For All Eternity - Fallout Lyrics

Inhale, inhale, life leaves as smoke prevails
These walls weep as my will to live simply fails
Inhale, inhale, few words remain in the wake of betrayal
I've felt every stone and every nail

You said this world was behind us
You used these words to define us

With every chance to pull back your hand
You sparked the match, you sparked the match
You sparked the match and let us burn

I'm standing in this house, burning down
Was it worth it, was it worth it
Twisting home into my own hell?

I'll never find my own sense of self
In another person, I've been far too complacent
So now I know my whole world is flammable

Inhale, inhale, it's coming down and I'm not so certain
There's something wrong here
Inhale, inhale, confining walls are built to burn
Oh, this is a place I hope to never return

Watch me tear this wall of fire open
And crawl from the furnace our love once sculpted
From the inside I was blinded
Broader vision helps to define it, you can't deny this

You said this world was behind us
You used these words to define us
No matter your intention
All you ever did was confine us

I feel the air
I feel the air

For the first time in years
For the first time in years, I feel the air
For the first time in years, I feel the air

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For All Eternity Fallout Comments
  1. Unpopular Politics

    I love this song so much.

  2. Eric Revicente

    Rise Up!

  3. No one

    The lyrics hit home, they are also very special and poetic in comparison to the majority

  4. Poison


  5. xXDRAG0N_ KI1L3RXx

    2:30 is just absolutely amazing!

  6. Mary Mateika

    John 8:12: Then spake JESUS again unto them, saying, I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD:
    he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness,
    but shall have THE LIGHT OF LIFE.
    There is no darkness in JESUS. NONE!
    Having come out of the world myself. One must know GODS WORD. So you are not deceived by the devil. Who JESUS crushed his head. The enemy lost all power and the fallen ones.. You must give JESUS EVERYTHING in You. Then JESUS HE Does BATTlLE against the enemy. And his lies. In your mind. And JESUS gives us THE HOLY SPIRIT. THE SPIRIT THAT ROSE JESUS FROM THE GRAVE. Brings HEALING and RESTORATION.
    JESUS On the Cross, death, Resurrection Power. Sitting on the Right Hand of THE HOLY FATHER. KING OF KINGS.

  7. David Egbert

    Listen or read the bible folks

  8. Szymon Urbański

    i really like it, im not even christian

  9. The Hat

    Wow; talk about heavy. I love it!

  10. XterraRob


  11. AnDoSiLlAnO


  12. David Smith

    Take my money!!!!!!!!

  13. David Smith

    In love!!!!!!;D

  14. David Smith

    oh my God!!! amazing!!!!!!\

  15. Jamar Vaughn

    I hope you guys continue to make good music forever for all eternity

  16. jimmyscheepers

    for al(L) etern(IT)y


    jimmyscheepers I see what you did 👌

  17. Christian Metalhead Brotherhood

    These guys are amazing, Their sound keeps getting better and better!

  18. Derick Chaney

    Is it just me or does this band lyrically not sound Christian at all seems like this song in particular could possibly promote falling away from christ...or is it just me

    cutto theheart

    I wouldn't say that it is promoting apostasy, but rather it just isn't dealing with any overtly Christian themes as the album is about a bad event that happened to the vocalist (which I won't give details for privacy sake). A bit disappointed as well that the songs won't be about hope in Jesus.

    613 Car Guy

    oh get ovet it.


    Still definitely Christians. Sometimes, things happen in life where people need to vent into their art. The Will to Rebuild was Shane’s (vocals) way to vent about his life that he desperately needed to heal.

  19. SpikeMoney

    Holy auto tune rifts :(

  20. GoldBlooded

    Fuck man I love you guys so much. I'm just not digging these first two singles. You guys sound completely different, and idk how I feel about that... 😯

  21. Memento Mori

    This band literally sounds nothing like the old For All Eternity at all. But honestly I'm fine with that. I fucking LOVE the direction this band has went.


    Omg this song melted my face

  23. J. Nightmare

    Found my new favorite song by you guys it's awesome

  24. Kevin Kolmark Kurmaku

    Ci vorrebbe una Facedown Records anche in Italia costituita da band Cristiane! For All Eternity, questa traccia fa PAURA! GLORIA A DIO!

  25. Jeremy Scott


  26. User Name

    Dang I love this song, like the new dong buried alive! love it!!!!!

  27. MrNerdadventures

    *wide eyed* I need this, take my money!

  28. Jerad Scharrer


  29. Chol .Yerlow

    how is this the third track so far off this album and I'm STILL blown away with what I'm hearing.

