Flux Pavilion - Freeway Lyrics

Thinking on a dream I never had
Pictures of a world I’ve never seen
Pieces of a life forever more
Find the light for me

Freeway! [x2]

Running from a man that is me
Picking at the bones of everything that we’ll ever be
Pieces of a life forever more
Find the light for me

Freeway! [x2]

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Flux Pavilion Freeway Comments
  1. Talis Khoshbin

    2020 anyone?

  2. Praveen Sharrma


  3. χSιαყєя — Eνσιυтισи

    Esse som é BOM DMSSS 😍🇧🇷🥶👌

  4. Javan Gafford

    Thank you for the outro :p

  5. Xotiic656

    This is my outro

  6. MUHAIMIN muhaimin

    Royal Skyline

  7. ツTᖇᎯSᏂ 123

    2020 ??!

  8. UrelLe ф

    2020 anyone?

  9. April Flower

    Does anyone know where I can find more songs with this kind of vibe? They’re just so hard to find... it’s like deep yet upbeat?

  10. CrimsonSlayer7


  11. Micheal Henderson

    I’m here from royal skyline

  12. SuneLaguz

    More of this

  13. Kitty The Cat Angel

    I found this song in the bubble vid in Instagram

  14. London Tait

    I listen to this song and all I can think is

    Alvin and the Chipmunks

  15. Jaycubes

    Used this song in my 5th-grade recital 3 years ago. Thanks.

  16. Arey yr Dheeraj

    Thanx bro

  17. AngelGamingX

    Where did Flux go?


    what do you mean?

  18. Pxeexe

    И я снова здесь )

  19. 연막탄


  20. Prepy

    THIS SONG IS LEGENDARY!?!!?!!!??!?!?!?!! BTW anyone listening
    in 2020

  21. Mistik

    Damn smoke 🔥

  22. Sailadun


  23. Pratheek Shetty

    2020 love for this song will never fade ❤️

  24. Anniii & Xeniii

    Who's also here because of the smoke bubbles video on Instagram? Haha

  25. røse!nk

    2020 squad?

  26. badly luck

    Oh my goodness 😮😮😮😮

  27. Marcus Gomes

    thank u shazam.

  28. YI002P Kk

    I still listen to this masterpiece


    I came here cause of ROYAL SKYLINE

  30. Rossana Gracia Valera

    Alguien conoce más de estas joyitas??? ❤️🤭

  31. Faizan Nedariya

    listening from three years, still like new in 2020

  32. Kimberly Zubia

    I love this song so much, i thing is my favorite!🤟🏻🎶🤗

  33. Léo Gondim

    essa é muito relíquia 💕

  34. Agriyan Zildjian

    1.5x good ❤❤

  35. Vejota

    Slowed e com pitch -2 fica tão bom quanto a original, *<3333*

  36. Isabelle Dixon

    Who's listening in 2020 🤪😤😤😤🤯🤯😱😱🤯🤯

    Just Woosh

    no one cares what year your watching this.

    Isabelle Dixon

    @Just Woosh lmao clearly you dont know what a joke is

    Just Woosh

    @Isabelle Dixon hol up i saw the random use of emojis, woops my bad

  37. Vahagn Andreasyan

    2020 gang is here!!

  38. Aim Clan Expert

    Am i the only one listening in 2020

    Aim Clan Expert

    @zKelme__ yoiiii

  39. Warren C

    Still listening.. 2020

  40. Jaguar Gaming -PUBG MOBILE LITE

    Royal Skyline Army?????????

  41. Italo Brito

    Melhor q a original

  42. MUHAIMIN muhaimin

    How many of you are here from RoyalSkyline?

  43. alp :/

    2069 gang where you at?

  44. Igor Silva

    carai q musica boa <3

  45. Dbest 11 Delol


  46. Ron Don

    Anyone here from Royal Skyline?

  47. Jay Yoeum

    This picture tell a story

  48. Abigail Garay

    I'm actually crying. I missed this sooooong oh my god!!!!! My memorieeesss. My heart is getting wild

    RafaZ Rafael Grelo

    I didn't cry but this song reminds me of good old times that can't get replaced...

  49. Trevor Reimer


  50. Zipperozic billybobjenkins

    Did Flux Pavilion remix his own song???

  51. Kewl Beanz

    Ima jus go ahead and say it

    *2020 anYonE?* (lit song btw)

  52. Capn

    This song helped me make so many good paintings back then AHHHHH !!

  53. 2Pac Stan Police

    Accidentally rediscovered this song
    Nostalgia asf

  54. Insanity

    00.53 best good

  55. EthnicPlumberGirl

    0:51 Best part!

  56. abdul Rehman

    This is the intro music of royal skyline anyone know this

  57. Mr.ScouP PlayZ

    Yeaaa LET IT DROP

  58. Jaguar Gaming -PUBG MOBILE LITE

    Royal Skyline??


    Bruh wheres the meme version of this

  60. Matrix- Not ios

    Who is here from Royal Skylike video's xD

  61. D. Estevez

    Anyone here from Eryizo's channel intro? 0:51

    Leave a like if you are :]

  62. Noun Rachana

    Royal skyline? Nvm...

  63. Jesse Mason

    This is crazy. I remember when I first found this video and song like 4 or 5 years ago and it’s popular as hell now lmao

  64. Bianca Beard

    i came here cause i heard this in a gacha intro and yes i like gacha mini movies so make fun of me all you want i still watch them because they are cool to me

  65. iiComfyPanda

    I can’t see how much subs you have

  66. TRISATYA Pradipa

    Who listening 5 years later..?

  67. TomTomThirtyTwo

    Base dropped and I died

  68. Talu

    Always winter depression mood this song :) 4.12.2019

  69. Phantom

    Да ну нак, этому треку уже 5 с лишним лет, а я только узнал про его существование...

  70. Basticuchito

    Temazo ctm

  71. Krype

    Wtf is happening this song is giving me wierd nostalgia before life got so hard😞

  72. Mike Jackson

    Better than originally

  73. nanoo

    Lost times...

  74. Labib Al-ghifari

    gara gara vaustin

  75. Mailkychuu qωp


  76. ThriftMusic


  77. Romulus Sykes

    Almost 2020 and still🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. Myth 9748

    omg this use to be my favorite song lol i can’t believe i forgot about it

  79. Melvin

    whos here because of sceptic

  80. Marcelo Simões

    After years of searching i finally found this piece of art

  81. Hussein Golai

    fin 2019

  82. 25K FridayThunda

    Can't believe I came back after so long, this was my favourite song back in 2014

  83. v FAHRENHEIT v

    Nostalgia right here 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  84. Clara The lonely 65

    Listening after 5 years later
    I Am I from the future everyone :3

  85. Uriel García Moguel

    Hace falta en Spotify :(

  86. tex 3981

    Brings me ba k to vine

  87. Christopher Ryan Gay


  88. The Art of Film Topic

    Does the picture remind anyone of the Blade Runner city?

  89. Elany Elycia

    Came here from @mira.editz xD

  90. Caroline Devlin

    Where's the Eryzio crew at?!

  91. xd Legit

    To this mf day