Flatsound - It's Sunday, April 19th And I Miss You Lyrics

When you were a child on the farm
You saw him pin her by the weight of his arms
So she left in the night when you were in bed
And took your trust when she left

You're already hurt
I'm scared that if you put your trust in me, I'll make it worse
I'll hurt you

I picked a flower from the stem
And watched it die in my hands
And I screamed, oh my god
I did it again, I'm destroying innocence

So I can't stay
And my heart's too weak to think about the way you use to say
I miss you

I miss you

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Flatsound It's Sunday, April 19th And I Miss You Comments
  1. Hireath Gacha

    Hi it's december 23 tomorrow is Christmas eve :)

  2. Amar Farooq

    It’s thursday, december 19th and I’m not sure I remember what happiness feels like

  3. Luckifoot

    It's december 5th, and i'm heading to therapy to talk about you

  4. Rasa Abramavičiūtė

    It’s monday, october 28th and I’m proud of myself that I’m still here. I’m alive ♥️ (and I miss you)

  5. grace

    its Sunday, October 27th and i wish i could see you again

  6. Valerie Rose

    Thursday, October 17th , and I am so overwhelmed by everything

  7. 壊れたy u u k i

    it's saturday, october 5th (your birthday), and i miss you...

  8. Nadia Elena

    it's sunday, 29 september, and i swear to god i would give anything just to see you

  9. Patzi Pocket

    It's Saturday,September 28 and i wish i could hug you one last time cause i miss you like hell my beloved mother

  10. Ansley Ryan

    I’m September 26th and I miss you

  11. Frostycloud

    its monday, september 23rd and im stuck here crying without you

    i dont know
    i hope you never see this but i love you
    im scared to ask if you feel the same

  12. Denise Runyon

    It's Sunday, August 18th, and I'm sorry I wasn't good enough for you.

  13. Thomas Mayer

    Can anyone explain me what they think this song is about?

  14. alexis thompson

    My brother was born on April 19th

  15. Logan Beaty

    It's Monday July 15th, a year you've been gone.

    I worry that there isn't enough time to give her what she deserves, I wonder if I begged the sky hard enough that my grandmother's soul would return to me as my daughter so I can give her the comfort she gave me my whole life.

  16. Zayn Shykh

    It's Wednesday, july 10th and i wonder if you feel the same about me.

  17. Smores Poptart

    It's Saturday, July 6th, and I'm still aching when you say you wish you didn't make me

  18. Just Shayna

    It’s July 1st and I realized I’m depressed again.

  19. S.I.S

    its sunday, june 16th and i wish i didn't miss you

  20. 恐れた

    sunday, june 16

    i fucking hate you for leaving me
    but why do i want you back

    did i say something wrong?
    was it me?

    .... do you feel the same as i do?
    crying everyday because we dont hang out together anymore?
    do you feel the same?

    i dont feel so good

  21. Polly-Esther Cotton

    My birthday is April 19th.
    I don't have a sad story

  22. C-Inder

    It's wednesday, june 5th and in a week an exam is deciding my future

  23. Ashley Brooke

    Its May 30th and theres still not a day you dont cross my mind.

  24. Flower Boom

    its thursday, may 30th, and I miss our conversations

  25. still kind

    It's Monday, March 27 and I feel heavy

  26. haley smith

    its monday, may 27 and i dont think ill ever be able to get over you

  27. Local Lover Boy

    it's sunday, May 26th and i think i'll always be in some type of love with you.

  28. 則鳴黃

    it's sunday, may 26th, and i want you back to hold me into sleep.

  29. Leverage

    Its Wednesday, may 22, and you're not the person I used to dream with

  30. Slitherin Wyvern

    It's Wednesday, May 22 and I thought it was all over

  31. Deshaun Cruz

    It's Tuesday, May 24th. I didn't know the date so I had to check. You would have called me ridiculous for not knowing what the date was. I am a mess. You never ceased to remind me. Part of me thought you liked that about me until I got too much to handle. Can't blame you. Thank you for your well made efforts. I'm a better person because of it. I hope someday you'll notice.

