Flo Rida - We Already Won Lyrics

Best luck, ya'll know (Oh boy)
Now you need to get low-ow-ow-ow-owww
Hey [3x]

(Oh) We already won, we already won,
And ain't no need to play no more games
We already won, we already won,
And ain't no more need to play no more games
Lemme hear you say we number one,
we number one,
we number one,
We already won, we already won, hey

Hey you know we bend it there,
You talkin' bout a winner no ale in the bag,
Until we got LeBron dream throw it in the bag
We right, number one, it's the Miami Heat dag
I'm vibe and I'm start in Miami Heat swagger
So surprised when we called his number six on my rag,
That's why it's so sick can't get rid of that,
I know they got flick ain't get rid of flash
Ain't no half, keep your daf,
Got more money on my salary cap
To fit in a place for LeBron my sca,
King James throw some powder like we moving in a draft

We already won, we already won
We get Lebron James, it's already done,
You seen the interview, you heard what he said
I'm-a do South Beach with my homeboy Wade
This Miami where the sun kinda hot,
So disown me right now down to the top get dropped
Born and raised in a county away,
Dropped the ball at Rosea Spade
Let's celebrate! That this one for the crib,
Another championship, we'll do it again
Play no games on the court, get it in
Cause all the Heat gonna do is just win


Hot boy Brisco baby
Heat that flame, that fire blazing
Call me LeBron, open like a James,
And I don't even play no games, no sir,
Let's go! Just know I'm so
Course our seats are front row
Free throw, alley,
Home boy don't scuff my ballies
I'm chilling from where on South Beach,
Perhaps tissin' my **** forever South Beach,
Fire, fire, fire, scorching
Grey Goose Louge let me pro boy

Mahee, mahee,
Jetski South Beach, penthouse parties
Fly girls don't you know bikinis everywhere
Start isling, you can find a boss anywhere
Night time is the K that lives,
Sky box to the floor, just trying to live
Pole boy the key like waitin'
Try to pick and roll with a team and we fadin' em
Even though we the best and we outta here
Triple A vallet, showtime it is
So nip for the Knicks right here,
You got money over here and it is what it is


Play like it is, gotta play drop ball
I used to play Kobe but now it's Lebron
Now we got em on hooves and the trail boom awe
Pole boy, hit em with the strong arm
Ohhhh, I get ahead in bounty
You got cash and tugging way county
We be working like freedom of speech,
One block gripping Miami Heat
For real! I'm a gitcha like Chris Bosh
Could you please just get off
Big boy, big body, big deal
One more scene on the beltway to happy


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Flo Rida We Already Won Comments
  1. xSladeFN

    Ur Dogshit at fortnite

  2. Fernando Hidalgo

    throwback right here

  3. TheBaller 305COUNTY

    Lets go Heat 305 Nation wades county

  4. WhyCantIGetADamnedLife

    This team had so much more potential. Easy could have won another championship or two by now. But alas, it was gone too soon.

  5. Bengals Report 18

    its Clevelands time

  6. Rolling Thunder

    Miami Heat will always be my team 💪💪 I dont care what happens. I ain't a bandwagon

  7. White Panther

    we still have bosh let's go heat

    White Panther

    nvr mind

  8. Mr Gotham

    This team would kick the hell outta the Warriors of today. LeBron Wade>>>>>Durant Curry.

    Haunted Astolfo Beantown plushie

    LOL cant even beat the old ass spurs and needed ray allen to bail you out

    JB3 ENT

    Haunted Astolfo bean plushie Golden State couldn’t beat them either 😂

  9. pan andro

    Not a Heat fan but I love this song 👌


    Mavs fan from dallas i love this

  10. YlliksenMummo

    LeBron Time!

  11. The3rownie

    I'm not a Heat fan, but I remember this year... was really fun to watch! Good times.

  12. ジュエルズ·ヘッジホッグ影

    Breaking News:Lebrons will retire his #6 jersey in the Miami Heat rafters since he help us win those two champions.Ha Ha.But anyways Shaq jersey is going to retire in Miami also somewhere around 2016-2017.So haters pay attention there and then it will be Wade who's going to retire his #3 jersey.

  13. Markus Karl

    heat is rhe best team ever

  14. Mitt Mittens

    Damn this song goes hard. Brings back the old days of the Heat dynasty.

  15. TheNBAHistory

    Fuck the Heat.

    Heat 305

    why u here then ?


    cuz 'Merica

    Laufeton Reid

    +TheNBAHistory fuck you ur a piece of shit


    +Laufeton Reid u mad, or nah?

