Florida Georgia Line - I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why) Lyrics

I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why

Don't know why I have to drive so fast
My car has nothing to prove
It's not new
But it'll do zero to sixty in five point two

I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why

Can't be late, I leave in plenty of time
Shakin' hands with the clock
I can't stop
I'm on a roll and I'm ready to rock

I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why

Oh, I hear a voice
That says I'm running behind
Better pick up my pace
It's a race and there ain't no room for someone in second place

I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die B
Ut I'm in a hurry and don't know why

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Florida Georgia Line I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why) Comments
  1. No Name

    Way to fuck up a great song. Sounds like shit. Was looking for a good cover of this song, but my ears are almost bleeding listening to this. Stick to your fake country music and let real country singers sing this.

  2. Danny Kirchar

    Dear GOD in Heaven. I've had hemorrhoids more pleasant than this. Auto tuned to hell and back. This bites!!!

  3. yasmine townsend

    This will always be Alabama's song but this version is better I'm sorry

  4. Renee Stouffer

    "I'm in a Hurry" is my 20 year old little brother's favorite song.. He just passed away on September 8th in a horrible car accident. I can't listen to it without breaking down. Clayton deserves nothing but the best and nothing about that accident was ok. I'm completely broken.

  5. Jesus Garza

    The beginning was more auto tuned than T Pain in the mid 2000,s but the rest was almost as amazing as the original.... holy sweet Jesus I got this song blasting in my car

  6. Johan Martinez

    I´m Fans ... I LOVE YOU GUSYS!!!. ;)

  7. Kristina Renee

    Love their version of this song! Wondeful job!

  8. Chris Taylor

    Love it!

  9. Clint Short

    Wow... People should NOT cover Alabama until they learn not to sing like the chipmunks.

  10. Cody Adams

    So. Much. Autotune.

  11. Lacey Nasby

    I grew up listening to the Alabama version and it felt like this song got lost in time. Im so happy it was reintroduced because the meaning of the song still applies to this generation and it needed to be revamped and put out there for the younger generations (especially those damn mellenials)😉

  12. kallie barrett

    Love it! FGL makes it better.

  13. Travis Moore


  14. Dylan Fulk

    Really good cover! Tyler Hubbard's voice fits the song well

  15. Alley Cat

    Not as good as the original... but it's not terrible.

  16. Dylan Hammerle

    Why do I like this? Why does this sound good?

  17. zlinedavid

    Vocals aren't as good as Randy Owen's, but that's not something to be ashamed of. I like the electric sound VS the acoustic of the original though.

  18. Texteis Lar

    FGL performance is much better then the original Alabama song (which is a great song)so shut up. If you don´t like FGL just don´t listen. Simple as can be

  19. kyle blakey

    People need to stop being cry baby’s and grow up the song is good

  20. wolfen216

    Auto-tune feat Alabama. Sounds like their drowning.

  21. badboarder916

    There are a ton of FGL haters out there and I'm not really sure why other than preference. Are they real country? No but it's still nice to listen to. I actually like a lot of their stuff. They seem to have a song for all of my moods. This song is great to blast in my car while I'm in a hurry lol.

  22. EP Traduções

    Deem uma conferida na tradução 😊

  23. Devin Hale

    This sucks, Florida Georgia line should not be singing this song...

  24. Ryan May

    This is trash.

  25. Autistic Gamer og

    Holy Shit the harmony of them is awesome

  26. Allison Harris

    Hi afternoon Allison Marie Harris super star and Andrew Kennedy hunny bunny boyfriend and girlfriend thanks you gift dog name super star 🐕

  27. Cheyenne Thomas

    To the haters. Shut up about it. Or JUST DON'T FUCKING LISTEN TO IT

  28. Devin Griswold

    This song is awesome

  29. Dudu Armoa


  30. Dudu Armoa

    I love this version so much
    ^ ^
    0 0

  31. Thomas Robishaw

    Wait a fake country band is playing an actual country song..... hmmm whats going on here???

  32. snaredrummer19

    This is a good cover. It’s not auto tune. They sing at the same time

  33. Stuckon Thepot

    To all people who do not understand what auto-tune is it does not make you sound like a robot UNLESS you set the auto-tune to do so. An auto-tune sets the tone levels of any sound wave placed into the system you can either do so before which normally comes out like a robot when saying whatever you want or you can set it afterwards to make sure that your voice sounds exactly how you wanted it after the recording most of the time you can't even tell (almost all people making music now) and yes they do use auto-tune in this song to get the illusion of what sounds like 3-4 tones with 2 different singers and the singers them self's may have used (not that they have or haven't) auto-tune to correct tones at a point when they said close enough.

