Flack, Roberta - See You Then Lyrics

Part of a dream
Still hurting
Hurting in my left eye
And I know I'm gonna have to make
A last try
But if I'm back in California
Before the snow flies
I'll see you then

I got no plans aside from living
Living till tomorrow
And I'm gonna run on every minuet
Every minuet
That I can borrow
And when I pay back all my dues
And lose the sorrow
I'll see you then

Lost, yes, I'm lost
Lost forever
Beyond your help and tender kindness
I cannot see beyond, beyond my cherished blindness

You must admit
we really, really had a nice time
There was moment after moment
Before the love died
And if I never kiss you lips
Again, on this side
I'll see you then
See you then

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Flack, Roberta See You Then Comments
  1. D. Pogs

    Sweet Gold Honey Soul ❤️

  2. Bill Crane

    Johnny River's version is better. It's on his ROAD L.P.

  3. Laurence Bigelow

    She is nothing short of beautiful!

  4. Huxley Giffard

    Such a Beautiful voice

  5. brian cowling

    Ray Charles version from `volcanic action of my soul` - just superb - try it !! brian.

  6. OtherTwin

    hope you are well beautiful lady stay young forever vinny x

  7. wendy beserra

    Just beautiful. What a gift !!!!

  8. H S K

    Does anybody have the chords for this beautiful song?


    Cuando reflexionas sobre cual es la cancion mas sublime en voz de Roberta Flack no sabes si es See you Then o Just Like a Woman. Hermosa seleccion....

  10. Nynthlyfe9

    And yet another great Jim Webb song. Roberta does these wonderfully.

  11. Nomsa Dladla

    This song...

  12. Yvonne Williams

    Too beautiful for words..Now I really need to buy a turntable so I can ply all those great old songs I have on records..

  13. Queen Victoria The Queen from EAMTradio

    Such a beautiful song!

  14. Vincent Edwards

    thank you  so much for this dear Roberta   love and peace forever   vinny edwards

  15. Thomas J O'Connell

    reply back to me and Ill give you the details off how to (legally) d/l stuff if your stuck

  16. Thomas J O'Connell

    Its from the album 'Quiet Fire' you should be able to get it on Amazon or on play.com. should be able to d/l it free using mp3 rocket.

  17. OtherTwin

    so beautiful thank you for this post love and peace to you and yours j vincent edwards

  18. Jill Hayling

    I will love this song forever

  19. rickrode9

    This song totally reminds me of my late husband. It's been awhile now since he passed, but this song brings me right back. I always catch my breath with this one, and get a few tears in my eyes still. He was so very nice to me. He was my "cherished blindness".

  20. Pat Anderson

    Love this song,I wish I could order her CD's!!!!

  21. James Bannister

    such a beautiful, beautiful song. such a beautiful, beautiful voice. puts me in another world. absolutely love it. my favorite song.

  22. Eric Zogbi

    My feet don't touch the ground anymore...

  23. Beverlee Henri-DuBois

    This is awesome, thank you for posting. You probably have Sunday & Sister Jones too - would you consider posting??

  24. Pamela Cotton Vlog

    yes! i got this jam! i would give just about anything to sing one song with Ms. Flack! 4 real...

  25. muzzt73

    rick Howard fully flared

  26. muzzt73

    jimmy webb is a genius
    try The Moons a Harsh Mistress even more classic(Sung by Joe Cocker GlenCampbell(when he could sing)...Judy Collins to name a few

  27. muzzt73

    jimmy webb is a genius

    Clark Snyder

    Yes he is!

  28. Jernan Smith

    I can still hear my daddy playing this on a Saturday morning.

  29. Thomas J O'Connell

    Is this one of the classiest and most beautiful songs you've ever heard or what?

    Pamela Holden

    Most definitely! I was bearly a teen when I bought Quite Fire... It has been a source of infinite strength and absolute pleasure throughout these 50+ years. Thank you Ms Flack, for so much.💕💔💗

  30. Hakeem WILLIAMS

    Where is Men ???????????????

  31. Hakeem WILLIAMS

    Do you have her song Men?

  32. Daniel Benboe