane, staring you in the face
I'll say it again as I've said it before
These scars are the same as yours

As the wind blows, hope from sorrow
This place we used to call our home leaves me cold as stone

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For All Eternity The Vacated Comments
  1. David Egbert

    The word will always be . .

  2. TheBros2theend

    Jesus Christ loves you

  3. Daniel Allen

    Here's a thought, does anyone know about their EP?


    I can feel every ounce of emotion poured into this song. The instruments, the vocal performances. I cried in my car for a while during, and after listening to this. Going through similar hardships. Thank you for this song.

  5. степан васильев

    hi is russia-good group

  6. xXxRENJIIxXx M8

    Thats some bulk goods there brother✔

  7. Justin Johnson

    Yeah, that was hardcore.

  8. Puntosak1

    oH my God! awesome sonG!

  9. Ayo

    Amazing video!!! Can't get enough of FAE!

  10. Amanda Kay

    These guys give me goosebumps. Love how dynamic the vocals are.

  11. Sassy Sandra

    For All Eternity, formed in 2008, is an Australian Christian metalcore band! A "Christian band"??? Trying to understand why would a so called Christian band make a disturbing video that points people to worship of human beings, fleshly relationships, that leads to death, destruction and Suicide. When you put your trust in a sinner, an imperfect human being instead of Jesus, who died for the sinful condition, you are bound to self destruct at some point in life . When you have a secure relationship with the Lord and Creator, you don't look for fulfillment and acceptance in fallen flesh, which can't fill the void that only the Lord can fill. This is a very negative demonic video, that leads people to Suicide because of worshiping a man or woman, boyfriend or girlfriend, instead the Lord who gives Life Love Peace

  12. B A R V C

    Powerful! 👌🏻🔥

  13. Levi Machado

    Cara que música pancada e linda Deus continue abençoando vcs e que venha mais...👏😁👏😁👏😁👏😁

  14. uncle sam

    So sad song dammit, beautiful lyrics

  15. Omni Codex

    Fav song on the album.


    Wow just wow

  16. Chronic_Breakdown

    Been listening since metanoia. You guys are good.

  17. ZunigaFeid

    I love this band more than I should

  18. Jacob

    Man, I just can't get over those two tonal screams at 3:05... it's rare to find those kinds of screams in metal but I've always loved the sound ever since I first heard Devin Townsend pulling them off.

  19. Sara Ryders

    When i dig “Your Memorial” , i found this .... 🤓

  20. Logan Welty

    Raw power. So amazing

  21. Sam Hart Mx

    Your new sound is amazing guys¡¡

  22. Артём Зыков

    your clean is disgusting. a good song is destroyed by clean vocals. Bury the vocalist behind the house under the fence and you will have success

    Hybrid Spektar

    I know!! Why does every heavy band need to have such god awful cleans??? Can he hit puberty already?

  23. Matt Wilson

    The 2:08 kinda ruined it.

  24. Wesley McCarthy

    Every time that chorus kicks in I just hear

  25. Johnathan DeWitt

    3:08 starts and gives me chills every time

  26. JustinKeithD

    If you're hitting the dislike button don't forget to not breathe forever.

  27. Juventud2222

    This is one of the best metalcore songs in a long time. The melodies, riffs and vocals are on point everywhere. Even the 90's 2nd verse clean part is cool. Heavy, got a little djent, clean riffs., everything.

  28. Fragile*Paradox

    those screams are real..

    Logan Welty

    Fragile*Paradox raw power, that's what they are. Haven't heard anything like it in a long time

  29. Carbon Hunter

    I've listened since I heard the song solid ground. This song has haunting vocals and an emotional breakdown... the evolution of this band is unreal
    Great track

    Josh Fox

    Carbon Hunter amazing song, but i’d still put break of dawn at the top of both of those categories! This band is amazing

  30. sparse ho

    the breakdown is MUSIC TO MY EAARSSS

  31. אברהם Fuentes

    Yeah this is the essence of For all eternity brutal lyrics. Yahweh is coming brothers....

