For All Eternity - Further From Hate Lyrics

You've lifted the greatest burden off my life.
Waking up, in company of all I love.

This grace is what I know; it shields me from the cold.
Each one of us has made the other whole.
The sun rests on my shoulder, it guides me on and on.
I once resided on the other side of life and love.
Now peace has hold of me and I see clearer than ever before.
Hopeful for what my life has in store.

My spirit, soul and mind have come alive.
Alive inside.
Love, has its grip on me.

Two become one in His full sight.
My insecurity and vulnerability, wiped away.

Each day I face, I am further from hate,
Compassion is at the forefront of my faith.
Waking up in company of all I love.

This grace is what I know; it shields me from the cold.
Each one of us has made the other whole.
Because of You, in this life, I am further from hate.
Overrun by grace.
Further from hate.
Overrun by grace, further from…

I am ways away.
I am further from hate.

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For All Eternity Further From Hate Comments
  1. cofeedoggy2

    please release an instrumental. it would get alot of recognition

  2. Tulip Olsen Singing Terribly is my Spirit Animal

    2:35 Wait for it...

  3. Bigya Basu

    still listening 2019

  4. Manny Badillo

    Well Than! Every section of this song 👌

  5. GoldBlooded

    Easily the best song on the album. That end is insane. How are there so little likes?? AND WHERE IS A NEW ALBUM, IM GETTING HUNGRY.

  6. Bel Vermillion

    such meaningful lyrics, good job guys

  7. Ben Basoco

    Please come to America again!!!!!!

  8. Ben Basoco

    Such an unbelievable ending!! Beautiful!! I personally believe the drummer did some of his best singing in this song.

    Christian Metal Source

    +Ben Basoco word up!

  9. Patrick Cole

    4 people aren't further from hatin'...

  10. Elvinas Irkam

    why that rat scram .tfu

    Ben Basoco

    I honestly think it sounds dope man. It's powerful man. It expresses the peaks of his passion and elevates certain ideas he's trying to communicate in his lyrics.

  11. Omni Codex

    If God lived on a planet, it would look like this album art.

    Ben Basoco

    Duuuuuuude. That pretty much is how it looks. And it's shaped like a heart. The heart of God is bigger than anything or anyone will ever have.

  12. Omni Codex

    Dat range

  13. Jeremy Bushwell

    Fantastic song 10/10

  14. Darral Peoples

    Those high screams at the end are unbelievable lol

  15. Jared

    Heavy, emotional intense and then that high pitched voice ruins every song.


    It's great to have your own thoughts and opinions just so long as they are exactly the same as yours, right Stephen?

    Stephen Lauterbach

    Nah, you're just really negative, that's all.

    Paul Romero

    Same dude. I can't stand that alvin and the chipmunks sound.
    The other side of the band though, is amazing.

    Ben Basoco

    I think it dope. At least his highly pitch scream actually sounds like a scream instead of just a low volume grungy unclear whisper like how a lot of artists do that. His high pitch is LOUD and clear.