    Stuckon Thepot

    This in no way states my opinion on this song

  34. Ariel Vincent

    I LOVE FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna go see their next concert!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  35. NOO NOPE

    one of my favorite songs....... guys did good but i like original better. SInce now u got ur own stuff i dont mind saying that. Dirt is amazing song doubt i ever hate that song

  36. Hayden Hargleroad

    This is my new fav. song

  37. Eric Mausolf

    Pretty good cover job😃

  38. Allison Harris

    Hi afternoon Allison Marie Harris super star and Andrew Kennedy hunny bunny boyfriend and girlfriend thanks you gift dog name super star Happy St Patrick's day sanit Patrick's day Green I miss you so much friend

  39. Allison Harris

    Hi afternoon Allison Marie Harris super star and Andrew Kennedy hunny bunny boyfriend and girlfriend thanks you gift dog name super star

  40. Jessie Ralston

    Love it

  41. Jeffrey Horst

    I love this song. Come on guys stop hating it. Almost every movie had special affects, it's called Photoshop. A lot of songs got a slightly different version of Photoshop, it's called Auto-Tune. Gotta admit even though they use Auto-Tune it's still a great song.

  42. SouthernGirl

    Love this! 💜

  43. levi smith

    I absolutely hate Florida Georgia line but this ain’t really bad but you know they still use the auto tune

  44. Paul Ernst

    sorry but this sucks they should have just let the orginal version be the only version

  45. Jason Rossignol

    if you fucker dont like this song stop listening to it and quit complaining

  46. Jon Goldberg

    LOVE IT!!!


    My ears are bleeding

  48. RedNeck Hero01

    Can't even touch Alabama. Fake ass country shit. Like fgl. Who agrees?

  49. Jason Hasselbacher

    Decent.... Pretty decent...

  50. Old school Gamer

    Why is it
    This song will play on my computer
    But not my phone?

  51. robin zatulovski

    Ew how can Alabama be in this with them

  52. Terry Billings

    Great Song they make songs like this anymore..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃

    Terry Billings

    awesome song Alabama thanks.

  53. Emilie Bass

    I love your videos you guys

  54. Natalie Zettles

    Everyday bro

  55. Zachary 02 Racing

    simple if you don't like it DON'T LISTEN TO IT

  56. Danny Philipsen

    I love the original, and this is up there with it. I don't hear any autotune either, just two guys singing in harmony!

  57. Steven Jerrick

    Why isn't this available anymore

  58. Vaping Amish

    That banjo player is killin it though! Wow!

  59. jeff e

    wow!not to good of a cover song!!stop with the remakes!!!

  60. Matthew Jones

    you know I can't stand Florida Georgia Line but I love Alabama and especially this song so you put it together it sounds like some highschool rockstar who isn't the most popular but has a fast car but isn't noticed at all and is always behind in school but outside of school he's awesome

  61. born free

    This fucking sucks.
    If hed take the dick out of his ass it might be better

  62. David Noel

    It's sad that some people will think this is their original song.....Hell of a job though.

  63. Kurt Rossbach


  64. Bunyan

    Country died early 2000's anything put out today doesn't even compare anymore, it's a bunch of pretty boys driving around in sports cars thinking they're the essence of country and western when they're what killed it.

  65. justin miller

    great cover no auto tune if you have actually listened to them or been to a concert

  66. bigswerboski

    Auto tune bullshit

  67. Adam Clay

    i have to say this is a great very of this song props to the guys

  68. CarsonFacePalmer

    Amazed how there's almost no comments about the song's meaning.

    DM Rowe

    "What is the meaning of life" he asked.  "Don't mean shit, it's all a accident",was the reply.

    Owen Sullivan

    CarsonFacePalmer ikr

  69. 網路行銷超人董正隆


  70. Connor Ruestman

    finally a good FGL song


    There are plenty of good FGL songs. I guess you've never heard Cruise, This Is How We Roll, or Dirt.

    Connor Ruestman

    +Ally Cat I have :)

    RK TR

    agreed and funny it took a cover lol. the rest is just main stream pop honestly. good voices and catchy music, but nothing special that will be around like this Alabama song


    Connor216 😪wow okay

  71. Les Chapman

    Big Florida Georgia Line fan they did this song great. AWESOME JOB

  72. Emily Bostock

    Such a huge FGL Fan Love them so much. I have a huge crush on BK hehe

    Michala Dockery

    haha I have a huge crush on Tyler

  73. DJ Mixmaster F

    i love alabama, maybe because i like remixes, but this mix, is SOLID!! GOOD JOB, THIS WHOLE ALBUM IS GREAT!!! Nice to see some incredible collaboration!!!!

