Florida Georgia Line - Grow Old Lyrics

Tell me that you love me
Say, "we'll always work it out."
I know it's kinda scary
But it's only temporary doubt
I've done a lot of stupid things
But promise that you're gonna stay long enough to grow old with me

We're gonna see the good times
Love each other through the bad
It's gonna hurt like hell
When we lose our moms and dads
So let my shoulder hold your tears
Walk beside me through the years
Baby, let's see, where this love could lead

Let's hold hands on your favorite beach
Fix up a house that we found in the city limits
Tangled up in a satin sheet
And get a little loud when we've had to much to drink
And learn to love from a church pew
Laugh about all the times we counted pennies
Buy some land with a good view
To start a family
Baby, grow old with me

It's gonna take a little time
We'll have to work at it everyday
We're gonna lose a lot of sleep
And learn to eat out of a microwave
You know we'll probably never have it all
But that's part of building up the walls strong enough to stand up through the rain

We'll make some love on your favorite beach
Add to the house that we found in the city limits
Talk our babies through the bad dreams
When they get a little older we'll tell them not to drink
Book a church when she finds a groom
Laugh about all the times they'll count the pennies
Give them land with a good view
To start a family

And, baby, you know we might take a turn down a bad road,
Maybe go where the wind blows, baby,
But end up right where we were meant to be

Back and forth on a porch swing
Hard not to smile thinking how it don't get much better
Our baby's babies turning 18
What a family

Baby, grow old with me [2x]
Baby, grow old with me, yeah

Tell me that you love me
Say, "We'll always work it out."

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Florida Georgia Line Grow Old Comments
  1. Stephanie Kaelin

    Got me all up in my feelings, shew

  2. Jimmy Mixson

    i love this song

  3. Ben Hawkins

    Yeah I believe I have a couple more songs in me

  4. Ashley Owens

    I love my boyfriend i finally found my other half i love him so much

  5. mgsacto

    My wife and I married in 1967 ..  we were both 19 years old ... We are now 72 ..This year was our 52nd anniversary  ...  The road is not always smooth ... but forgiveness and commitment can get you through the hard times ...

  6. Bonnie Mcneil


  7. hisSweetness Greer

    I love my blue and he and I will always work it to out

  8. Benjamin Westerfeldt

    Not a bad song, but they don’t need to be labeled as country anymore. There far from country

  9. Helen Cheung

    Our wedding song nov 3rd 2019 and I tear up every time I hear the song ❤

  10. evette kabareti

    There mistakes in the lyrics .

  11. Jacob Spannbauer

    I love you justice dolly

  12. Elizabeth Villa

    Jesuafgyi5xu go to my mom you know I need to get phone

  13. Lonnie McVay

    This is the song that I'm planning on dancing my first song as a married to. Hoping that she will marry me that is. Wish me luck everyone!

  14. haley ginn

    This was supposed to be my wedding song then he walk out a week before the wedding 💔

    Audrey Mayns


    Audrey Mayns

    It be alright. Might not seem that way now. But there's plenty of fish in the sea

  15. Frank Perla

    I need me a good woman that wants to grow old with me

  16. Emelda Lawson

    I like this and I just found it. Lovely.

  17. Shaunea Nichols

    We love you

  18. Wonderful World Of Adeline

    I just got married in August. He's in jail now till February. And I JUST found this. Made me cry. I love it so much. I'm gonna write down the lyrics and send them to him.

    Bryan Mills

    I've been there he would love to hear that you love him and will be there for him

  19. Joy Lewis

    Beautiful ...xxx

  20. Jb Littleton

    I live this song because it makes me 😃

  21. amanda korn

    I love u adam matthew engler. Forever n always

  22. Nick Rykert

    This is the BEST relationship song EVER!!!

  23. Martine & Mary Hernandez

    Gosh I’m feeling so emotional with My Love right now especially when he sends Me deep quotes like this it’s usually happy or I love yous some good stuff but when it comes from the heart 💜 and I Definitely know I have his Heart 💚 it just melts Me and takes my breath away I love you Martin Hernandez Thank you for the wonderful life you’ve given me but most of all thanks for being My Partner through every inch of Our Journey💍🔐🐞🐸🌎😍🥰🍓🍒

  24. XVenomRushX 7

    I love you Makayla 8/31/19 from now and forever❤.

    Koren Sours

    I love you so much more baby oh my goodness ❤😍🔐💗

  25. Mrs JG Gillespie

    This song is hands down one of the best love songs. It reminds me of my wonderful husband I love you so much babe 11 years and many more to come growing old with you ❤

  26. Chuckles Wayne

    I love you Chassidy

  27. Jack Rouge

    I got my AMAZING girlfriend to listen to this and she loves it and I love her and this is what we’re planning

  28. Annie Jernigan Goldberg

    Such a beautiful song, I’ve listened to this song since middle school. I can’t wait to get married someday.