  16. NBAmiami heatfan

    We are going to win the championship let's go heat

  17. TuMs223

    The year this "song" came out, Mavs ANNIHILATED the Heat, they were so full of themselves, with the new "big three" joining in. Still remember game 4 of the finals, Marion forced LeBron to a 6 points game, 6... ouch. My homie Dirk, hell, he used to be such a beast... and JJ, best 6th man of the year, Chandler, best defender of the year, the Jet and Peja nailing like the 70% of the 3-pointers they shot in the playoffs. I'm gonna miss that kind of basketball, thank god we have some TEAMS still playing basketball (Spurs above all), and not that boring 1-man-carries-a-whole-team bullcrap we can see in LA with Kobe or former Miami with LBJ. I hate that. I will always laugh at those team losing.

  18. ocober8

    flash is  getting on ready for a win lets go heat  

  19. SkrattZeRat

    Lol Heat Fan base reduced by 97% today


    Yeah 97% of the Bandwagoners, Not the real fans

  20. Brobocop

    Heat fans, how did it feel to get crushed in the Finals?  Way to not stay for the whole games and boo your own team.  Can you say "bandwagon"?

    B J

    It felt good man. We were still high on tearing your hearts out. Never forget it.


    If I remember, Heat destroyed the Spurs first, then when Lebron decided to head back to Cleveland, and him and Wade and Bosh went laid back, losing to finals and getting a trade that was PLANNED.


    That's when they decided to fall to the Spurs


    +Brian Tokar Cleaveland Cavaqueers 0 NBA titles. Ringless bums LOL.

  21. Brobocop

    This song makes "Black & Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa seem like it was written by Mozart.  In essence, this song is very bad.

    Billy Jennings

    Black and Yellow represents this nation's struggle along with many Latin nations' fights to gain traction in an ever changing society. Historically, nations in Central and South America have had problems with succession. It has often been the case that a head of state or political party, while being elected more or less fairly, refuses to abdicate power at the end of their term of office. So, you get what we're seeing now in the Ivory Coast: a power struggle or stand-off between the president-elect and the strongman who refuses to give up power.
    More recently, there have been a number of paramilitary insurgencies. Consider FARC in Colombia and the modern, literal drug war in Mexico. FARC is a relic of the Cold War, a Leninist militia which has been at war with the Colombian government since the 60's. Think Che Guevara and the revolutionary mentality of Cuba under Castro. Part of the United States' policy of containment was the rather penetrating involvement in South American geopolitics in this era. By covert operations and political maneuvering, many right-leaning dictators were put in place to prevent Latin America from becoming communist. So, the U.S. has been responsible for a good deal of instability in the last half-century. Modern Venezuela under Hugo Chavez is a reaction to this history. This is shown when Khalifa says "yeah, uh huh you know what it is black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow"

    GoM LightYagami

    Dude this song is damn good

  22. Ryan Bahar

    Lets go heat. Well recover from the spurs lost and we will win next year.

    GoM LightYagami

    He's just a MJ wannabe. 

    Arvin Bahar

    Madhav says Bosh is better than Wade! Haha.

    Ryan Bahar

    dude kobe said to play basketball you need to have good teammates and pass the ball. He said so to have a good teammate you need to pass me the ball. LOL

    Arvin Bahar

    He didn't say that it was a joke that a hater made.

    Cyrill TreyGod

    @Ryan Bahar He never said that. 

  23. Pedro Samuel


    B J

    We're still here. bandwagon is gone, but I saw a championship banner in the rafters before all that, and now I see 3, not bad.

  24. Tanya Figueroa

    San Antonio spurs are Built not Bought...we already won this.. Spurs are true to them self there fans and there team mates and has respect for the game.. Black & Silver all day baby!..
    Go spurs Go!!!!

    John Ramirez V

    Couldn't have said it better my self


    "I'm Tim Duncan, and I can still dunk!" -Yao Ming layup- pfft, only Kawhi Leonard is the only good one now.

    John Jones

    Tanya Figueroa Fuck the Spurs. Cheating bums.

  25. DsMonopolyTv

    This shit is wack #210

  26. King Vlogs

    The best

  27. Matt D'Aquino


    King Vlogs

    That so correct


    Ouch, how did that work out for you?

    Let me answer that for you, it didn't. 

  28. Love Zelda

    I lv miami


    cherk the new songs miami heats all the one(miami champions

  30. Diego Apadilla

    Amo a Miami heat

  31. nbafan63

    just pointing out a fact

  32. mehran Heshami

    U aint funny

  33. Lakeva Mason

    Miami is 3-1 versus the Southwest Division of the Western Conference.

  34. Ryan Bahar

    This is an awesome song

  35. Ryan Bahar

    This is true they will also win In 2014

  36. Ryan Bahar

    This is awesome

  37. Jacob Gutierrez

    Tell Me When Miami is 6-0 in the finals, have a 72-10 season, and don't get fined for flopping!!! Chicago all the way!! You better watch out for D Rose!!

