Flock Of Seagulls, A - Lost Control (Totally) Lyrics

I lost control, with everybody that I used to know
I lost my home, and now I find myself out on the street
I lost my way, while walking through a city I don't know
I lost my shoes, while running from the nightmare in the snow

Met a friend, turned out to be the devil in disguise
Met a girl, who stripped me of all reason with her lies
But I have to smile, when meeting alcoholics of the street
'Cause now I know, it's not the way the world is supposed to be

Met a ghost, of somebody I didn't recognize
Said hello, turned out to be a blessing in disguise
When he said your soul, is hanging from the bridges of a dream
Turned around, I recognized the face and it was me

But I lost control
I lost control
I lost control
I lost control

I lost control
I lost control
I lost control
I lost control
I lost control
I lost control
I lost control

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Flock Of Seagulls, A Lost Control (Totally) Comments
  1. Kim Dawes

    You done this song good! Love it! Thanks for thoughtfully uploading this!

  2. ❤Bless His Soul❤ Mjfangirlgal45

    the thumbnail pic is radd! where did you get it?

  3. Baba Yaga

    ☆LONG LIVE THE 80'S☆

  4. Alvin Hobson

    Have only just found this group music the last 2 years ,was an 80,s teenager but was not allow to listen Top of The Pop,s and these gie,s are great, love the music and fashion, let,s bring it back .

  5. Athena

    Such an underrated band. A true 80s gem!

  6. MFC 4

    I wonder if there are people of my age who like A Flock of Seagulls aswell (at the moment i write this i'm 14). Anyway, why isn't this on the rarities album?

    Jaidyn Nicholson

    MFC 4 I am 15!!! I LOVE this band and grew up with their music

    MFC 4

    Jaidyn Nicholson i am 15 since a few days now, my parents didn't knew this band really until i discovered them by coincedence in a music store. What do you think is their best song?

  7. Static Underground

    Hidden Gem....

  8. ArtyTEES London

    Why is this not on the Remixes and Rarities CD? That has two rare tracks, Rosenmontag and The Last Flight of Yuri Gargarin, it even has a long (Full Moon) mix of The More You Live the More You Love but not this!!!!!😯

  9. Richard Joslin

    What an amazing song by an amazing underrated band. Paul Reynolds is one of the most underrated guitar players ever.

    Marissa Barnes

    Richard Joslin I love Paul so much

  10. Brian Folks

    Wow! Sounds a bit like Blancmange.  See you on the ice!

  11. 80s Nostalgia Channel

    There are two versions of this song: "Lost Control" (B side of "The More You Live, The More You Love" 7" version) and "Lost Control (Totally)" (B side of "The More You Live, The More You Love" 12" version). I have both of them on vinyl.

    Jean Parmesan

    cool story bro

  12. marcusraidientsunami


  13. jota c cc

    sin lugar a dudas esta version bestial ahh
    pero ya la encontre mas antes en la webbbbbb.. saludossss

  14. DiacoZoo

    easily one of the best tracks ever created in any genre of music

  15. Rayncatt

    Gain awesome..I think Im gonna follow lol I do a rare 80's alternative show on 103rockfm (they stream also) so very very cool someone else who knows their chit* hehe

  16. Langenbrunner15


  17. The Deep Blue Water

    Nice ☺

  18. Mutual Motion


  19. 1 Vinyl Fetish

    The only way to get all AFOS tracks, is to have all the vinyl, 12" & 7"'s, then transfer to MP3. Otherwise, good luck finding rare tracks on CD officially released.