Florida Georgia Line - Can't Say I Ain't Country Lyrics

I wake up and get me, a gas station biscuit
Head to town, wash it down with some Mountain Dew
I end every day, 'bout the same way
Clock out and go fish just to crack a few

Chicken in the bread pan pickin' out dough
Served cold with some ten pound tail
It might be hillbilly to a lot of folks
But Lord knows I couldn't care less

You can say I'm a redneck
You can say you don't like my truck
You can say that I talk and I dress all funny
But you, you can't say I ain't country
You can say I drink too many longnecks
That my edges are a little too rough
You can call me a sinner 'cause I cuss on Sunday
But you, you can't say I ain't country

A pondwater pool, a spinner on a spool
A styrofoam full of tobacco spit
I got a small town crew, we make our own rules
I do what I do 'cause my daddy did

And you can say I'm a redneck
You can say you don't like my truck
You can say that I talk and I dress all funny
But you, you can't say I ain't country
You can say I drink too many longnecks
That my edges are a little too rough
You can call me a sinner 'cause I cuss on Sunday
But you, you can't say I ain't country

You can say that the world's flat
You can say we never made it to the moon
You can say we all come from a bunch of monkeys
But you can't say I ain't country

You can say I'm a redneck
You can say you don't like my truck
You can say that I talk and I dress all funny
But you, you can't say I ain't country
You can say I drink too many longnecks
That my edges are a little too rough
You can call me a sinner 'cause I cuss on Sunday
But you, you can't say I ain't country

You can say what I'm smokin' on is kinda funky
But you, you can't say I ain't
You can't say I ain't country

No you can't
Oh no, you can't say I ain't country
That's right

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Florida Georgia Line Can't Say I Ain't Country Comments
  1. Elizabeth Cope

    I have all the songs

  2. Bodiss Brick

    I think this song just say one thing. When a "country" group is so bad that they has to make a song about arguing why they are country, I dont think they are country. Pop country sucks. The only type of country that is country is the old and outlaw country!

  3. playz faze

    I relate to this Song because people say that I talk and dress all funny and that I ain't country

  4. Ebenezer Stooge

    Good music.

  5. Evan Himmelberger

    I really like all the songs

  6. hk hjg

    compare this to DAC’s “if that aint country” yeah they’re not country sorry.

    Ebenezer Stooge

    OK Boomer

  7. Local Idiot

    U aint country! You might be catchy but you aint country. If you were you wouldn't have to sing a song about it. Add your boy LB to that list.

  8. Matthew Mertens

    You gotta be pretty ignorant to hate on a band just because they speak out against senseless gun violence

    Tyler Morgan

    No. They are speaking out against a constitutional right.

  9. WX Scan

    The only thing country in this song is Paul Franklin on the pedal steel guitar.

    Ebenezer Stooge

    OK Boomer

  10. DEU

    Not bad but million miles away from a real country.

  11. Country boy W


  12. KYAT Wessel

    You might be country, but you're music isn't.

    Ryan Levesque

    I agree


    Who knows theses guys might actually be country but they don’t look or sound like it

  14. Brian Roche

    Florida Georgia Line are the biggest posers ever. Change my mind

    White_ Lightning

    that will be impossible they are trash

  15. Justin Stevenson

    I was at the dos equis pavilion dallas tx concert with ultra VIP tickets

  16. laysfreshchips

    Just saw you guys last night!

  17. Danielle Bowman

    I can say they ain't country. This some of the fakest bullshit I've ever heard today's "country" is trash

  18. Tatum Giovengo

    I love fall I am country

  19. Kat

    Why does this video have so many dislikes


    Because this song is garbage just like Florida Georgia Line

  20. Lawrence Houston Sears

    Florida Georgia line is Country at its Best


    Lawrence Houston Sears riiiiigggghhhhtttttt😁🙄🙄

  21. Tom Tom

    Florida Georgia Line is a disgrace to Country and should just go fuck off already.

    TheMysteryMan 000

    You are a disgrace to the comment section. Go fuck off.

  22. NotMicah Jones

    I’m glad my brother showed me this song otherwise I would be missing out

  23. Rebecca Banks

    I love song 😘😘😘😘😘💝💝💝

  24. Ray Cline

    Guess you can't say I ain't country.lol

  25. Ray Cline

    I'll be damned, I get country Ham, chicken, and tenderloin biscuits for breakfast at a gas station.and drink Mt dew or sweet tea.

