For All Eternity - Metanoia Lyrics

What I know is that a life without love is no life at all.
Hope is the key to answering the call.
It's written on your heart.

You find that all your hopes and dreams
Are dead and gone.

You think each person of value
Has left you alone.

You should know
There is no one in this world even worth counting on

Besides, there's a fire burning in your eyes
That you cannot disguise

Even if you tried
Even if you tried

There's a purpose for your life you cannot hide

It's written on your heart in the clearest of white.

Burning bright.

You should know, hope found its way, found its way to me
You too can be changed forever.
It's written on your heart.
You should know, hope found its way, found its way to me
You too can be changed forever.

Will you remain as you are?

I've felt your pain,
I know your pain,
I've felt your pain.
We all make the same mistakes.
We all wear the scars we've won.
I too lived with the same uncertainty.
But hope found me.
Now you know me.
Hope found a home in me.
Now you know me.
Hope found its home.

You should know, hope found its way, found its way to me
You too can be changed forever.
It's written on your heart.
You should know, hope found its way, found its way to me
You too can be changed forever.

Return to the start
With love in your heart
You too can be changed forever.
Return to the start
With love in your heart.

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For All Eternity Metanoia Comments

    listening 2019

  2. Keith Bartlett

    Very good

  3. ApoloZAX

    Fit for a king and For all eternity. Metaonia has penetrated my heart, impacted every fiber of it, has certainly spoken the truth.

  4. Amanda Kay

    I swear these guys have the best sounds AND lyrics!! Praise God

  5. eRa FLSE

    amazing <3

  6. clack256

    Ok, my soul crying. It's since i'm a child that i belive in the twin soul. Today i still belive it.
    Better to make belive it is a stupid thought that you not belive it at all.
    There are things that are inexplicable to the illusory gaze of reality.

  7. Francisco Diaz

    pretty awesome video and I'm digging this band

  8. Alice Da Silva

    😍😍😍😍😍 my loves

  9. Brandon Watkins

    Screw all that satanic music. This song has the power of the HOLY GHOST behind it! Hallelujah

  10. eRa FLSE

    I love this band


    ваще заебись, побольше таких надо

  12. Guilherme Constantino

    hey f.a.e, please show up with a new sound!!!


    Make more ❤

  14. GoldBlooded


  15. Calbenmike

    Holy cow, these guys are incredible.

  16. Intentions

    ive never been the biggest fan of high singing like that, but this band sucks my tits clean off. i listen to this album every day i work out and i just love it. these guys get it

  17. Bees Rubi

    Best album of the year

  18. Zach Nelson

    Jesus will give you more hope, peace and love than you've ever known along with the altogether wonderful grace of God

  19. ENXJ

    I hate it when an awesome-sounding song is about a magical daddy. =/


    Stuart Baillie

    I hear what you mean, but it just takes that extra kick out of the song for me. Like, what if this song were singing about how good flowers smell? It would make it less enjoyable.

    Stuart Baillie

    ENXJ yeah your right to certain point. But for the most part I'm listening to the music firstly the vocals in my opinion just complete the overall song. I'm about the instruments more than the words and meanings of them.


    I envy you in that regard, Stuart. Selective hearing ftw

    Stuart Baillie

    ENXJ yeah to a degree If i Blandly here stuff like praise the lord or things of that nature then I will stop listening I don't want to hear preaching if it's subliminal and not blunt then fair game.


    ENXJ It's so awesome you like the music, I love you with Daddy God's love. Blessings! Have an awesome day!

  20. Gean Carlos

    i Love This song

  21. Vilela


  22. Gean Carlos

    very good 👏👏

  23. Ben Larson

    We don't find Jesus on our own. He comes running to us. We don't find hope. I didn't find hope. Hope found me. And it changed my life. Incredible.

  24. Joshua McNeilly

    "There's a purpose for your life you cannot hide, it's written on your heart in the clearest of white. Burning bright."

  25. Joshua MacDonald

    So beautiful. The message, the music, even the video.

  26. megawacko50

    Me personally absolutely love For All Eternity. They have some of the best lyrics out of any of the bands i listen to and their sound is sick! Good signing Facedown! Now Bring em to US

  27. Isaac ybarra

    such a cool music video

  28. danbobbit153

    Hope found me.

  29. Joy Richardson

    These lyrics changed my life.

    Commander Johnson

    you too can be changed forever

  30. Nudist Priest

    night core this pls

    Fortnite Sucks

    if you love nightcore you better stay away from us :P

  31. Patrick Cole

    34 people need to Repent...

  32. David Brown

    One of my favourite screamers. His range is mint.