  32. Nate Franco

    I am writing this comment with nothing but constructive criticism.... I fucking love you guys. I just can't get into your new stuff. Beyond the Gates, in my opinion, is one of the best albums in existence. I really like the main riff in this song..... but that's about it. It just lacks depth. I can listen to Beyond the Gates 100 times in one day and still be interested because it is so rich with melodic, beautiful, heavy, grooviness. This just new stuff (including Metanoia) just doesn't have it for me. Glad to see you guys are doing well and unfortunately for me I seem to be part of the minority here but..... FUCKING HELL BEYOND THE GATES IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER AND SO MUCH BETTER!!!! But at this point all I can say is thank you for one of my favorite albums ever and I wish you nothing but the best.

    cutto theheart

    Beyond the Gates without a doubt is one of the best albums of all time. I also liked Metanoia quite a bit but it was nowhere near the quality of BTG, and unfortunately from what I have heard so far I don't think this one will even surpass Metanoia in all those qualities you described either.

  33. Jaron Brown

    2:19-2:23- Hodoooor! Hodor! Hodor!

  34. Dawson The Noble

    got my pre-order in, I CAN NOT WAIT

  35. markycupko

    beautiful, what else to say! so hyped for the album release!

  36. Clang Clang

    Only reason why I like ads on youtube, otherwise I wouldn't have found this gem

  37. Oscar Gäreskog

    This is absolutely awesome guys!! Pre-ordering for sure!! Blown away by the changing sound! Bless!

  38. Sir Cairzalot

    Anyone else think the drummer looks like Jon snow?

  39. Khaled Tharwat

    I miss bands like this!! <3

  40. xEmilyx xYungsx

    😍😍😍😍 omg yes

  41. Dylan Jarrod

    3:08 is huuuuuge


    This band is incapable of failing

  43. HEllO FRIenD

    He is a primary teacher so nearly everything plus how do u know his name

    cutto theheart

    Mutual friends in the scene, 'about' section on their facebook page

  44. Drarry MSP

    Im Shane Carrolls sisters daughter so he is my uncle no joke hey uncle Shane it's Kayla

  45. GoomZ AA

    hold on.. hold on. this album, will soon be GOAT.

  46. HEllO FRIenD

    No joke the guy in the black and white striped shirt is my teacher IM NOT JOKING LMAO

    cutto theheart

    What does Scott teach? I'm a bassist and a teacher too

  47. peter u

    this must be the sequel to Strangers in Love

  48. Amanda Mason

    Just found these guys. So glad I did! We need more Christian metal out there! I know these guys are going to get huge...

  49. Dougie MYFH

    Proud of my fellow Australians <3

  50. gday lad

    these under dogs are comimg up slowly to crush all the half ass fake amateur hardcore bands with some real fucking big powerful sound!

  51. Jake K

    stirring video

  52. Synthetic 32

    Can't stop listen

  53. Bray Forte

    Freaking sick video

  54. stuffthefame

    what happened to FAT And who the heck is this? its heavy as shit! I like it!

  55. José Antonio Gutiérrez

    Sounds like Northlane... I like it!!! :D

  56. RonFer

    La tematica de The Amity Affliction????

  57. José Augusto dos Santos


  58. Jay DiNitto

    She friendzoned him because of his foot tattoo, then he drowned himself.


    Ayy LIYW!

  59. Bryce Walburn

    Top notch

  60. Mikey Money

    This is dope!

  61. Dwight Daly Jr.

    The First album was really good, but I'm expecting this one to be supah hot fiyah! Can't wait! Come to Houston Guys!

  62. Bryan Lenihan

    This is amazing

  63. Joel Seigel

    These guys are ripping it up, they keep getting better and better!

  64. Scythe

    song is pretty decent, intro too long imo

  65. Levi Machado

    Esse batera canta muito..

