Flock Of Seagulls, A - Burnin' Up Lyrics

You cut me to the wire
You shook me to the bone
My object of desire
Don't leave my heart alone
With one look in your eyes
I saw the raging fire
I'm burnin' up I'm burnin' up
With such desire
Took one step in the dark
Across forbidden lines
Into the danger zone
You took my mind
But you make me feel like I'm on fire
You make me feel like I'm alive
Love knocked me at the door
Pinned me up against the wall
You said you play with fire
You're gonna fall
I took one look in your eyes
Across the danger line
Now I'm burnin' up
Love's blind

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Flock Of Seagulls, A Burnin' Up Comments
  1. Andrew Pullen

    I ran isnt as good .

    As this

  2. Marian M

    Song is kickass but synth line is stolen from Fleetwood Mac - 'Seven Wonders'

    Bryan Auger

    Marian M I’m sorry but it’s far from stolen from mac through seven wonders, however I do get what your saying it’s kind of similar but flick between the two and you’ll see how both tunes actually have a significant opposite

    Andrew Pullen

    There's only so many ways.

  3. Marian M

    This song would be a killer if it was made in 80s

  4. Gottabeasin

    I love this album, only known it a few days, despite being a fan for nearly 8 years now. Sounds more like late 80's than 1995. Would have been huge in the mid 80's

  5. Mike Dorsey

    I wish the original line up will come back for a new cd and tour

    Baba Yaga

    Mike Dorsey a flock of seagulls just got back together they have a new cd and on tour I guess some wishes do come true

  6. andrewk9000

    It's not fair that most people like A Flock of Seagulls just for 'I Ran,' when the group produced so much more great music.


    That happens a lot with bands I've noticed. I compare it to friendship. A stranger with beautiful hair for example, you might say, "Oh their hair is beautiful!" which for a band, would be their hit song. On the other hand, if you take the time to get to know and understand the person with beautiful hair(The band who made the hit song), you're going to appreciate them more and view them differently than the person who's only seen the beautiful hair.

    Anyone can make friends with a band, if they really want to. Just like with friends, you may have multiple "band friends" but one band might stand out to you more than the others. Some of the bands are your "best friends", and some are simply "friends". The different band friends might also help you in different areas and times of life the others don't. Most people don't want to make friends with every band they see, even if they are really good bands. (Not everyone wants to make friends with your best friend. :) I probably don't need to say that the most popular bands have or had the most friends. (Likely because the band had an attractive attribute of some kind, whether it be musically, appearance wise, or both.)

    If a person knows songs by a band that few have heard of, chances are the band is one of their best band friends. Someone who listens to 6+ songs(Most likely the biggest songs or a single album) by a band, but doesn't listen to all the music, likely sees the band as simply a band friend. Someone who can only name the hit song(And might not even know who the song was by), has no association except the beautiful hair.

    Musicians have a very valuable job in my opinion, going deeper than simply combining sound into an enjoyable combination.

    Andrew Pullen

    It's Still the 80s !!!

    We have Trump economics
    We have middle east tensions
    The Yankees win AL east
    Farm aid still happening.

  7. Gordy Withoutmusicidgonuts

    Too eighties for 1995 ...

    Kevin OB

    Gordy Withoutmusicidgonut
    too old for the 90's, now in vogue. Mike is one of the best keyboard players, will always get a gig.

  8. Tiff Davidson

    rly good,

  9. aaronquy1968

    love this tune! thanks!