  26. Lindsay Berger

    Whoever doesnt like this song is a retard

    Austin Hogstead

    I guess you can callme the ultimate retard!

  27. Billie’s missing avocado ___

    I loved your concert at Rogers Arkansas

  28. Justin Hall

    Trailer park girls are great.

  29. Erik Fischer

    What I just heard was no country...this is some highschool-Rock with the finest Pop-Country, but in any way this ain't Country music.

  30. Gabriella Pietrobelli

    awesome song same with y all boys love it

  31. theDylanS -TDS-

    This is basically a countrified version of a diss track

    Dylan Fulk

    I dig it

  32. Zoe Moeller

    "You can say that we come from a bunch of monkeys" had me deadddd

  33. Random Internet Operator

    I know i may be told to eat dirt and go jump down some hole but am gonna go back to hank, Willie and waylon.


    Can’t blame you!

    Tom Tom

    Hank is my favorite singer ever and these guys aren't worthy to spit in his direction.

  34. Justin Hall

    One fine country ass. Smoke and poke.

  35. Max Farmer

    Feel like I can when you’re anti gun.

    Rage Reynolds

    @theDylanS -TDS- they ain't country music though, even if they are country, the music is not

    Ebenezer Stooge

    OK Boomer.

    Ebenezer Stooge

    @theDylanS -TDS- I'm with Dylan on this one. Great music as typical from Florida Georgia Line.

    Dylan Fulk

    I'd be anti gun too if I saw all these retards who don't know how to use them shooting up their cities and schools, etc.

    Natureboy’s Wildlife

    Dylan Fulk I’m country, and I have and use gone. I’m all for the second amendment and the right to bear arms, and I’m not letting anybody take my guns or tell me o can’t have them. However, I do think something needs to be done to prevent schools shootings and other gun-related events like that. But I just don’t thing taking away people’s guns is the right solution. Just like how a gun in the hands of the wrong person can end a life, a gun in the hands of the right person can save one.

  36. GeckoGuy48

    you ain't country. there I said it

    Tom Tom

    Yeah they're all gay

  37. Regina Micaroni

    I love this song and I do believe you guys are country!

    White_ Lightning

    ok but your misinformed come to where I live and you'd be like fuk they ain't country

  38. Joseph Boyer

    My brother's going to hate me for this this isn't the best song from them I mean why do you have to say your country to be country that makes no sense to me like for real you want to hear real country check this guy outhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NpNCHVSJ_ac

  39. Noah Dempsey

    I can say you're not country. Try George Strait, Hank Williams, George Jones, Merle Haggard, etc... Thats real country.

    Elway Moran

    This song isn’t even country

    Rage Reynolds

    Or newer artists like Tim Culpepper, Tyler Childers, Colter Wall, Jody Booth, Chris Stapleton, etc

  40. Kaas-Ican

    Wheeler Walker jr brought me here

  41. Foo King Awe Sim

    This is about as country as Elton John.

  42. livenji 14

    I verry like florida georgia line the BEST duo


    livenji 14 what about Merle haggard and willie nelson

    Tyler Morgan

    One Brooks and Dunn song is better then all of theres.

  43. Jordan Heidrick

    Can't be country if you support gun control. Sorry FGL.

    Dylan Fulk

    You can actually be country and support gun control. Not everyone lives in the backwoods, you hick

    Austin Hogstead

    Dylan Fulk After reading like 5 comments on here you are really starting to piss me off.

  44. Walking Panda

    You most definitely ain’t country.

  45. Walking Panda

    You ain’t country.

    Dylan Fulk

    you've said this on just about all their videos. Fan much?

    Walking Panda

    Dylan Fulk nope just this one

  46. Now dig on this

    Krist Novoselic brought me here ;)

    Ebenezer Stooge

    Both Nirvana and Florida Georgia Line are amazing bands.

  47. Kristina Lynn

    Coming to your show in August! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  48. RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot

    Can't Say I Ain't Cringe

    Dylan Fulk

    Mac Miller was a pussy

  49. Johnny Rebel

    You ain’t country!

    Dylan Fulk

    You're not a rebel... point?

    Tom Tom

    @Dylan Fulk They aren't country. That's the point bitch.

    Ebenezer Stooge

    OK Boomer

  50. AE707z

    If you think this is country you can kiss my ass

  51. Elisabeth Abreu

    I'm going to mary a country boy

  52. Jonathan Palmer

    see i got bulled when i wearied coma pants and a light blue dress shirt in school

  53. Denver hinschen

    Love it

  54. TempleBilly 123

    I like your songs

  55. Mikey Savochka

    Oh, the irony of this song title.


