Flock Of Seagulls, A - Suicide Day Lyrics

I've got a question
I've got a question you should know
Give me the answer
Give me the answer for my sobs
Give me a reason, it's for the things you said and done
Give me the answer
Why did you leave me alone
You got to tell me
You got to tell me what's gone wrong
Give me an idea so I can carry on
Haven't got a reason for the crying
Haven't got a reason for the pain
Haven't got a reason for you lying
C'mon and tell me
C'mon and tell me what's gone wrong
Why did you use me
Why did you use me up to now
We had a wild heart
We had a love that was so strong
C'mon and tell me so I can carry on
Haven't got a reason for the crying
Haven't got a reason for the pain
Haven't got a reason for even living
One more day
I need an answer
Give me the answer to my praying
I need to hold you
I turn around and you're not there
C'mon and tell me
That what you did was planned
Why don't you want me now
I just don't understand
Haven't got a reason for the crying
Haven't got a reason for the pain
Haven't got a reason for even living
One more day
Suicide day...

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Flock Of Seagulls, A Suicide Day Comments
  1. Met Axa

    Happy 10th suicide anniversary my love.
    Why did you leave me???
    I have no family now.
    And the only person who loves me is being neglected in the nursing home now.

  2. Damon Arial

    Sadly, I found a suicide victim, and this was her death song before she took her life by hanging herself in the darkroom of our college newspaper. This happened 30 years ago, and still haunts me.
    Her name was Rebecca Kathleen Aylor.

    David Garris

    That sucks ☹️😔

  3. Ernest Presley

    Pure 80s Songs.

  4. Aleksandra W


  5. Chet Tennant

    Mike is one of those people that wrote most of the lyrics, composed the music, and performed. A great album. Should have been like dark side of the moon, rumours, etc.

    david hefner

    Oh i think its criminally underrated

  6. Carlos Mendoza R.


  7. Wilde Minogue

    I love how the song ends with an excerpt from The Story Of A Young Heart. PURE GENIUS!!

  8. Surfs Up

    Best song on this album. May be about Paul's meltdown. An upbeat song about someone's mental anguish. Now that's art.


    Surfs Up I read somewhere that the album was based on Mike’s late friend. I believe most songs on the album are based on him including this one and Remember David.

  9. David Ringlein

    Since the release now, 2018... even though I have all their tunes on various formats, reliving some of Flocks music is a trip down memory lane. Got to meet Mike up close and personal in the late 90's.
    Didnt realize it til years later but the original members in the 80's were playing in a club while I was in the Bahamas.

  10. Norman Lamotte

    My girlfriend stood me up on this song A.

  11. MetroidHatchling

    Possibly my favorite new wave song done by my favorite new wave band. I have a deep connection to this one, as well as A-ha's "Blue Sky". To me, it's a perfect piece. I wish I could write music like this.


    "A-ha"s "Blue Sky" is really great. It's a pity that "Blue Sky" is usually never performed live.

  12. Goody

    This song is about paul Reynolds breakdown which at the time nearly killed himself he was very young and out of control so he left the band

    teresa olague

    paul goodenough this is absolutely true that Paul made him cry.

    Ezra Wilson

    teresa olague Elaborate on that please.

    teresa olague

    These songs aren't about love, but loyalty.

    Ezra Wilson

    teresa olague where did you hear that

  13. Tony Micel

    this album is like a biography. the beginning is falling in love the last song is getting heart broken.


    It is, after all, the story of a young heart... (:

    MFC 4

    Heard it's written about the life of a friend of Mike. The friend killed himself as you probably already guessed

    david hefner

    So f ing good
    (All these years later!)

  14. Modsleix 6

    One of my all-time favorite Seagulls songs. Classic AFOS RULE...

  15. paulevans1954

    OK, not the most uplifting of lyrics, but it's musically awe-inspiring.

    david hefner

    The lp is (nothing short of), amazing

  16. Grey Chaos

    Because this song understood her. Listen to the lyrics. If you've ever gone through depression like she probably did, you'll hear what she heard.
    For her, it had to be this one.

  17. Damon Nunyabizness

    I found a young woman who killed herself to this song back in 1989. I never understood that. There are so many better songs to die by.

    david deacon

    what!? no way...

  18. Nik Neuy

    nice track, too bad of the sad lyrics.

    david hefner

    So very well written though

  19. Lauro torres

    increible cancion, e increible disco, gracias por subirla