Five Finger Death Punch - M.I.N.E (End This Way) Lyrics

Everybody hurts
Everybody bleeds
Everybody bends to fill a need
Everybody's born with their own curse
And I'm not alone

Everybody cries
Everybody breathes
Everybody wants to feel they're free
Deep inside I know what I am worth
A life of my own

It could have been much worse
But it should have been better

I know I'd hurt you, deserted you
And now I see it clear
I pulled you closer, tighter
'Cause I knew you'd disappear

I just can't compromise, apologize
There's nothing you can say
We both knew
It would always end this way

Everybody pains
Everybody grieves
Everybody's making off like thieves
Every soul's aching for release
You're not alone

Everybody lives
Everybody leaves
Everybody begs best on their knees
Everybody's got the same disease
No one's alone

It could have been much worse
But it should have been better

I know I'd hurt you, deserted you
And now I see it clear
I pulled you closer, tighter
'Cause I knew you'd disappear

I just can't compromise, apologize
There's nothing you can say
We both knew
It'd always end this way

Knew it'd end this way
We knew it'd end this way

I know I'd hurt you, deserted you
And now I see it clear
I pulled you closer, tighter
'Cause I knew you'd disappear

I just can't compromise, apologize
There's nothing you can say
We both knew
It would always end this way

We both know
It'd always end this way

We both knew
It would always end this way

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Five Finger Death Punch M.I.N.E (End This Way) Comments
  1. Cynthia Serrato

    Good song 💃

  2. Andrey Ivanov


  3. Brooklyn 2020

    Wow I’m not alone

  4. Kendall McKean

    This is my song of I'm feeling right now my girlfriend who was my high school sweetheart and I broken up again and I knew it was going to end it was the righting on the wall I whished it would have not happened

  5. Jon Chaney

    Going through some shit with My Wife, so the Chorus is Hitting Me Hard!!!

  6. Hollow Beck

    My sister has had some troubles with her BFF and her not being there. She BFF will go off and be eith other people and my sister, being who she is, has nobody else to habg out with. I keep telling her that their friendship will only get worse. Her friend just got into a relationship and now my sister is the third wheel. Not only that, but she liked the boy her friend is with and her friend knew that. Her friend is also a little violent and is mean and controling to my sister. I told my sister to sit down and listen to this song. She paused it and said, "Stop it. Just stop it." She looked as if she was holding back tears. I said, "If (friend's name) continues doing this I'm going to talk to her for you." She rolled her eyes and left the room, obviously annoyed but she knew I got her six

  7. nyan panda gamer 57

    ffpd gets me through my depression

  8. Bryan Carpenter

    I been hurt to many times by ppl I loved and cared about and I'm scared to get hurt again it's very painful everyday to where there is a sword in my chest thts will never go away due a "best friend" I used to see and it hurts a lot to the point of just crying thts how much I loved my best friend

  9. Gone Forever

    I knew you’d disappear .......😭 zoz?

  10. Breana Irene


  11. daniel holcomb

    Everyone talks about how good this song is but I think all his songs are good


    Nooo... seriously!?

  12. Meliodas Gaming

    I will never abandon this band. When I went through a questionably dark part of my life I listened to FFDP. What people who hate on bands like this is they dont listen to the lyrics. I feel hard in love with the music this bands puts out. And they have a lifelong fan. To Ivan, Zoltan, Chris and the others....rock the heck on brothers.

  13. blank

    I don't know why this song makes my heart hurt

  14. Eric Lee Vanostran

    Love you Mel hear i come meet you on the other side ride or die for ever

  15. John Halias

    5FDP seems like one of those bands who could be heavy metal, but theres also a hint of reality songs (feelings and real life issues) and just casual rock. I like!


    But they are metal technically, not casual rock. You seem to have your genres mixed up.

    John Halias

    @Mortchen possibly. But this band isnt like screaming jibberish, but screaming whilst listing issues in reality. I mean, u obviously heard Wrong Side of Heaven yea? There u go

  16. Alexis Arts

    2019 and this song still gets to me every time....

    OP x Chillz

    Boom.... exactly

  17. James Ervin

    It chapter 2 Eddie death

  18. Aaron Myers

    My cousin was hit by a drunk driver

  19. ivan71natalia76

    Magnifique!!! Merci...

  20. Diego Harold Duvergé

    Underrated music

  21. Dreaded Tactician

    I listen to ffdp while baking to balance my masculinity back out.

    Frisbee Gaming

    theres a meme somewhere about cooking and cleaning being gender neutral life skills, but i dont have it lol. FFDP is good baking music though :D

  22. The King Of Kings


  23. ecseler

    Enjoy the silance

  24. Tracyshell Walton

    Deep Inside life on my own

  25. Tracyshell Walton

    Every one lives , every one leaves

  26. Teodor Gereb

    Love from ROMANIA! 5FDP and Disturbed are my favorite bands ever!


    j'adore ce groupe

  28. Diego Leite

    Som foda!!!! #Brasil

  29. Ashton Pochatko

    Very few people can say they listened to ffdp since they dropped the way of the fist. Just saying!!! If you are a day one hit that love button

    OP x Chillz

    Yeah I've been listening all together since hard to see wich was posted about 10 years ago and also my dad has a never enough tattoo on his arm!