  32. CamSundae

    its thursday, may 9, and its another one of your birthdays you'll never get to see.

  33. Jasana

    its may 7th and i wish you didn’t ignore my text messages.

  34. Herman

    it's may 5th and i feel like i dont know where to go i just feel lost and without direction.

  35. lari

    it's sunday, may 4th and i wish you're mine

  36. Arthur Bast

    It's thursday, may 2nd, and I still remember the taste of your lips, but I also remember the color of your tears.

  37. Preston K

    Its Wednesday, May 1st and im laying next to the most beautiful girl in the world. Shes sleeping but i enjoy every minute. Sleep tight brooke🖤

  38. D R

    It’s Wednesday April 24tb and I’ve become completely indifferent.

    Deshaun Cruz

    It's when you stop wanting things, that it becomes difficult to keep going on.

  39. Anabel B.

    It's Monday, 22nd april and I don't know what I want

  40. Tess Anne

    It’s Sunday, April 21 and I wish you were here .

  41. ritwij choudhary

    Its Saturday april 20th and i wish I didn't miss you as much as i am rn

  42. NightLight Studios

    It’s Saturday, April 20th and knowing our love is on a timer and those lips I love will form the words goodbye one last time hurts as much as the fact you’re leaving and never coming back.

  43. Siti Fatimah Toms

    It's April 14, 2019. Sunday. :) Here I am missing someone as everyone in this comment section too. I dont know who he is. But I do miss him to the core of my heart. :)

  44. Kaya Spencer

    it's Tuesday, April 9th, and i'm stuck in a space of disassociation.

  45. CamSundae

    its monday, april 8 and i can't seem to remember your face.

  46. CamSundae

    honestly i just found this song but the title. the fucking title. my dad died april 19, 2015, which was a sunday too. i dont know how to feel. sad?? yes. anything else??? i have no idea. april 19... this damn day has caused me so much fucking distress. i guess i do know how to feel and it isn't happy.

    Deshaun Cruz

    R u ok?

  47. okayef ll-//

    it’s thursday, april 4th and they made me invisible.

  48. iimber

    this vid is seven years old. woah.
    mitch. god i adore your sound.

  49. red valentine

    it's sunday, march 31st, and i'm hoping to start over again

  50. VRIIX V.

    It’s March 17 and....well.... I feeel lonely.

  51. Azucena Car

    It is Wednesday, March 13th, and I'm crying, feeling numb and its horrible, life is going amazing for me yet I'm the one whose pushing people aside. I feel sad umm idk just 5 years with this and idk how to act anymore


    it's friday, march 8th and i dont feel human

  53. fiz

    it's friday, march 1st and for some reason you're poppin up in my head still.

  54. Squishy Cow

    It’s February 27th and I still can’t tell if I’ll ever happy again

  55. Datepigeon

    It's friday, february 22 and i'm wondering if you even love me

  56. The long for death

    The past months have felt like one long day, I miss your company

  57. Ava Sportsman

    it’s Tuesday, February 12 and I can’t help but hope you miss me too

  58. Zeyra Blue

    It's sunday, february 10th, and you said you would be there.

  59. Viktoriya M

    its saturday, febuary 2nd, and I'm thinking of all the things i should've said that night

  60. sarah :]

    It's Saturday, January 26th, and I still can't get over how much you've fucked me up. I still can't trust that my current girlfriend still loves me out of nowhere because of how badly you hurt me. You had a girlfriend, one of my long-time friends I've known since I was little, and the whole time I was with you, you didn't tell me. I only found out you were dating her the whole time a few months ago. I can never recover from you and how you made me feel like I had the whole world yet felt like it was collapsing on my shoulders at the same time. I can't trust people the same way I did ever again.

  61. røs

    it's Thursday, January 17th, and I wish I never met you so this grieving can stop

  62. Ella Thompson

    it’s monday, january 7th, and today you smiled at me for the first time since you left; i cried alone in the bathroom.

  63. Lynn Al tarabichi

    it's Thursday, January 3rd, and i forgive you.


    It's friday, december 21st and I wish I could forget that we would've made it to 3 years in three days..

