Florida Georgia Line - If I Die Tomorrow Lyrics

I wake up to find myself
After all these years
And where all the time has gone
Still seems so unclear
'Cause there's no one else
Since I found you
I know it's been so hard
Girl, You should know

If I die tomorrow
As the minutes fade away
I can't remember
Have I said all I can say?
You're my everything
You make me feel so alive
If I die tomorrow

It brings out the worst in me
When you're not around
And I miss the sound of your voice
The silence seems so loud
'Cause there's no one else
Since I found you
I know it's been so hard
Girl you should know

If I die tomorrow
As the minutes fade away
I can't remember
Have I said all I can say?
You're my everything
You make me feel so alive
If I die tomorrow

I spent all my life
Looking for our innocence
I've got nothing to lose
One thing to prove
I won't make the same mistakes
Now I know
That everything will be ok
When I die tomorrow

If I die tomorrow
As the minutes fade away
I can't remember
Have I said all I can say?
You're my everything
You make me feel so alive
You're my everything
You make me feel so alive
If I die tomorrow
If I die tomorrow

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Florida Georgia Line If I Die Tomorrow Comments
  1. Lucas Waltrich

    Better than original version.

  2. Revv

    Why....Motley Crue is way better, but as im writing this.....holy hell, this sounds pretty fricken' good, and now i know the lyrics.

  3. Christian Shores

    Motley did it better

  4. Kenneth Kruse

    This was released on my 9th Birthday.

  5. D M

    People bitch about this not being like the original even though it's a cover for a reason and no one complains about old town road? Like wtf

  6. Raymond Boen

    No bad .. Actually pretty cool ..

  7. Patrick Doran

    My favorite Crüe song. This is pretty good, though the vocals in the verses are a little too twangy for me.

  8. O'Connor Productions

    2019 where ya at?

  9. Squirreltea

    Oh my god. I fucking love the version by Motley crue, and recently started listening to Florida Georgia Line.... I love this. Fucking love this.

  10. Thomas Campbell


  11. Timothy Oconnell

    Modern echo brought me here

  12. Stevielee Demontigny

    I like this version but i love the original by montely cru

  13. Granville Friel

    Wow Did Awesome job

  14. Lorrie whitley

    I hope I leave behind what was needed for all to make it on their own.... remember most of all my love for you.....

  15. Midnight Gamer

    I love it, it sounds awesome and they did not disrespect the original artist by changing it.

  16. Sarahchu

    Amazing ❤️

  17. Brothers of Panda

    It feels weird having BK sing for that long without Tyler singing along with him. But I love his deeper voice, it really fits the song

  18. Dylan Fulk

    Great cover

  19. Minecraft master yoda

    R.I.P Aaron powers gone but not forgotten

  20. Minecraft master yoda

    R.I.P Aaron powers gone but not forgotten

  21. Dylan bucker

    I love you

  22. xhead 72

    ugh..where's the laugh button

  23. Alyssa Mincer

    I love y'all you make the best music

  24. Nikki Carter


    Mohamad Shaxi

    Nikki Carter so much better than the original

  25. Gabby

    Shut up and enjoy the song :D

  26. Exotic Monkey

    Motley Crue is much better

  27. Regena Biggs

    this is my favrit song ever i wish i can meet these guys in person kyle


    i went to Country USA 2015 and got to meet them personally.

  28. Cherri Noble

    FGL is amazing

  29. Runi D

    exactly how I feel

  30. Rob Lamborn

    A very country convert

  31. Gabby

    I love both country and heavy metal. So this is like my heaven. I absolutely love this song.

  32. Dustyn French

    You Guys Are Rock

  33. acupa joe

    motley crue? im confused.

    Patrick Doran

    It's a Mötley Crüe song, covered by FGL for a country tribute album to MC.

  34. Rewindz

    Brantley Gilbert singing this would be awesome

  35. Paul Vandyke

    My girlfriend had brain surgery a few days ago, and I couldn't get this song out of my head in the days leading up to the operation. She had a major scare where her heart stopped during the surgery, but she made it through and is doing pretty great. This song reminded me that, no matter what happened, I was lucky as hell to have her in my life.

  36. Josh Hagen

    oh my god motley crue i love it thank you i love both version

  37. Mr. Butch

    Im sick of these verison comercials

  38. SYK !

    this is originally done by motley crue....

  39. smm4291

    Love It!! Way To Go FGL!!

  40. Tj sumter

    avenged sevanfold and fgl forever

  41. michael Henderson

    I've met fgl and brantlety Gilbert both had the honor to be on stage with both

  42. Fox 123

    I went to the rodeo to see you

  43. Angel Gorta

    Houston December 3464 61... might spent 5.pm....... too.