  29. selena koehler

    I was at a point in my life once where I thought nobody would ever love a girl like me I kept running back to my ex who never treated me with any respect and I kept letting him treat me like complete crap for so long because I thought that was all I deserved but then I fell in love with an amazing man and we have been going strong for a year now I’m so in love with him he’s changed my life so much he always makes sure I know my worth everyday and he always shows me how much he loves me on a daily he’s my world and I hope to grow old with him! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Megan Croft

    Men will take all you believe about yourself. My ex made me feel worthless, ugly, boring, etc. I never knew what was wrong with me. Why i wasnt good enough... 2 kids later & he held me hostage threatening to kill me.. Putting a knife to my throat in front of my kids. I told him for years when i got out, I would run so far and never look back. While he was in jail i dropped the order of protection and planned on being with him again. I realized that it would be so stupid to go back and somehow i managed to get away from him and stay away. I was so damaged thats all i thought i deserved or would ever have but im with this amazing man ive known my entire life. I love him so much and ive never been happier.

    David N Smoke

    selena koehler if we don't loose people we are not growing up.

  30. cody hudson

    Dirt by Florida Georgia Line was my team mate & I song when it first came out I think 5 years ago. Surprisingly I just heard this song for the first time today & it is now our song. Many Florida Georgia Line songs will be played on our wedding day. We will finally be officially husband and wife 04/20/20 😍 I love him more and more every day and after 8 years and one child we've been through ALL OF THIS plus much more & know it's not over. We are now purchasing land OUT of city limits and building a little log cabin to raise our babies. The second baby will be planned in a few years. 😍 I love you CJH Sr. Can't wait to be Mrs. Hudson legally 😍😍😍.

  31. Karen Jones

    Been listen to this song for 4 years thank you so much

  32. GracyLynn Brown

    I’m not crying. My eyes are sweating

  33. Savannah Bush

    My boyfriend just sent me this song. It puts me in tears, we're having to do long distance which is like an hour but still. We've already went through some bad things which broke my heart but we still love each other very much and could possibly be expecting I can only pray we are. He has also pulled me in the direction of God and I thank him everyday for that

  34. Emily Harvey

    My hubby and I are expecting our first ❤️ I can’t wait to grow old with him

    Alyssa Ary

    Congratulations ❤️🎉

  35. Aaron Crossman

    I love you hunny ❤💕💓

  36. Cory Fowler

    this is my wedding song 4 25 20

  37. Melinda Pemberton

    Mitch listen to this song and tell me you will grow old with me let's grow old together love you love me forever always sweetheart xo xo xo xo xo xo love me always say we will work it out. We will work it out honey love me always

  38. Wesley Everhart

    FGL is the best band ever

  39. Corrie Beach

    I had a baby at 16 , was a single mom until almost 20. Then i met him. Someone who wanted to take away all the doubts and pain ive ever had. Someone who works with me and i work with him. Someone who would rather build and fix than find better.
    Well , were engaged , trying for a baby *weve had one faint line but we have to wait and test again*. You cant find your "grow old with me" , they find you .

    I love you Hayden

  40. jon coots

    This is one of my favorite FGL songs

  41. Sheena Marie

    My only regret is not hearing this song sooner than 2019!


    Some words are missing

  43. Edward Copes

    I mean I am!!!

  44. Hannah Shelton

    I want this soooo bad💔

  45. meatheadis29

    My beautiful wife and I said our vows to this song!!!! I am looking forward to growing old with you!!! My life partner and my best friend!!!

  46. Gaming with Nerds

    Tara lee

  47. Kimberly Canary

    Literally just heard this song like maybe a couple months ago and people added comments like 2-3 years ago! Wow! 🤷🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️


    Feel like I should sing this to my crush or do yall think i should wait till we get together

  49. Caitlin Elizabeth

    After having been through abuse with most every guy I’ve dated and then got married to an abusive man and his family abused me too and after I left him finding a guy that treats me right and loves me has been a blessing and this is our song and it makes me smile cause this is the kinda love we have and that’s the way it should be

    Andrea Hales

    I'm glad you found your happy ever after

  50. Di Bn

    WOW...!!!! .."..Baby grow old with me...."......

  51. Elijah Lively

    Imma sing this on my gf and mines one year anniversary 🥰😖🥺

  52. Ally Bausman

    I am going thu a hard time right now and I am brought to this song by my ex and also thinking of our kid and I am really going thu a hard time right now I lost something that was going to be an amazing thing to me I'm really really sad I wish I can just go fast fwd time

  53. Laura Lew

    Jesse’s Girl

  54. Cameron Hall - Riddell

    how is this song so sweet and romantic, yet so sad and realistic at the same time???

  55. Jessica G

    My husband and i have been through hard times but we made it through. Been together for 11 years 💚

  56. yahya abdalla

    My favourite song 😌

  57. Mike Williams

    From here on out miss Taylor Morgan #@tangledupwyouu ❤

  58. Raven Terry

    :( so sad my ant die and it was so sad

  59. jon coots

    My gf and I made this our song! FGl is our favorite!

  60. sarah johnson

    This is a beautiful dream ❤️

  61. big Country

    I love you Calleigh ♥️ please grow old with me!