  66. BigBadWolf

    Pre-ordered this album the second it was available. Absolutely cannot wait!! AMAZING job guys!!


    got a silent planet vibe going on during some of this song. Great job guys i love it, God bless

  68. Nathalie Huber

    I loved their previous albums but this one is just getting better and better. So excited!

  69. Aidan Ballard

    I have always loved them but this is ridiculously amazing. A serious milestone for them

  70. Daniel Wright

    Get rid of the clean singing

    Brendan Gibson

    To each his own. I've always loved Michael's singing, and I never understood why people always say that singers always need to sound "manly" in metal


    +Brendan I don't get it either. He's one of my favorite clean vocalists. "Manly" clean vocals often sound boring imo.

    Brendan Gibson

    Right? I mean, not everybody even CAN sound "manly." My singing voice just doesn't sound that way, just like his doesn't. It's like people don't know anything about biology lol

    Wes Sones

    Listen to Derailed then. A lot less clean singing


    Don't tell artists to change to fit your tastes if their quality is good. Its rude.

  71. Blair Davis

    Not nearly as good as Derailed, not catchy or anything but I’m still looking forward to the album.

  72. Mark Gurung

    Another awesome songs........ This FAE is getting better and better.... Loving it....

  73. Joshua Garland

    So glad I pre-ordered after listening to "Derailed"

    Empty soul

    Haha! Same here

  74. Muleque de Vila

    Cada vez melhor 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  75. Abhishek Sable

    Come to India plz

  76. Christian Metal Source

    I'm being hopeful for once, the sunrise I see is moments from my eyes, waiting for the departure of night! I can relate, brothers!

  77. yuyi rv

    Really good!

  78. Athousandtimesrepent

    Damn diggin this sound!! 🤘🏽

  79. KEEPITPG13

    Unbelievable! Your vocal range has gone off the chains! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  80. Daniel Long

    Can't wait for the new album guys! God Bless

  81. Pedro R.

    That breakdown 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Marcos Bautista

    Absolutely amazing.

  83. Pablo Callizo

    the beginning sounds inHeartswake-ish..but then turns into a unique sound FAE is developing

  84. LoneShinobi

    Holy crap

  85. Ozzy

    Love this band. Great video!

  86. Max Morais

    For All Eternity is fully overclocked for this new album....


    again i say, this band s so good dat I have expectations for this album 😍❤

  88. Athos Oliver

    for all eternity is just getting better and better. I'm so impressed with this evolution.

    Daniel Tonkin

    Nothing touches Beyond the Gates


    @Daniel Tonkin Ehh, I disagree. You're allowed your opinion and it's fantastic, no doubts there, but every album of theirs has progressed as they've grown stronger in their musicianship. The Will to Rebuild is their most mature and well-written album ever. Even if you prefer Beyond the Gates, at least try to respect their growth as musicians.

  89. Athos Oliver

    My God. Come to Brazil soon. My country needs more christian metalcore concerts and I'm missing this so much.

    Christian Metal Source

    love the thrash that comes out of Brazil man, you don't wanna know anything about India believe me, man, haha! it's just trash here. 🤣

    Lucas Dill777

    Demon hunter vem em janeiro, espero q você vá

    Rafael Santos



    Concordo. e precisa de mais shows de bandas de metalcore/deathcore

  90. lll_MiCo_lll

    Super Sick 🔥🔥

  91. Andrew Cook

    The Metanoia heart in glass was a nice touch.

    Christopher Joy

    I just noticed that!!!! I was wondering why it looked so familiar! Thanks, brother

  92. Mawashi Geri

    Oof that ending breakdown! That whole last minute!

  93. gustopsy72

    I just now realized, in a good way, how much Michael Buckley and Jesse Cash sound alike vocally. Can't wait for the rest of the album.

  94. From Archive

    Really liking the harsh vocals. Damn, those feel powerfull

  95. Arthur Ramalho

    Man, this album is gonna be so good. Goddamn it

  96. tenaciousjoe24

    YES YES YES!! 😄😄😄