Flo Rida - How I Feel Lyrics

Birds flying high
You know how I feel (ooh)
It's a new day
You know how I feel (ooh)
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel (ooh)
It's a new day
You know how I feel (ooh)

Yeah, I'm a new man, baby
Your other men probably should follow my blueprint, baby
Strap on your seat, and get ready to go
You know I've been filling BeatPort
3 million feet up in the sky full of diamonds
I'm only beginning and I get the feeling
I'm behind the beat for the nighters
I got a few Miami Vices
I don't ever look at the prices
My Superbowl tickets are priceless
You know who the king of the night is
Beautiful music for you to go lower
You and your girl both work this pole
I Think I'm bipolar

Birds flying high
You know how I feel (ooh)
It's a new day
You know how I feel (ooh)
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel (ooh)
It's a new day
You know how I feel (ooh)

What a feeling I get when I throw up my fist
With somebody bigger than life
50 bottles of Luminis
Don Perignon, pop my dollars, wake up for the night
Cameras flicking, I see me
You're fixing, I'm fixing my collar
My natural height
She can get it, my whole click with it
No question, we all on this champion vibe
This is how I ride, my passenger fly
We take off in London, end up in Dubai
This is a marriage, the music my ride
My life is so lavish, you don't recognize
So let's toast to a new day in Rochan
80 million they still rollercoasting
What's the recipe to this devotion?
I got the melody, sober like couches

Who told y'all the party's over?
Well, it ain't over till I told y'all
I feel my cup running over
Tomorrow I might be sober
But oh, tonight I'm like

Birds flying high
It's a new day
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
It's a new day
And you know how I feel

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Flo Rida How I Feel Comments
  1. Alex Kámán

    Wwe survivor series 2013

  2. Zack09

    November 2019 :D

  3. Niclas Katzschner

    Jemand Deutsch

  4. Zack09

    Octubre 2019 :D

  5. yvonne green

    ok i fit u in i put like on all that support u finish others later time for me to ZZZzzzzz

  6. Reuben Singh

    Amazing song 👌💯💯

  7. Rıdvan Eren KURU

    Shut up,smoke, and relax🚀

  8. Starm-up Noelandstar

    Who's still watching this song in 2019

  9. Singing Waffles

    I dance to this song in dance classes

    And I am in love with this song❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

    Singing Waffles

    No joke


    u suck lol that was my idea lol suppoost this video for a girl haha

  11. Ethelouise Smith

    I live in Vegas, its not that exciting.

  12. Fatih Kan

    After I listened to this song in YouTube YouTube was recommending Nina Simone and I didn't even know her and it wasn't making any sense why would YouTube recommend her for no reason. I didn't even click in anything related to her but now I know she is the singer who wasn't even credited in this music clip.

  13. Fatih Kan

    Who is the singer woman at the end.

  14. Lewis Fantom

    Step 1 get fucked step 2 go to casino step 3 then spend the lot hope for the best haha

  15. Patricia Dunbar

    Already been to Vegas but I need to repeat and play this song.

  16. Krisztina

    It's still amazing, i love it, should've had bigger hype

  17. july andrea pizo bolaños

    Me encanta

  18. Monti King ERA

    Survivor series 2013

  19. Milan

    OMG LMAO i just found out now, after like 8 months, that this is the cover from Michael Buble Feeling good

  20. Exet

    Silicon Valley anyone?



  22. Reuben Singh

    Love this song 👌

  23. Blaise A.D

    Why am I only listening to this song for the first time today, yet it's about 6 years old? Ooof.

  24. Carol tezier

    The best song🥰

  25. Novas Dose

    Both this song and Michael Bublé's songs are good.

  26. WaffleShadi :D

    lol the beginning of this song tho XD

  27. Yan Portuga


  28. lookatmycakes -

    song never gets old

  29. ジノビリマヌ


  30. Ryheem singh

    rida still 2019

  31. Mr. W

    is that fcking 50cent?

  32. Brenda Vargas

    2019? ❤

    Yan Portuga

    Brenda Vargas chaaamaaaa

  33. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Flo Rida is a good singer but he never had a real woman.

  34. Gamer Bros


  35. abdulWajid

    damn this song is nearly 5 or 4 years old! I have good memories with this song...

  36. civilsanity

    Thank you, Florida

  37. Raze __

    Micheal bublè hmmmmmm

  38. Sade Byourside

    Wowww i love it...

  39. Dark_Ninja


  40. Lukas Schimik

    I wish the first 2x chorus had the same bass & beat like the last one. Sounds so much better with heavier beat. :/


    Lukas Schimik all pops songs build up with melody..the final chorus will ALWAYS be the bassist in any song

  41. Louise Gilhool


  42. Maryam7862010

    First 2019 comment 😊

  43. Maycon Silva

    2019 ♥️

  44. メルセデスネッシー


  45. Angela Owens

    This song is so underrated😒

  46. Nur Batyrova


  47. Jahvi brown


  48. Adil Shaikh

    Flo Rida is best

  49. XenopiX

    Anyone else thinking this track would have fit perfectly into 2012's The Great Gatsby? :D

  50. Laker Fan24

    Cee Lo Green does.

  51. Milan

    Thus song reminds me so much of Hunger Games: Catching Fire

  52. Klara Stopar

    *that makes me feel rich*

  53. soledad ramirez

    💃💃💃💃💃💓💃💞💃💓💃💓💃💓💃💓💃💓💃💃💓💃💞💃💞💃💑Amo esta cancion 😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋🎈🎈💞💞💞💓💃💃💃💃

  54. Blood Paws

    I love dis!

  55. Juliette Chalme

    Hehehehehehe lol

  56. Juliette Chalme

    Je danse donc je suis

  57. Juliette Chalme

    Je danse dans ma case

  58. Costta


  59. Chris Wathome

    Florida we love you

  60. Назар Янчишин

    ваще ахуєно

    Назар Янчишин

    я знаю!))0)

  61. OG AKG

    2018 and still lit🔥🔥🔥🔥☄️

  62. Zianko Chavez

    is very good

  63. Adriana Somorovská

    2:16 ❤️👌🏽

  64. Gabriel Martinez

    Esta canción merece minimo 4 billones de visitas, demasiada buena.

  65. Rosa Mottu


  66. sla png

    U know how i feel right now ?

  67. D Wattsie

    Fire...silicon valley's got the best soundtrack. Mike judge knows what's up

  68. michael maxime

    2018 any one ???

  69. William Delgado

    El que inicia la canción canta igual que chris cornell 😲

  70. Andy Jesús Castillo Mendoza

    Parte inicial de la canción de Nina Simone-Feelign Good.

  71. Mr. Davee

    2018 Summer💗

  72. Blishex Wolfette

    I miss Flo ridaaaa

  73. Akash Mandal

    RIP nina simone

  74. Dafne Vazquez

    Flo Rida eres mi cantante favorito de verdad amo tu musica

  75. Aliciab

    I remember this song from some years back and damn I’m glad I came back to listen to it 😂 it’s crazy because I was in like intermediate school and now I’m in high school and I still love this song and I will always love this song . ( and the original)

  76. ’マグロ系男子


  77. Ahila Veda

    2018 ftw!!!!

  78. bib black

    very wood 2018

  79. Ulker Akkurt

    Sesimmmmm duyanlar bari bir ise yarasinnnnnndaaaa kimse olmesinnnnn solumdannnnnn dedim ya hemmm solumm hemmm fasizimmm hem tum butunnnnnnnnn kurdolar adinaaaaaa yasadim cunku ben bunlari dedimmmmm ulker

  80. Jack Tellner

    "The third single from Flo Rida's *The Perfect 10* album was produced by DJ Frank E, who also provided the beat for the rapper's hit tune 'Whistle.' It premiered on the Miami radio station Power 96 on October 23, 2013."
    "The song samples Nina Simone's 1965 single 'Feeling Good' on the vocals and on the beat itself."
    "The official video was directed by Shane Drake (Little Big Town's 'Tornado,' Tim McGraw's 'Highway Don't Care'). It finds Flo Rida visiting Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas."

  81. Timmy Langenderfers

    babe over a doll.

  82. Menelik Rudolph

    Who’s singing the chorus?

  83. Kale Large

    this song lit fam

  84. Eray Bayraktar

    Wolfteam Karakama 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  85. péterdániel

    2017 someone?

  86. No Body

    Who's watching this in 2018??


    No Body omg me

  87. My love Crissí


  88. im bored

    I love this song!