  44. Angel Gorta

    6pm night sky. Angle see BAK. Kelly this day Too.....

  45. CyanideSurprise


  46. Kim Harrison

    Awesome . .love this version!❤❤👍👍👍👍👍

  47. Redneckrc0880

    fgl rockin it once again

  48. Tj sumter

    I look up to FGL

  49. Bandit Bartholomew

    2017 anyone

  50. Dori Money

    Florida Georgia line....Thank GOD

  51. Jen Warner

    This is mine and my boyfriends song

  52. Julie Bosley

    beautiful album 💙

  53. Gage


  54. Isaiah Marsh

    great song for the girls that deserve it.

  55. CGTeng

    I love original version more but this this version is so good.

  56. james ross and Keely


  57. Abby Bultman

    this cover is awesome. motley crue would be proud.

  58. deanna291000

    best ever love this song sounds amazing

  59. rickey deel


  60. Lytning Strykes

    You know you suck when Motley Crue can do it better than you.
    Ha ha!

  61. Adam Cicciarelli

    what album is this off of???

    The buganator Life

    Adam Cicciarelli Nashville outlaws tribute to motley crue its a bunch of country artist who cover one of the most notorious hair metal bands songs

  62. Jimmy Gilbert

    they did a damn good job on this song...props FGL!

  63. Adam Cameron

    very smooth band

  64. Azeeza Mohammed

    I love FGL.... Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago!!!!!

  65. cullin mcgraw

    I like this cover by them

  66. Krystin Connell

    Amazing!!! So amazing!!!

  67. William Brett

    I am a city boy but this shit makes me want to be a Country boy

    William Brett

    I like all of there stuff


    we need more

    jamjamj yt

    carlover14 IKR!

  68. Mark Baumgardt

    damn this is my life anymore

  69. Token Minority

    I first heard this song when I got back from my last deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 and had my oldest son in 2011 I love it o also got out in 2010

  70. Karissa Devroy


  71. Michael Woods

    this is a decent cover of a motley crue song. I just don't think the vocals are big enough. could been fixed in mixing

  72. WTS Awesome7


  73. Chris Leach

    Just a bad ads version of a good song. I honestly think they should do more classic rock remakes.

  74. Nikki Counts

    my daughter loves this song

  75. Denise Cheatam

    I saw FGL in Billings, Mt. best Concert ever, love them

  76. Chase Fair

    I love pancakes........🖕

  77. Brian See

    i bought dig your roots got to say i never owned a album where u just put it in and let that bad bitch go and never skip one track well this is that album amazing music from the best duo in country period FGL TILL I DIE FTW

    Brian See

    xemnes94 thanks bro i just know good music and these guys are on top of the game they are here to say

    Jake See

    Brian See couldn't help but notice we have the same last name

    Brian See

    Jake See right my family is from so cal

    Jake See

    Brian See northern Illinois

    Brian See

    Jake See thats whats up

  78. Suzy Olson

    I don't like this song

  79. Jessica Weatherford

    FGL is my favorite group/singers I can sing mostly all of there song! I love them so much!

  80. Rebecca Dillen

    FGL is awesome I love them......

  81. Kaylee Greene

    love it

  82. Christine Reed

    nice song

  83. andrew everhart

    I love it some much yall

  84. Piper Miller

    I really enjoy this original and cover

  85. TheBoeingRailroader

    Better than the original. WAY better.

    Nellson Stout

    MPIEMDRailfan I agree and I'm a die hard Crüe fan


    MPIEMDRailfan bullshit. You can't choose country over Crue.


    Crue's wasn't the original either... it was made by simple plan, actually lol. But yes I agree... I do love the crue!


    Eclipse1988 with help from Nikki with the lyrics and music

  86. Emily Sweet

    Love this song

  87. Meatloaf

    Bout the only good song these wannabes can put out

    Brantley Gilbert

    wamnabes huh not really I guess


    +Brantley Gilbert I'm glad you like them and all but their music lacks heart and passion it's all hollow pop trash like most of this stuff they play on the radio now; breaks my heart that they're calling it country.

  88. Countrygirl 777

    I love this band so much

    cullin mcgraw

    Countrygirl 777 i got to meet them

    Tanner Roberts

    love you and your the best

    justin snow

    Thank motley crue for writing this song 😂

  89. Scot the sloth gaming


  90. Brantley Gilbert

    kidding its a good song haaha

  91. Brantley Gilbert

    hell yeah if I die tomorrow it's going to be a good death

  92. Lola Skye

    I absolutely love this song 💜

  93. Leonard Ivey

    Brantleys got a killer voice I will say that but I think he has too much gravel in his voice I assume from years of smoking his voice cracks a lot and I just don't think he could hit those power high notes that Tyler can