Flock Of Seagulls, A - Lost Control Lyrics

I lost control, with everybody that I used to know
I lost my home, and now I find myself out on the street
I lost my way, while walking through a city I don't know
I lost my shoes, while running from the nightmare in the snow

Met a friend, turned out to be the devil in disguise
Met a girl, who stripped me of all reason with her lies
But I have to smile, when meeting alcoholics of the street
'Cause now I know, it's not the way the world is supposed to be

But you don't understand me
It's not the way I used to be
But doesn't it seem so strange
It's me not you that's changed

Met a ghost, of somebody I didn't recognize
Said hello, turned out to be a blessing in disguise
When he said your soul, is hanging from the bridges of a dream
Turned around, I recognized the face and it was me

But I lost control
I lost control
I lost control
I lost control

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Flock Of Seagulls, A Lost Control Comments
  1. sonia

    lost control de a flock of seagulls es un tema la raja buenisimo
    cuando era joven tenía un disco sencillo en el cual estaba este tema y en mi tornamesa y equipo soñaba buenísimo con un stereo perfecto una separación de sonidos sorprendentes de ahy que me gustó esta banda
    lástima que hoy no tengo un tornamesa sólo en cd pero no suena como antes suena más plano
    adiós y gracias a las buenas bandas chaooooo

  2. flocks487

    nice song and beat