  38. nbafan63

    no shit we watch the nba

  39. Bob James

    All about l.a

  40. Awees Mohamed

    every six years mate

  41. Jeff IRL

    Miami heat' <3

  42. mrwalnuthero

    are you an idiot? he's not hating on lebron. learn to read

  43. japi abyerz

    Dallas wins the championship, when they make these cocky song :)

  44. Juliet Courtney

    Ayye I love it Miami heat 4life

  45. Carmine Cavallaro

    In the soccer: Messi, C.Ronaldo and Neymar: WE ALREADY WON

  46. Angelo Noa

    Le Bron is beast

  47. Jayden Berbert

    What I game my i dol lebron James back to back

  48. Yolanda Franklin

    69697777 you just a flatout hater like foreal get a life dumbass your saying this but buthh

  49. Yolanda Franklin

    So beast no bodycan beat them when their best

  50. Miss_Official2.0

    Back to Back....2013 Champions!! Who gon stop em...thought so!

  51. Merline joned

    heat won 2013

  52. RealGrimShady

    Don't forget the Birdman !!!


    We already won

  54. George Labuchidze

    we already won, but more rings are coming

  55. Ramsen Conti

    This just fuckin came true

  56. jonwonnell

    back to back!!!!!! time for a 3-peat next season!!!!!

  57. Tre Azcano Rewind

    We da best one!!!

  58. Alphonso U.Sales


  59. Baws400

    WE WON!!!WE WON!!!!what a game!!!MIAMI <3333

  60. Sean Liu

    we won !!! see ya~ 90% haters !!

  61. Taj S

    Ayyy we just won baby!!! #HEAT

  62. capristoexhaust1

    We won!!!

  63. radman5


  64. Ultimate Keyboard Hero

    WE WON!!!!

  65. MrMiamiswaggz305

    The only thing that is more intense than that game 6 is the position that you're in, oh lawd you got me contemplating

  66. iLaabCupcakes

    GAME 6 2013 WAS SO INTENSE. <3

  67. iLaabCupcakes

    lol it's dwyane** BUT WHEU YES WE ALREADY WON

  68. Pedro Jose Olivo Ramos

    Miami heat !!!!! Da best

  69. Yousef Ayman

    Iam from KSA and I love MH go miami the GOD with you

  70. Validated Princess

    oh well dey whooped dem dat game befo the finals

  71. Kenan delic

    LeBron Wade Bosh the BIG3 we already won the 2012- 2013 championship
    Get out Kobe

  72. marilyn holman

    you already know you cant beat the heat

  73. Susie Burger

    LET'S GO HEAT!!!

  74. Jay Jarrett

    We #1 nba playoffs chicago vs miami:)

  75. Todd Elswickk

    Pg Lebron James
    Sg Lebron James
    Sf Lebron James
    Pf Lebron James
    C Lebron James
    The best dream team ever ahhaah

  76. baily heaps

    Totally thier song

  77. Richard Fernandez


  78. TheGamer101

    you forgot mario man

  79. petkovon

    Legendary Team.

    Come to South Beach and enjoy the show!

  80. dublog68

    Pantelis Chris Anderson in the second dream team?

  81. Xre Xre

    2006 champions
    2012 champions
    2013 champions thubs up if you think is true

  82. Xre Xre

    pg Dwyane wade
    sg Ray allen
    sf LeBron james
    pf Chris Bosh
    c Chris andersen........
    the second DREAM TEAM

  83. levani

    we already won really, miami heat is the best team in the world LeBron JaMes,Dywane wade,chris boch.....

  84. Furudo Erika

    Canadian NBA Champ

    Joel "SEXUAL CHOCOLATE" Anthony


    Canadian NBA Chump

    Steve Nash

  85. zois antono

    2012 champions

  86. Anthony’s old ass videos

    LeBRon James and Dwayne wade cris bosh and maimi kick but

  87. Joel Martinez

    BIG 3 MOTHA*****S

  88. Ej Eusebio

    Lets go for repHEAT


  89. Evelyn Castro

    I love this song and let me hear you say we # 1 !!!!! 

  90. Alfredo Salgado

    GO HEAT!!!!!!!!


    im a raptor fan but i love this song

  92. Faruk Kurtović

    half of my class and me love MIAMI HEAT!!!!!

  93. Diesch Steffen

    Germans Basketballfans loves MIAMI !!!! ;DD

  94. Jovan Stankov

    tako je covece :D

  95. Borcanaaaaac


  96. MasterKillerX100

    U shouldn't, he only has one video...

  97. MasterKillerX100

    Yeah! Woop!

  98. Ralphunreal

    carmelo,STAT,Jason kidd. we already won.

  99. Ken Chuang

    meanwhile in L.A....