  74. Zachary Zamora

    Not a big fan of FGL except for maybe 2-3 songs, but they did this pretty well. No where near as good as the original, but very well done.

  75. Trevor D



    They did an awesome job on the song they did not butcher the original

  77. etha6820 etha6820

    so good

  78. Loke Moto

    Not as good as the original, still okay though.

  79. Heather Ann Boots

    in a hurry 4 sure

  80. MidGAOutdoor

    better than original


    Lol quit lying bud

  81. Enjoy skippas.

    I like Alabama better

  82. Norfolk Sou #7213 Ex' Conrail #4123

    Brandon As well as me it's awesome

  83. Brandon Pickers


  84. dan scott

    Fgl it better

  85. Brandon Pickers

    I lOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

  86. John Huff

    Don't know what auto tune is and DON'T care. The song sounds GREAT. But when you know how to sing ocapella then don't talk. sounds like two people to me.

  87. Alexander Fiero

    Seriously guys look up them singing this live, it sounds exactly the same. It sounds auto-tuned because of the second singer.

    Roger Bowen

    +Alexander Fiero Perhaps you aren't aware of this, but Auto-Tune can also be used for live performances, many artist do use it for both recordings and performances. So if FGL uses it for one, they would use it for the other and would sound the same both ways. The only way you would be able to compare Live to Recording and know for sure it isn't being used if you've heard them sing in person WITHOUT the use of any audio equipment at all.

    Alexander Fiero

    I was aware of that, but you can hear it when they use the live mic's. Justin Bieber uses one when he sings "Sorry" live and you can hear the pitch changes. Theirs just sounds like a really good harmony.

  88. Jimmy Lawson

    shut the fuck up about autotune or not it's a great song just listened to it

  89. Stephen Christopher

    omg they covered this. yessss

  90. StaceySykes

    To all the fucktards upset about this song being a cover maybe you stupid cunts should look closer, investigate shit. Alabama approached each band on the album about covering their songs....

    Tyler Stencell

    @Stacey Sykes and they fucked up on this one. shitty cover.

    Travis Hickey

    +Tyler Stencell your wrong bud

    Tyler Stencell

    No. I'm not.

    dan schutz

    +Tyler Stencell yes you are

  91. The T-Bird

    This is what I hate about modern country. They have nothing original or substantive to offer listeners on their own, so they attach themselves to legitimate artists from the past by name dropping and doing covers, hoping to convince the public that the same things that made the legitimate artist good are present in their own music.


    you do know that Alabama asked each band on the album to do this, right? I'm tired of people complaining about covers...


    +Stacey Sykes Yeah. Remember when George Strait, Allison Kraaus & Union Station, Alan Jackson, etc. did covers of Keith Whitley's "Does Forth Worth Ever Cross Your Mind", "When You Say Nothing At All", "Don't Close Your Eyes", etc.? Yes people, those happened. Now, it's happening with their generation (ex: Carrie Underwood doing Randy Travis's "I Told So").

  92. Ilovepie811

    wow they COMPLETELY ruined the song...

  93. southern pride

    Florida Georgia line is awesome

  94. Zero Fighter

    I loved this song back when Alabama did it. It was one of the reasons I ever gave country music a try. I don't know who these guys are, but honestly, the lead singer sounds like he's trying to mock southern people and their accents, and that the whole song is one big joke. I'm not even kidding, he sounds exactly like my friends when they make fun of southerners.


    You listen to country and don't know Florida-Georgia line? They're one of the best country bands out there right now

    Zero Fighter

    No, I don't listen to it anymore, because it's just become generic pop with a southern filter. Time was the genre used to tell a decent story, and the artists did a damn good job of it. These days, they just go down the checklist of shitty, generic pop or rap songs, and give it a stereotypical southern twist. I haven't listened to anything since about 2005. It was around then that the pop songs stared flooding in, and all sense of self-respect went out the window. The ones coming out now are over-produced, and they all sound the same. Literally. Look it up. There's a video out there that proves that at least six of the more recent songs in the genre are all the same song; same chords, same time signature, same lyrical structure, same everything. It's a joke with no punchline.

    Lauren Rawlinson


  95. Zach Smith

    That's reverb people not auto-tune

  96. Literally Taylor

    Auto Tune.. Wow, I'm going back to the Original.

  97. Brent Loftis

    Ok Florida Georgia line your not Alabama ok