  33. joshmcneilly

    Shane's screams and growls are amazing and so spectacular, like from the bottom of my heart dude, and Michael's cleans along with his melody is completely extra-ordinary. I have hope these guys will make more inspiring and heart touching music.

  34. r3b31 nat10n

    First time I hear of this band is off of a radio station and its this song. I like it! Time to listen to other songs by them 🤘🏻

  35. Fabiola Davila

    this is one of the best songs by FAE ♡ gotta love it

  36. Ima Bjorkman

    <3 <3 <3

  37. INGSOC

    if only the clean singing vocals were as manly as other bands, eg wolves at the gate, times of grace,


    snake Yeah reminds me of erra witch I'm not a huge fan of, especially cause the uncleans are so good .

  38. Aiden Pilot

    What's the meaning behind the music video?

    Nudist Priest

    dragon ball z

    Isaac ybarra

    +Pewdie pie that was great lol

    cutto theheart

    'Metanoia' is the Greek word for the biblical doctrine of repentance and regeneration by the Holy Spirit of God. The little light inside the heart that grows in the video is symbolic of how a believer in Jesus Christ is transformed inwardly and regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

  39. Mayté Ruiz

    For all eternity <3

  40. David Sprague

    al.most as awesome as demon hunter

  41. musicsuxnowadays

    UGH............ cant stand the screaming.

  42. Aaron PCMasterRace

    I been looking for this song and I just found it. This is why metal/rock is way better than any other type of music.

  43. VG SAHN

    i LOVE this song is amazing

  44. rage5606


  45. Sébastien Gerber

    Facedown, what happened to you ?
    You used to be a Record Label I loved.

  46. Jacob

    EDIT: I now have both Metanoia and The Will to Rebuild and I will say one thing (aside from the fact that they're both incredible albums)- the cleans grow much more tolerable as you listen to them. For some odd reason, I used to hear Sleeping With Sirens when I heard the cleans, but my mom heard Spencer Sotelo in his voice. Since she told me that, I have honestly been able to actually grow to like them and appreciate their impact on the music overall (especially in The Will to Rebuild where they are really good). Funny how such a small change in perspective can help our perception of things.

    ORIGINAL MESSAGE: Not trying to sound like a jerk but I loved everything about this except for the clean vocals. I never thought I'd ever say that as I tend to prefer bands that do more singing than the harsh vocals, but I've never been a fan of the Sleeping With Sirens-styled cleans. Other than that, though, this song is absolutely amazing.


    @lenaetam Definitely, I had gotten out of the regular reading I was used to but I'm working on getting back on schedule so I can begin studying again. The problem I'm having is that I have (not trying to come off as arrogant) extensive knowledge of what the Bible says, and I have understanding of much of it, thanks to growing up in a purely Christian environment and with a passion for God's Word. However, recent years, I've been distracted and I think I've been looking at my faith more like religion rather than relationship. I dunno, it's definitely frustrating but I know it will end one day. :)

    Yes, I've heard of them but I think I've only heard one song by them before. Seems like a really cool band, I'll have to look deeper into their material. As for prog/power metal, Devin Townsend is great for an atmospheric prog sound even if he's a little crude at times. Still the best musician I've heard though lol. Kamelot was one of the first I heard, they're known as "the darker side of power metal" by some, as they have a heavier, more aggressive and darker take on traditional power metal with lyrical themes that usually have to do with philosophy and religion. Fortunately, it's more of a "I'm searching for truth" than "Religion sucks, we are all God" type philosophy approach. Also, inside the Christian scene, check out Black Fate. Vasilis, their vocalist, was in the most recent Project Aegis song.


    +Jacob I understand completely. I have the same knowledge. and about a year or two ago fell into a discouraging pit. but I forced myself to stay in the word. to pray extensively. it brought me out. what you're dealing with is a fiery dart from the enemy. don't look at your faith as religion. religion can't save. the mighty name of Jesus can. one of the True proofs of our faith is the power of change. quote the bible it is a might weapon forged for battle. Hebrews 4:12. Remember the old man has died the new is alive 1 corinthians 15:17. youre a new man. believe that.


    @lenaetam Thanks, after countless sleepless nights, last night I just felt the Spirit stir within me for the first time in ages as I felt true peace and felt alive again. I've been learning that regardless of how much I fail Him, He doesn't fail me and doesn't let go. Such power and love. :)


    +Jacob awesome. he won't let go of you. we are fortunate to have an unfailing love. :)


    @lenaetam Nothing is more true than that. :)

  47. Meemo Mori

    This is amazing.

  48. Jason Brown

    Someone once commented on how disappointed they were the lead singer of I See Stars didn't do both screaming and singing like they thought. they need to check this band out.

  49. Nate Sco

    This is the worst crap on the planet.

