For All Eternity - Stitched The Same Lyrics

These words have shaped me to this day
Directed me to the path I now take.
"You have encouraged me to lead the life I always wanted to lead"
I want to be the inspiration that they need
There is no difference between you and me.

Are we all woven together?
Are we all tied in knots, because I know I'm this way?
Don't you feel the same?

Meet me half way, I'll take the stage you take the clay.
Such a humble exchange, we all find home in this place.

I hope you find what you are looking for.
But if you doubt, don't be ashamed.
Because we're all woven together, and tonight we're stitched the same.

Tonight we're stitched the same
I'm just the same as you, all my struggles and mistakes.
So let's hold each other up, because we know we've been made this way.

Cos we're all woven together
And tonight we're stitched the same.

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For All Eternity Stitched The Same Comments
  1. Avery Whitney

  2. Samet G

    Very nice song