    Why are you watching this?

    PewDiePie ButNotPewDiePie

    It’s a great song.

    White_ Lightning

    @PewDiePie ButNotPewDiePie the fuk it is go back to your safe place and watch pewdiepie

    theDylanS -TDS-

    Oh, the irony of this comment

    Ebenezer Stooge

    OK Boomer

  56. Leonard Ivey

    What genre would you call this song then????

    playstation 4 gaming Soul


    Leonard Ivey

    @playstation 4 gaming Soul exactly

    Chevy Dipper

    Its a new genre called some bullshit

  57. Lane Hammontree

    They ain’t no country worst not country singers

  58. Patrick Matthews

    These dudes are wanna be country! 601 Mississippi! They need to listen to jr, dac, willie, strait, Waylon, Garth. These boys SUCK! Just had to listen to verify.

    Dylan Fulk

    I'm sure that's why you listened.

  59. Anakin Skywalker

    Ask Garth Brooks if this country.

    Dylan Fulk

    He'd probably say yeah, cause music evolves. It ain't 1990 anymore.

    Lane Hammontree

    He will say no

    Anakin Skywalker

    Dylan Fulk Garth wouldn’t like this

    Tom Tom

    @Anakin Skywalker Nor would Hank Sr the GOAT!

  60. rdubby

    Actually I can. You aren’t.

    Dylan Fulk

    you're fake

    Austin Hogstead

    Dylan Fulk Stop responding to everyone's comment on here and go suck their dicks already mr super fan.

  61. Michael Wendell

    Wannabe country boys.....Definitely not country.

  62. Jacob Donald

    There back

  63. Brandon Decker

    If you were Country you wouldn’t be singing this song. Lol

  64. CD Perkins

    You aint country lol

    Junglewolf airsoft

    factual statement

  65. Jesse Jones

    If you have to say your country... Your not

    Diddi Tsukki


  66. Rhetorical Answer

    You ain't country. You ain't even barely 70's rock. You're pop music, and on a personal level... you're just some dumbasses part of the new Nashville that is destroying what used to be a good thing. Thanks for nothing, buttholes.... enjoy your money from your Nashville owners and thinking you're 'country'.

    Dylan Fulk

    You seem angry

  67. Adam Cox

    I gotta say Can't say I ain't country is the worst album y'all have released. Ya know y'all used to be that kind of bro country stuff. Y'all aint that no more. You gotta prove you're as country as cornbread but y'all just end up with these annoying songs. Then the other songs in this album are just this fake hip hop stuff. Go back to the bro country which you actually did good.

    Tom Tom

    "Good" Bro country.

    beep beep beep "File Non-realistic"

  68. Turn1and2gang

    they are still not country if you have to make an album saying you country your not country

  69. Henry Fast

    If these guys are country than George Strait is Rock.

    Anakin Skywalker

    Garth Brooks is country, he wouldn’t like this

    Dylan Fulk

    @Anakin Skywalker aren't you dead anyways?

    Foo King Awe Sim

    @Anakin Skywalker Garth Brooks is a liberal snowflake as well.

    Rage Reynolds

    @Foo King Awe Sim Well, political parties not have much to do with a genre of music OR lifestyle. My grandma's country as hell. Strongest accent around. Listens to all the oldies. Built a damn house all by herself right after divorcing her alcoholic, cheatin, none workin husband. She worked 2 jobs and worked her ass off. Saved up the money to buy everything she needed while living in a tent in west Texas. Built the house, and now shes still doin all kinds of everything at 75 years old. Always did better under democrats and still votes Democrats. And no, shes no damn Clinton supporter.

  70. WorldWrestlingEntertainment HERSH

    I love this song I know the words by heart country squad

  71. Everglades Mercedes 1997

    I am before a million views

  72. Big Bill

    You should be disgusted to say yall make “country music”. Fuck off forever please

  73. Stephanie Moody

    I ❤ I FGL

  74. Johnny Nashville

    LMFAO.... ain't a Country bone betwixt y'all. Y'all aint Country!!!!

    Forrest Pace

    Okay who are you to say that? Do you know them? I DIDN"T THINK SO!