  50. Andres Marin

    As the video was done?

  51. Marcin Czyżewski

    One of the best metalcore bands ever. So much talent all members of FAE. But what makes them above almost every band in genre are melodies they create and Shane Caroll... he is beast. Really I've heard so many many bands but he is the best screamer in genre imo. His abilities to changing screaming styles are perfection and this passion and energy just OMG. Fits perfect for For All Eternity sounding. I hope he will scream for so long for this band. I wish I could go for their show and buy this awesome album with their sign:(

  52. Music Vibe

    Lyrically, Musically, and Songstructurely absolutely AWESOME!

  53. Yerson Cardenas

    FOR ALL ETERNITY "Metanoia" subtitulado español :

  54. Rainbow Sheep

    i found this from a youtube add, only add ive ever liked, i am now hooked on this band, THANKS ADDS!

  55. Austin Kicksey

    Such a SICK song!!! I love these dudes!!! The whole album is AWESOME!!! It really encourages me in the trials I've been going through lately, reminding me that God is in control and that I ALWAYS have hope through Him!!!

  56. Roberto Dela Cruz

    I like this band.. Sounds like As i lay dying Great keep it up guys God bless you

  57. William Sinnott

    By far the best YouTube ad I've ever seen, also the only useful one.

  58. ebenezer palli

    We all wear the scars we've won

  59. SilverStarSeven

    Metalcore? LOL. Love the wussy clean vocals and the keyboards. Processed drums at the end also. A pathetic attempt, and sadly they're not even unique in this suck. Man, even BabyMetal is better than this.

  60. Infinite Knowledge

    really good

  61. Martial Poet

    I just realized this was the same For All Eternity that did White Flame wow just wow.. They got so much better!

  62. Ashley Gurrola

    Love u guys! Just Amazing 😍❤

  63. Moritz Paul

    the vid is cool but metalcore... that explains everything :(

  64. Elyie

    This is so much better than i expected, speechless

  65. SilentKnightII

    Found these guys through a youtube add .... fucking love it !

  66. Danilo Alonso

    You guys are awesome👏🏼😎

  67. plonkies

    shit is gay.

  68. I see affliction

    I seriously do hope this song becomes a huge hit

  69. Tre Sky Walker

    i don't listen to metal but this video is really sick.!!!!!!!!!

  70. mew2latias

    Found them on a Dance Gavin Dance video and was instantly entranced

  71. Panda Go syndicate

    i found them on an add for hollywood undead- glory, i love them lol this song is awesome

  72. Chompyduhgoat

    Boring scream, 12 yr old little boy for a singer, and the most generic guitar ive heard. When is a band gonna do more than what everyone else is doing?? Its getting sooooo old and played out.

  73. TheXfire96

    Finally YouTube gives me an advert worth watching/listening to!!

  74. azTrevor

    I just started to listen to them and I think they are my new favorite band. Besides Palisades and Motionless In White

  75. John Kay

    Been waiting for Metanoia for forever it seems. Well worth it. Good job boys

  76. Jiriki

    Please, please, don't you ever come across my Skinny Puppy playlist again.

  77. Alcoda

    I didn't know they signed erra

  78. Zak Taylor

    Reminds me of fit for a kings descendants sound

    Paul McLaughlin

    that's the best fit for a king too!

  79. Samet G

    vocalist reminds me of Jon Snow :)

  80. Elijah Hershey

    The vocalist reminds me of the old Becoming the Archetype vocalist


    I hear that to man! Haha i miss BTA!

  81. Molly Kendra

    love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Dimitris Sigalas

    Next popular hit!

  83. The Real Nator

    Who saw these from a Promoted advert before a Vid?

  84. Daniel Allen

    haha! Isaiah Perry is a troll!

  85. DeathcoreChristcore Pat

    Love this band


    @DeathcoreChristcore Pat The new cd is amazing Pat this is Jason Beachman. I love you brother!!!  Jesus is Lord!!!  I can't stop listening!!!!

    DeathcoreChristcore Pat

    @JESUSISKING777 same here and love you brother

  86. Robyn Yeo

    best thing i found on a youtube advert ever!!!

  87. Josh Fox

    Preorded just cause i love Break of Dawn soo much.... man this is gunna be an amazing album


    SO judging by this video there is only one person in this band?


    @XMetalChefX 2 people in the vid, 5 in the band ;)

  89. MrFunfactz

    WOW this song is bad. I can't believe it's allowed to come up as an ad for other videos. hopefully I never have to listen to it again! BLECH

  90. Sebastian Ziegenbein

    Had this play in an ad and man I'm glad it did

  91. Karoma Black

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAwesome music

  92. Alper Çakar

    very nice !