  62. Jason Sprague

    I love you queen thanks for everything you do for me you know who you are and you mean more than anything in the world to me baby girl

  63. Pitbull Gaming

    Making a playlist for my husband and soon it'll be his birthday hoping to make a photo collage with this song ❤

  64. Jennifer Walker

    Thanks FGL!!!😭❤️ This hit home. I just left an abusive relationship we were not married. But all my life I have never experienced what is like to have someone who loves me for me. Not to use me as their punching bag till after this last relationship I left and out know where he walked into my life and showed me what I have been missing. He is so patient understanding loving caring. I could go on. But this song 😍 made think of what I have with him and don't want to lose. Thanks FGL

  65. mtmta2009

    I love reading the comments and what this song means to people. Thanks FGL for making a song like this.

  66. Erika Kelly

    This song was played at my wedding during our sand ceremony with all our kids up their with us ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Crystal Lynn

    My wedding song coming up in 2020

  68. Allen Hudson

    Every time I hear this, I think of her. If dreams really come true, I hope this one does.

  69. Bo Vincent

    I love this song but can't keep love

  70. Sydnee taylor rayne Barton

    When he ask what type of ring you like and sends you this link... then Says ima do it

  71. Randall White

    Scared, mad, crazy, will still be hear everyday to ask about your day. Love you baby

  72. Connie Bray

    Gods got Game.

  73. Anth Anth

    Hey fgl I don't know if you'll see this but I've been with my high school sweetheart for 16 almost 17 years now. She's seen me through bad times,bad dreams,the army ,the loss of my mother an the broke times we've eaten out a microwave plenty of times an counted Pennie more. But this is the song I want to play at out wedding.. we were to be married 6-6-06 but life happened an never did we've seen split up but always came back together.. plz if y'all could reach out to me I live in MD it would be awesome if I could get y'all to sing this via the internet or some other way but I'm gonna propose again this month after Valentine's day.. please get back to me if y'all see this she means the world to me an I want a grand gesture for her. She's been through so much with me I couldn't think of a better way.. anyways great song we both love it.. it's kinda our life together. Thanks y'all.

  74. Mbozwell 03

    This is the song that I dedicate to my ❤️Girl❤️ and this is our song that’s gonna be played on our wedding day and I can’t wait I love u baby and wouldn’t trade u for the world!!! 😘😘😘

  75. Tracijo London

    Luv this song 🙏 lord 🌹🌹♾

  76. Olivia

    Omg this is the very reason why I cannot be turned loose on YouTube 😳😞😪

  77. Aulger Josie

    this song literally just made me cry. Its literally everything and just explains the one i love. I love this so much.. 😭💙

  78. jeremy carter

    Would this make a good wedding song??

  79. Makayla Crews

    On my wedding day I danced to this song with my husband for our first dance. No it's not a perfect song that shows a perfect relationship but it's the truth and it fits us so perfectly so to me that's my perfect song for out first dance.. itll never get old 💕💕💕

  80. Sarahchu

    I’m 14, and my boyfriend and I relate to this song already after a few months 😭♥️

  81. Ricky Bobby

    You guys suck now

  82. Heather Cox

    I love my babe he told me he loves me and said this was our song please like if you have someone u love and want this to be y'all's song😍😘

  83. Wolfie Games

    Best song ever

  84. stacey cochran

    Me and the love of my life are planning this but we are having issues and it’s killing me

  85. Jeanny Ocampo

    I wanna get engaged to this song😭😭😭😭😭

  86. Maddy Daddy

    I love the song and great lyrics video, just some words are missing or wrong. Not much tho ❤

  87. Josh Ringgenberg

    This is one of many songs I dedicated to my wife I love u babe

    Marisaa Hogan

    I love you too baby

  88. Jeff Rodger

    Jessica Nicole Evens I love you and you are my forever and I will marry you believe that...

  89. Amber Reagin

    I go from being with someone that was crazy and beat me for 3 years to finally having someone that makes sure I'm okay and really loves me and I'm so glad he walked into my life with he did cause he is by far the best boyfriend a girl can ask for i didn't think I was going to find someone that was going yo show my that all men aren't the same by I did and I love him very much for it and I want to build with him for the rest of my life

    Britany Nield

    Same. How did you learn to trust again?

  90. Anabelle Hudson

    Who else has this on repeat?😊😊

  91. Lauren Reid

    I love this

  92. Teresa Poire

    Love the music makes the hard day easier to deal with.

  93. Dylan Marietta

    Me and my wife have this. Just had are 12 year dating anniversary 10/28/18 and 2 years of marriage 12/9\18 I'm only 25 we have been together since I was 13 half my life we got that rock in chair love as we call it

  94. Hannah Garrison

    i love you baby thank you for being there for me cause one day this will be us <3

  95. J.A Agricultural services

    This song is so special to me, makes me think of what I have with my best friend in the whole world.

  96. DJ Reaper

    I love you Lauren Estrada I miss you 😭😭

  97. Courtney Sanders

    Baby lets grow old together. :)

  98. LenaeHamman

    I've been listening to this on repeat! Thanks for sharing with the lyrics!

    Nick Rykert


    Audrey Mayns

    What you said...

    Elizabeth Villa

    Go with my mom are you going to get a phone

    Ben Hawkins

    Your my kind crazy, that's random.