  65. feenyx blue.

    Its Tuesday, December 4th, and I still wish you loved me like you loved him.

  66. chacha safira

    its tuesday, december 4th, and im waiting for someone who doesnt come yet.

    ps: he's somebody's boyfriend.

  67. Matt Silver

    It’s Monday, December 3rd, and I wish you’d at least look at me.

  68. lilchikin

    It’s Thursday November 29th and I hurt everywhere. My anxiety ripped the air out of my lungs and laughed in my face. My tears burn my eyes and feel like two little waterfalls that won’t stop flowing soon. It’s hard to breathe.its hard to feel. It’s hard to sleep.

    I just want sleep. Please. Let me sleep

  69. novembeby

    it's friday, november 9th, and i try to accept myself and the fact that i didn't need to fix every little piece of me just to be enough for somebody.

  70. Lil_Intro_Vert.

    It's thursday, November 8th, and i wish i could feel something

  71. PJR

    it's tuesday, november 6 and i shidded

  72. Sad summer wine Sad flowers garden

    It’s sunday, October 21, and I’m still waiting for you to come back to me...

  73. shadow

    its friday, september 28th and i'm about to hit them with that yeet

  74. Leata

    It's Friday, 14th of September, and I'm scared nothing will ever be the same anymore between us when you come back.

  75. alejandro

    havent felt emotion in a while, kinda get happy when i cry because i can actually feel something

  76. eve mockridge

    it's monday, september 10th, and i'm still petrified of not being good enough for you.

  77. Lela Clark

    it's sunday, september 9th and i miss you but i found someone new. someone who cares. i've completely blocked you from my life because i couldn't take it anymore. you were destroying me. i'm not sorry.

  78. kingdirtgoblin

    its sunday, september 3rd, and i wish you felt the same.

  79. mia angelina

    its wednesday, august twenty second and my window is still open. come home.

    Deshaun Cruz

    This one hurt the most

  80. anna isabella

    it’s thursday, july 12th and i am in love with you

  81. Charisse Hisoler

    it's sunday, july 8th and you asked not to talk again as if it's the easiest thing to do

  82. corner cryptid

    it's Wednesday, June 27th, and I wish you were here with me

  83. renog

    april 19th was the day before avicii died. i wanna cry.

  84. emo mother

    it’s monday, june 18th, and i feel like i could see myself falling in love with you but you and i want different things and i know one day you’ll leave and find someone who can give you those things.

  85. JadeIsAGem

    It's Saturday, June 16th, and compared to three years ago, I've finally accomplished being happy.

  86. Amber Young

    it's friday, june 15th and i still wish you were here

  87. Jay Brown

    It's Sunday, June 10, and you're never coming back.

  88. Gina Gonzalez

    its thursday June 8th, and after all this time I've realized I still love you. Its engraved in me so deeply and yet I still don't understand how/why I do.

  89. Kozan

    it's monday, may 28th, i'm sad and crying

  90. NightLight Studios

    It’s Saturday, may 26th, and the memories I hold deep within my heart are tearing me apart because I know I’ll never get to relive them again, and the people I once knew are never coming back.

  91. Reet

    It's Thursday, May 24th and I'm moving on

  92. Whateverxox

    It’s Saturday, May 19th, and I’m trying to hold on to my happiness for as long as I can

  93. holy hells

    it's Monday, may 14th and all I can think about is watching myself crash and burn.

  94. D Grace

    It's Monday, April 30th and I wish you hadn't left me alone in this world. Come back..

  95. oceania

    it's april 25th and i wish i could just vanish

  96. Mavi Kartozu

    it's sunday, april 23rd and i feel alone


  97. isaac

    it's sunday april 22nd & i've thrown it all away & lost sense of who i am.

  98. Andjela Popov

    It's Saturday, april 21. and I've hurt you again...

  99. Dina Oktaviana

    It's Saturday, April 21st and i cry listening to this song.

  100. arnold philip canlas

    It's Friday, April 20, and I still feel empty since the day you decided to leave, but I know things will get better eventually, because it just cant get any worse than this.