For All Eternity - Avail Lyrics

Time has come,
All else fades away,
Walls close in, till this day
Today's the day, that we are free.

And if we fall, we will stand up.

Hot or cold, tyrant sold,
Today, you meet your maker,
Hand in hand, with the angels
Oh, led down the path,
To find all you've ever had.

And he whispers in my ear, all this time.
To stay away.

Take everything,

And if you take me down that path,
To find all I've ever had,
Prove that I am yours.

And if you take me down that path,
To find all I've ever had,
Prove that I am yours.

I am yours.

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For All Eternity Avail Comments
  1. lifecore 777

    2019 now and still love it

  2. David Egbert

    Will never go away. Just listen.

  3. Juan David

    Brutal 💙

  4. lifecore 777

    Coming back in 2018 to listen to this.

    dread horbit

    still listening to this gem in 2019

  5. Killamanjaro95


  6. Jena Freeman

    That intro riff..

  7. Big Bow 777

    we are all entitled to our opinion. we must respect that. but god's not gay.... at all

  8. Casey Anders

    Real Christianity has been corrupted and manipulated from what Jesus actually preached to people. It is nothing more now than a means of brainwash and a form of control that governments put in place over those who can not think or believe on your their own.

  9. aaidan novak

    they are *forhead slap*

  10. AnalEvisceration

    You know, you could always just keep your comments to yourself, instead of making yourself out to be a complete idiot.

  11. Corey Bg

    good one?

    i guess.

  12. Aimen Mabruk

    Dark Empire xx <3

  13. Corey Bg

    god damn god fucker that was gayer then god

  14. Cody Lawson

    @byUndying it's Here I Stand, man

  15. Styx Six Sticks

    I don't give a fuck about Christianity, but these guys are incredible.

  16. metalmonster Mcgregor

    i meet the bnd last night!! :D

  17. Heeler girl

    For all eternity are one of my top 3 favorite artist ever!

  18. AtomicShane

    Such an epic song, but there's no such thing as god lmao. Anyways, this is good shit.

  19. ThomasJames

    @xXxmcmuffinxXx1 u sir...are an idiot...that was the most ignorant comment ive aver heard

  20. justin ray

    @absolutionaus Oh what band are you guys?

  21. absolutionaus

    @sum41shizzynizzy yeh they r dude so r we:))

  22. absolutionaus

    @sum41shizzynizzy yeh they r dude

  23. justin ray

    @highdust03 Yeah im pretty sure its on their facebook pages if you wanna look

  24. highdust03

    @sum41shizzynizzy are they? coz they sound same

  25. Jaiden Opdeveigh

    hey its me nicks little brother hows ur band going and ter im still listening to this song its hektic
    good times

  26. justin ray

    @666BTBT I'm pretty sure Parkway Drive and For All Eternity are both from Austraila

  27. Flex Richter

    uhh.. can we stop discussing what real Christianity is and maybe discuss this badass song?

  28. Jason Porter

    @xXxmcmuffinxXx1 They aren't christian, they even said it themselves. And just too add, you don't have to be a Christian band to play with TIJ or For Today.

  29. xXxmcmuffinxXx1

    Wcar is definitely Christian they wouldn't be playing with fortoday and Texas in July if they weren't

  30. ReprogrammedToHate

    @sk8arobby1232 1.You're a moron cause you don't know anything about music,these guys are amazing
    2.WCAR isn't christian
    3.if you don't like this,don't troll and don't listen to it,easy

  31. Tyler Adams

    @noob177 dont mean to burst your bubble but killswitch engage is not Christian.

  32. Josh p

    great band

  33. Zachaos

    great band!! I love Shane's vocals and Buckley's singing, it's awesome how he can sing and play the drums at the same time!

  34. Glen Sydenham

    @ljscott1990 i dont believe in god and i still listen to christian metal.... agraceful, killswitch engage, settle the sky... in my opinion they make the best songs

  35. Mat Clements

    I like they're vocalist (y)
    He uses the same screaming technique I do :D
    And are they christian?

    bacon macon

    DJ Clemz they are a christian band

  36. Digital Mattness

    @viparcher hmm..

  37. viparcher

    Screamer = Beast

  38. marioskateboards

    i listen to christian music and im agnostic, your obviously a dumb ass, @ljscott1990

  39. Bruce Butler

    chill out everyone.

  40. NexFish

    not bad

  41. Joe Rysko

    ever want a synth player, just gimme a call :D

  42. Daniel Eliaeht

    i love this band for all eternity!!!

    •÷±‡±::☼ (F.∂.ع) ☼•÷±‡±: