Flight Of The Conchords - The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) Lyrics

Looking round the room,
I can tell that you
Are the most beautiful girl in the...room.
In the whole wide room

And when you're on the street
Depending on the street
I bet you are definitely in the top three
Good looking girls on the street...yeah...
And depending on the street, ooh...
And when I saw you at my mate's place
I thought what...is...she...doing...
At my mate's place
How did Dave get a hottie like that to a party like this?

Good one Dave!!!
Ooohhhh you're a legend, Dave!
I asked Dave if he's going to make a move on you
He's not sure
I said "Dave do you mind if I do?"
He says he doesn't mind
but I can tell he kinda minds
but I'm gonna do it anyway
I see you standing all alone by the stereo

I dim the lights down very low, here we go
You're so beautiful (beautiful)
You could be a waitress
You're so beautiful (beautiful)
You could be an air hostess in the 60s
You're so beautiful-ul-ul...
You could be a part...time...model

And then I seal the deal
I do my moves
I do my dance moves
Both of my dance moves
Ohh-ohh-ohh, ohh-ohh-ohh!

It's twelve-oh-two
Just me and you
And seven other dudes
Around you on the dance floor
I draw you near
Let's get outta here

Let's get in a cab
I'll buy you a kebab!
Now I can't believe
That I'm sharing a kebab with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen
With a kebab

Why don't we leave?
Let's go to my house and we can feel each other up on the couch
Oh no. I don't mind taking it slow-ho-ho, no-ho-ho, yeah.

Cause you're so beautiful
Like a, tree
Or a high-class prostitute
You're so beautiful-ul-ul...
Mmm, you could be a part-time model

But you'd probably have to keep your normal job
A part-time model!
Spending part of your time, modeling,
and part of your time, next to meeeeeeeeee!
And the rest of your time doing your normal job...
My place is usually tidier than this...

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Flight Of The Conchords The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) Comments
  1. discoverytube

    "...like a tree...or ahighclassprostitute!"

  2. Katharine Ho

    Or paws?

  3. Katharine Ho

    What's the word for no word. I'd that my new assignment? Uh?

  4. Salty

    Like a tttttreeee

  5. 3xitt

    "You could be a part-time model" :-D

  6. Jimmy KrabKlaw

    Did you walk on the outside of her?

  7. michael burton

    somehow I think his singing is influenced by Prince

  8. Wil_Hallett_Art

    The best conchards song

  9. Donavon Paige

    First Time I Saw Lin.

  10. Paddy McKeown

    Fuckin class

  11. Big Nasty

    Beez kneez doesn’t get irony— “ it’s not the taxi, it’s because his friend turned the light on” haha cracks me up.

  12. ej ej

    I told my girlfriend the other night that she could be a part-time model. She said, "You always say the nicest things!"

  13. The Ukuman Von

    2019 still listening to this song lol

  14. Amnon Sivan

    Why don't people make videos like this anymore. 😯

  15. Michael

    Yeah, we're gonna need to start a petition for season three... yeah...

  16. Khai Quan-Nicholls

    [quote from video]

  17. Tonnar Cobb


  18. Rendroc

    It’s a lot more accurate to tell a girl she‘s the most beautiful girl in the room. Odds are, she’s not the most beautiful girl in the world. There’s a lot of girls out there.

  19. mac88white - All stories on my channel

    DAMN this didn't seem so dated when I first saw it 😳😳😳


    It's a great song and "video". Who cares if its "dated", as you say?

  20. Lasmamoe

    “You’re so beautiful, like a tree.. or a high class prostitute.”

    Romance isn’t dead!

  21. Z A

    Omg this is what that that girl from peep show was doing when she left jez

  22. quivalensoth

    Your so beautiful...like a tree lol I was cracking up

  23. Walt Zamalis

    “No, stay Brett, it’s fine; it’s just like when we went out and Jermaine *was always around* “

  24. Retrovertigo

    Youre a legend Dave

  25. Isak Brunegård

    Like if you’re watching this in 2019

  26. Artemis Darmarakis


  27. Aiden K48

    the boy is me

  28. simon page

    Holy shit i love everything about these two. This is the ultimate comedy in my opinion. They make a bad day turn around into a bright happy one. Love love!!

  29. Pranav Bhasin

    Funny af

  30. Phillip Buffington

    You’re so beautiful, you could be a waitress lol

  31. Daniel Lee

    I’m eating a kebab while watching this

  32. Mo 2k

    Nim, Nim.... Fucking nim

  33. Fade Away

    This must be where tobuscus got the inspiration for his song 2nd hottest girl.

  34. Tim O'donnell

    Absolutely classic!! 👏👏👏

  35. Jazmyne Henderson

    still my fav

  36. Sofia Tsaernev

    Why was I sent this.

  37. Ponce De Leon

    "Good work Dave!"

  38. David Breeden

    This shit is awesome 😂

  39. Niphredyl

    I have an important question, is bret actually talking to his wife at the party?

  40. Trixden

    Perfect valentines tune

  41. Don Mateo

    “My place is usually tidier than this”
    Gets me every time 😂

  42. Daniel Horn

    Fun fact.... The woman Bret is talking to is his wife Hannah Clarke and the woman Jemaine walks past at 1:39 is his wife Miranda Manasiadis.

  43. Vincent LeGrowl

    I just remembered this song! It's been at least a few years since I last heard this.

  44. sMax

    The modern Shakespeare sonnet 130 lol

  45. Wusel Productions

    Me and a friend are practicing rn to play that to my bf at the weekend! I mean we have to switch girl to dude but other than that we‘re gonna keep most of it!^^

    he doesn’t know the song yet 😏

  46. SmittyToo

    It’s honestly my dream to meet them

  47. amber dessy

    And when I saw you at my mans place I thought what is she doing

    -chicken neck 2 times-

    At my Mans place

  48. amber dessy

    I dont mind taking it slooooooow oh nooooo

  49. Dhiraj Fernando

    I vote this the second funniest music video ever after Gay Bar by Electric Six.😂😂😂

  50. Doll Sugar

    A guy just serenaded me with this a few days ago

  51. Tom3ch405

    That curvy brunette to the right of Sally. ANYDAY!!!

  52. Doc91


  53. Las Personas

    Es que a ver.

  54. VKrycha

    Just me and you and seven other dudes haha

  55. PepperTroopa

    Too bad they took out my favorite line.

    “I do my moves I do my dance moves...

    Both of my dance moves...”

  56. Matt's Slot Sessions


  57. Mac Alexander

    genius genius genius

  58. 1966nz

    You’re so beautiful you could be an air hostess in the 60s...

  59. kinglau66

    Hey possible to make a subtitle for this video? I willing to volunteer for it.

  60. Travis P

    so gud I miss this

  61. cv6ady

    well Tamatoa hasnt allways been this glam, his was drab little crab once

  62. Nicola Vandyar

    you're so beautiful... like a tree ....or a high class prostitute ...you could be a part time model

  63. autotuned duck

    why do people comment lyrics from the song? ... lol we're listening to the song already. never got that.

  64. Mindy Miller

    That dude slow dancing with the wine bottle is the best thing ever !


    Is that Nancy from Peep Show

  66. Bullitain

    is that nancy from peep show?

  67. Skibble Dazzle

    "how did Dave get, a hotty like that, to a party like this .... Good one Dave ... "

  68. Sammy Pisciotta

    I love that you can see Dave nodding his head like "yeah I mind" hahaha

  69. Sarah McClanahan

    Jemaine has such a beautiful voice. I laughed at this so much, but was so impressed with J's voice. Still am :)

  70. Angelo Cipollaro

    They’re songs are legitimately amazing and beautiful

  71. Vartox

    Who dislikes this shit??? It's intelligent, and hilarious. Please anyone who disliked it, feel free to explain. I'm just totally curious

  72. Mochammad Taufan

    Love the show, love FOTC, love the Jemaine & Bret performance, HBO needs to make a show like this again

  73. zach -

    looks like Eugene Mirman at 2:11

  74. hitmanwalt

    Who’s watching in 2018?

  75. Mac n Cheese

    Dave looks like arj barker

  76. Anasyub

    shes so beautiful..... like a tree

  77. OuterHades

    Holy shit, is that the woman from Netflix‘ You Me Her?

  78. DrGhostly

    TIL NSP is actually funnier than Flight of the Conchords. Goes to show...

  79. Rayne Michael

    Sounds like a Prince parody...

  80. A name

    I much prefer this to Prince’s ‘Most beautiful girl in the world’

  81. Garek McGuinn


  82. Accidental Coleslaw

    I've literally just seen this live... SO GOOD!!!

  83. Paula

    Good one Dave!

  84. wheelieeee

    chap looks like the offspring of my pubes and shrek

  85. Karliene

    I had to show my boyfriend who played the “shiny” song guy from Moana. Now I need to buy the boxset and re-binge this glorious series.

  86. Paula

    Good one Dave!

  87. Matt A

    Phwar, it's like a sauna in here.


    She was just using him for a FREE Kebab lunch & half her taxi fare home...Typical.!!! 🌇😎📺 I love this show...I wish they'd do a new series on HBO. ✔ 👍

  89. Taciana Peric

    you are so beautiful you could be a waitress

  90. Muzaffar Krylov

    😆😆😆 Jemaine Clement is one of the funniest people in the comedy business... next to 'Britt' of course...

  91. Prociuto

    2018 ☺ stilll loving Flight Of The Conchords

  92. Rylee R

    Most passive aggressive compliments 😂😂😂

  93. Alex Olivera

    Totally Eugene Mirman at 2:06 on the left


    "spendin' part of ya time modelin'..."

  95. Alexandra Haynes

    I remember when my boyfriend sang this to me for the first time. This is by far the most goofiest but endearing song.