  30. haytham al


  31. Dougie MYFH

    Love my fellow Australians <3

  32. Christian Metal Source

    Heavenly Father, this is outrageously good!

    Isaac Duplantis

    Christian Metal Source I love your channel!

    X F


  33. Levi Machado

    Cara sem palavras 👏😨

  34. Adam Johnson

    Heavy stuff. I do miss the more intricate guitar work from the previous albums that set them apart from the crowd and caused me to fall in love with their sound. These songs sound less creative to me. Some may say it's just how their sound has evolved, and if that's the case then I am a bit disappointed. Hoping the other songs on the album branch out and actually have more than guitar chugs and basic chords.

    Nicholas Page

    Adam Johnson completely understand where you are coming from. I kind of approached this record with the intention of spreading the melody around many instruments and not just the guitars (just like a movie score). It was definitely an experiment but either way we are stoked you took the time to check it out! Thank you!

    Adam Johnson

    Appreciate the reply Nicholas! I'm pumped for the new album, and look forward to keeping that approach in mind as I listen to the rest of the songs. I read your guys' recent post on Facebook about how you are hoping to tour the US soon - my brother and I will be sure to make it to one of the shows if you can do it! Keep up the hard work!


    Obviously criticism and fan feedback is very important, but dont worry too much about comments like these. Your latest material is the best you have ever put out by far and is gonna make you go places.


    Sometimes less is more, bro.


    anxious for the new album

  36. DilonCampbell


  37. tenaciousjoe24

    0:22 love how it sounds like he says in hell as flames burst in the background. Very nice.

  38. Dennis Rivera

    The one person who dislike is obviously a noob.

  39. Alex Spray

    Wow I really like this new fallout boy song

  40. Primeval Art

    "Inhale" does exhale vocals, jk I love these guys :)

  41. Salem Morningstar

    YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! It's so hard for me to sit and listen to this song, makes me want to slam dance around in my kitchen.

  42. The 80s Live Again

    Less hardcore more metal please the screams sounds to simplistic. When he does the gutterals sounds like he owns the song.


    War of Ages' new album is coming, so feel free to check it out. 😏

    The 80s Live Again

    AVJR I"ll check it I already heard 2 songs of it. War of ages has vastly improved from their earlier albums. The vocals have gotten more aggressive from their earlier albums as well. The vocals the screams I thought were not strong enough. Too simple in delivery as well.


    Glad you like those songs. I like the screaming. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Bands can't make everybody happy, and that's fine. There is always next time. 🙂

  43. Daniel Martinez


  44. Maicon RC

    Two uploads in a day? Oh God I'm breathless

  45. Aeour


  46. Empty soul

    Derailed is still my personal favorite, but I find this one better than the last.

  47. ColeAscention

    Not regretting my pre order. This is sick and I love the new sound.

  48. Victarion Belaerys

    album of the year?

    Rigobert Schnöselmann

    Nah, was veil of maya

    Victarion Belaerys

    Rigobert Ehrenmann damn so you liked vom new album more than the upcoming for all eternity album

    Rigobert Schnöselmann

    I did not like "Derailed" at all so I guess I can say that. I love every single song on vom´s new album. I rly like "Fallout" but even this song is nothing I could compare to vom´s sick concept with "False Idol"

    Victarion Belaerys

    Rigobert Ehrenmann well that's your aoty which is cool but when I said "album of the year?" I meant for me. Right now it's the Artificials' Heart but that could change


    My album of the year of 2017 was Phinehas' Dark Flag but that wasn't really a fair competition since they're essentially my favorite metalcore band. But The Will to Rebuild is a perfect album IMO and it EASILY would have won if Phinehas didn't release an album that year haha

  49. Christopher Adam

    Two amazing singles on Facedown in 1 day. Christmas has come early!

  50. Pablo Callizo

    heavyyy 🤘

  51. Nick Wickenburg

    I wanted to hear inhale screams for the opening line. This sounds great, I'm psyched for the new release

  52. SimplyBrenduh

    Love the visuals you guys! Keep it up! The 15th this month can’t come any faster! God keep blessing y’all 🔥 #Ifeeltheair

  53. אברהם Fuentes

    waiting....... 4 this new album. Excellent song. In the name of Yahweh.

  54. Hunter King

    Good thing no nut november is over

  55. Jennifer Lopez

    Yeas!!!, you guys are killing it!!

    Jennifer Lopez

    Jason LovesABR ello