Flotsam & Jetsam - Seventh Seal Lyrics

From the book of Revelation
Seven seals hide the of time
A little lamb with seven horns and seven eyes
Apocalyptic document
Papyrus scroll sealed in war
Seven seals mark the suffering

The first four were the horsemen
Each with a mission in mind
Conquest, famine, death and war
The cries of the martyrs
For his word is fire
Run to and pro till the end of time

Seven trumpets roar, seven bowls of wrath
A seven headed beast, the seven seals of the scroll
Peels of thunder, lighting cracks, rumbling the sky

Fire from the altar, judgement is coming down
As the priest becomes executioner
The great storm from the throne of God
Turmoil and chaos bring
Seven angels start the trumpeting

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Flotsam & Jetsam Seventh Seal Comments
  1. Dan Jav

    Fuck religion.

  2. Roy Mertinez

    Jason bittner is good drummer

  3. Seph Angelo

    I'd love to hear this song live.

  4. Roos Bosman

    ANOTHER 90 points or more ALBUM. GREAT

  5. Me Against The World

    GREAT lyrics - love it!

  6. TCorporation66MG


  7. marko madjor

    This album is a true masterpiece, and I've been their fan for almost 30 years. Stay strong, Flots.

  8. Eiter Tom

    metal law

  9. Hu -

    Flotz 'till death!

  10. Dawna Mallow


  11. Angel D. Torres

    Much better than Ugly Noise, I can tell you that!

  12. Wrathofkala

    This is great.......

  13. James Decay

    Metallica sold out on the black album, and really started sucking after that. Now there tones sound like shit, and lars cant even play drums like he could they just flat out suck anymore!

  14. Guitar'sGaming


  15. HinjuRock

    Pretty generic subject matter here - quite a few metal bands have taken lyrical ideas and concepts from the Book of Revelation. And the way the vocals are structured don't really seem to fit the song. The lyrics are cheesy to a cringe-worthy level as well.

    Seph Angelo

    Whatever! lyrics really don't matter in live performances.

  16. Daisy van Zoelen


  17. Suicidal Grooves

    Badass song !!!

  18. magdiel

    viva la heavy metal

  19. 1deepsixxx

    Wild CAT!

  20. Stuart Otis

    I own every Flotsam and Jetsam cd and I can tell you they have been extremely inconsistent over the years. They lost a great deal of talent and creativity when Newstead left. 1986's Doomsday for the Deceiver is a Fucking masterpiece. Listen to the bass on the album and you learn why Metallica picked Jason. I actually can't say enough good stuff about their first record. Someone listen to it now and tell me what you think. The first and last songs are standouts

    Ignat Stamaton

    Flotsam and jetsam is inconsistent?No way...you couldn't say that for a band that had made 12 studio albums and never care about the money like Metallica.Flotsams are the true artist.

    Stuart Otis

    +Ignat Stamaton Have you listened to all of their albums? Don't get me wrong. I Iike them, but they have put out some real dog shit records over the years. The only Metallica record I really don't care for is St. Anger.

    Kimberly Streible

    Their first two records are thrash history (which Newsted had writing credits) Everything after that was hit or miss. I wish they would remaster No Place for Disgrace the way they did Doomsday


    Summer Ky Love No Place for Disgrace!


    I dont care about that Newsted left Flotsam. There was enough creativity left, without writing Enter Sandman and Nothing else.

  21. Dr. Phibes in Red

    It sounds like Testament (different vocals, of course) and that's actually a good thing. Funny thing is, Testament has a song on their new album called "Seven Seals".


    I'm just calling this coincidence. Both bands released their records in the same year and writing/recording/mastering takes a lot of time, so I don't think they could copy each other.

  22. Red Fly

    Such a badass band!

  23. AlucardsQuest

    Wow, you guys made a lot of videos for this album! #Thrash #Metal

  24. Karl Lux Lusitania

    A new beginning in Thrash. \,,/,

  25. Jeremy Freeman

    Good stuff, but still can't past the awful lyrics they come up with. That's always been their Achille's heal.

    Red Fly

    @Jeremy Freeman
    I don't know what you're talking about. But first of all to compare a real band like Flotsam to Metallica is way off. And to just go and say flotsam just has shitty lyrics is stupidThey can't be pigeon holed.The lyrics of Flotsams albums were written by lots of different people with topics ranging all over life from suicide to racism to samurai to drugs to personal victory, the list keeps going. I'd love to know bands you think have good lyrics...butthead

    Red Fly

    @Todd Geffken
     Flotz till Death!


    Good lyrics. They used  a simple stupid book to write a good song.

    Steve Sullivan

    Speaking of awfully written!  The irony-police here!  Achille's "Heal"  LOL!!


    moron calling the bible a stupid book...get a grip

  26. Josh Stephens

    I think Christianity was mocked enough already, how about metal bands growing a pair, and start mocking other religions too? Yes, I'm talking about Islam. Even tho this is not really mocking, it's just a story from Revelations.

    Byron Brimstone

    1) Are you seriously trying to make the argument that religious commands are divorced from the resulting behaviour of those that follow them?!? 2) No, but in the case of islam in particular, it very often does, as the quran is a veritable instruction manual for literal behaviour whose commands has been personally, physically exemplified by Muhammed himself in Hadith, Sunna and Sira to avoid problems with multiple interpretation possibilities on his verses and islam demands the physical slaying of all who refuse subjugation under itself and that makes islam itself a problem! Religion is exactly about programming/controlling behaviour more than anything else and Islam is especially insane in this regard when it comes to treatment of unbelievers, not to mention their own women, so, of course, religious texts themselves can be a problem! This is also why supremacist muslims have to kill people who criticize islam => their religion unambiguously demands it and that makes the religion itself a problem. 3) Why do you think totalitarian regimes always burn dissident books? If these don't impact behaviour, what's the danger is just leaving them in the public library?

    Mr. Orange

    +Byron Brimstone There is roughly 23 million Chinese Muslims, google how many of them kill on Muhammad's demand! The answer will be close to none, not to mention other groups of people who are Muslims who are not Arab or Middle Eastern anyway there was a reason why I said not all religions are the same and not all people are either and know I do not think religion has anything to do with the way they are or there would be a lot of crime in china, it's the difference in the "quality" of people.....

    Daniel Mascena

    agree bro.. christians are like sheep, so is easy to mock.. few people or bands have balls to be anti-islam


    @Eric Knutson AK. Thanks for all the great music , its been a great ride, keep writing !!!

    Brent Alan Adam Landgrave

    Josh Stephens ...Judaism is awful, too. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all evil. Abrahamism is a collection of symptoms revealing demonik possession in its hosts that wears outwardly as faux religious beliefs.

  27. PureTrueMetal

    Great jam from the legends.

  28. Ignat Stamaton

    New Flotsam and Jetsam album is a masterpiece.Too bad that the edition booklet that made the AFM is so bad and i cannot read the lyrics of the songs.

    Hu -

    As much as I love the new album, lyrics are really bad, so maybe that's a good thing.

    Ignat Stamaton

    Your opinion is respected but for me i think that is classical flotsam and jetsam and i am happy that make a so strong record.

    Hu -

    Yes, for me it's album of the year, but still, that doesn't make lyrics good.


    Newsted hello

  30. NoHealer Music

    Cool new arrival. ))) Rock on!