  75. Tyler Wieloch

    I want the old FGL back the anything goes FGL we don't like this kind of music u guys are making be your old selves


    I just want Florida Georgia Line gone entirely. They've always been terrible and they remain terrible and will probably be terrible when the sun burns out.

  76. kendeath chicken

    This is real country

    Tom Tom

    Hank Williams Sr is so mad at you.

  77. Larry Beavens

    Country is in the ears of the beholder, and to this 74 year-old beholder, this most definitely ain’t country...

  78. TomTech13

    Best thing I've heard from them but it ain't saying much

  79. Pewds2ndBro 1#!

    This album proves they are country


    No, it reiterates the fact that they are anything BUT country.

    Radioactive Bullet

    @JoeDoakes1015 exactly these sissy boys are why new country sucks

    Johnny Nashville

    Tell me... exctly how is that lame album selling?

  80. D Jr


  81. Jack Frost

    Country or not... the song is bad.

    Forrest Pace

    Where did you come from hahahahaha you are very funny ma'am.

  82. isaac bautista

    why stop working at 5 thats what i dont get people stop working at 5pm i stop working until i get the job done.

  83. sparkplugs13

    To all the people saying this "isn't country" - can you please give us an example of a CURRENT artist who is?

    dalton Hot-Rock

    Tyler Childers, Colter Wall, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, and the list goes on.


    @JoeDoakes1015 so back in the day when country radio stations were playing George Strait and Alan Jackson, were they "not country" and "shit"? Or is the radio only wrong now?


    @sparkplugs13 I'm not sure I get where you're going with this. George Strait and Alan Jackson are actually country artists.
    Florida Georgia Line (I took a piss there once) isn't.

    Rage Reynolds

    @sparkplugs13 Cody Johnson helped sell out a huge rodeo concert along with George Strait and Turnpike Troubadours. A country consists of steel guitars, fiddle, mandolin, tele, etc. And not all of them have to be in one song.

    Tyler Morgan

    @sparkplugs13 Most of these guys named are young. And so what is they are "nobodies"? They are all better then FGL.

  84. Alexandra Philibert

    At Guitar & Whiskey we're talking about this album and the new album of Aaron Goodvin and the one of Cody Johnson! If you understand French, it's the podcast that you're searching for!


  85. Bobby Wells

    I'm AMERICAN and 3 generation c9wboyin. I'll say thus much freely . you got a long ways to go.

  86. Colby cheezer

    If you have to say you're country, then you ain't country.

    Dylan Fulk

    Cheezer... alright then

    White_ Lightning

    True facts people look at me and know I ain't gotta say I'm country they already know and if they don't all I gotta do is talk and they'll know

  87. Jacob Mullery

    I like it 🤠

  88. Jacob Mullery

    I like it

  89. Carlee Pergerson

    Oh honey you ain't country

    Forrest Pace

    You probably aren't, you just do stupid things with horses.

    Carlee Pergerson

    @Forrest Pace lol what makes you say that I do stupid things with horses

    Fortnite Suckss

    @Carlee Pergerson Actually they are country

    Dylan Fulk

    Oh honey, lick a dick

  90. Fredia Strong

    You are country and I am country and let your rebel flag wave


    No they're not country and I'm fairly certain you aren't either.

    Levi Moore

    JoeDoakes1015 he’s not

    White_ Lightning

    @JoeDoakes1015 he defiantly isn't

    Chris Gilbert

    I fly all 3. The American, the redel and the don't tread on me flags!

  91. Joseph Hardy

    When you have to tell them you are, you probably aren’t

  92. Mr.Kentucky

    You’re country and support gun control? Give me a break

    Hunter Greco

    Mr.Kentucky Dericks Bentley does

    theDylanS -TDS-

    And you are because you don't? You want some more mass shootings?? Being country is not all about drinking beer, partying and hunting. Idiot

    WillB Backup

    @theDylanS -TDS- 2nd amendment rights! Gun control is just liberals trying to ruin our "country culture.

    Tyler Morgan

    @Dylan Fulk Is that really the best argument you can come up with?

    Ebenezer Stooge

    OK Boomer

  93. Kyle Moss

    "You can say what I'm smokin on is kinda funky, but you can't say I ain't country!"

  94. Georgia Cntry

    Its better than 90% of what they've done over the years!!

  95. Casey Grimes

    It not country you city slicking bitches

  96. Edward George

    Fgl probably lives country but they don’t really sing country

  97. Edward George

    “You can say we came from monkeys but you can’t say I ain’t country” 😂