    Kerry King

    I seen them in 2007 at Freakers Ball in Grand Prairie, TX, I was in the Pit near the stage. I loved FFDP then and I love them now...

  30. PennywiseTDC98

    I hope they perform this powerful track when I see them on the 27th of next month.

  31. VaajpaOfficial

    I suffer from heart break and depression and this song hits harder than a bullet

  32. Ema albarqi

    Saudi arabia loves youuu

  33. King Cobra

    What a song! My new favorite this song is one of the very few that gave me a chill up my spine!

  34. Sethe Johnson

    I wish they put this on rock band 4

  35. Sweet Chawaa

    So fucking powerful ! What an amazing band that deserves love and support <3

  36. Brandon vayer

    I came here to listen to music why is everyone telling emotional stories wtf

  37. Trevor Kremenliff

    Everybody begs best on their knees....

  38. Matthew Bruce

    My sadness brought me here..

    Tracyshell Walton

    It should have been better

  39. It’s FrostyWolf

    Almost sound like a Metallica song

    Josiah M

    Same genre. First time listening to metal?

  40. Grete Fjordbakk

    I love this song

  41. Haiden LaRoe

    Still listening after some years

  42. Justin Palinkas

    got a tattoo of "everybody's born with their own curse"

  43. Eric Ingersoll

    On December 12 2006, My son died in a horrible drunk driving crash. It took 13 years for me to quit drinking.....FFDP helped me get through some horrible times.
    Thank you all.
    In memory of
    Wes Doyle Conkle

    Daniel Belay

    Damn brother, deepest condolences to you and yours. We are all here for you.


    Omg I was just told you drank I didn't even know the story. I feel so bad. Keep up the good work

    Tyler Klein

    Eric Ingersoll very sorry for your loss

    Jacob Treuer

    This song speaks volumes for people like this. Sorry for your loss. Congrats on your sobriety.

    Mariusz Chruszcz

    Feel whit you.. sorry you

  44. Tracyshell Walton


  45. TheFlyingSquirrel

    "It could've been worse, but it should've been better." is a great summary of history.

  46. Angel Le

    I love this voice so much. i heard it everyday

  47. Roquera

    Love it..!! 🤟🖤🇵🇷

  48. Sami Voss

    My Fukn Jerk... ♥

  49. Sami Voss

    omw home... xoxo
    c u soon Sin.


    I love this song😥

  51. Koby Luckey

    Damn this song hit hard ive been deppresed for years everyone has their oen way to deal sith shit i used to cut i still do sometimes but ffdp has always been their their songs helped me threw some tough times "no ones alone"❤

    The NKG

    i agree may the Lord help you through your hard times and my blessings

  52. Kimberly Sagastizado

    2:40 that scream and guitar solo 🥺

  53. Voxy Toyota


  54. Ilexury Vlogs

    Listen it on 2x speed it sounds sick!

    Superbeastyo 4

    Sounds like shit

    Ezra Schaeffer

    1.25x is good :)

  55. Sebastian Foster

    This song is my favorite everytime i listen to this song i think of my ex girlfriend

  56. Роман Луньов

    I'm listening for only this song during 3 days

  57. Jay Bisser

    This song gives me chills.. I don't ever brag about overcoming addiction, because i know it only takes a moment to throw it all away..

    Bryan Jones

    I know the feeling man 3 years clean and I know one wrong move and I could throw it all away

  58. Mark Bouchard

    This song is deep!! Its an awesome jam..

  59. Flower Power

    обожаю это лучшее в моей жизни!


    Omg they never disappoint, I've only been listening to ffdp for about a month already purchased 3 albums, i can't get enough.

    yeetus reetus

    M.I.N.E = More Is Never Enough :D


    Amen to that.

  61. Jmag 05

    Definitely one of the most emotional and best songs by this band

  62. Stephanie Barnette

    Best listened to by Bluetooth

  63. Colton_Kaz 2004

    This song would go great with Avengers Infinity War

    Ben Hawk

    No it wouldn't lmao, the lyrics don't fit at all

  64. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    The guitars... AMAZING.
    Wow i didn't know how much i missed this song

  65. toeder420

    I fire up my BBQ grab a Coors light and crank this song on my bluetooth speaker.

    - ChainedStatues

    Is that before or after you remove your tampon? C light? Whiskey and Guinness or you have a vagina...probably.

  66. nightcore 1999

    🤘Ihr seid echt großartig. Eure Lieder gehen Unter die haut👍😎 Gruß aus Deutschland

  67. Austin Hartzler

    That first verse hits me really hard. And by the end of the song, im on the verge of tears. FFDP always has amazing music, weather its the loud, fast and awesome stuff they do. Or the slower, calmer, more emotional stuff they do, they never disappoint me. they're music has helped me so much, and they are truly an inspiration. They will always be my favorite band. FFDP forever✊

    Legend 117

    The line

    'Everyone is born with a curse'

    Is so hit me hard

    The NKG

    me 2 FFDP forever

  68. LostInTheSunshine

    Anyone else co-parenting? ....ouch.

  69. Paul Barnes

    I relate to this

  70. Hitnrun 66

    good song

  71. Douglas Rodrigues

    Como assim não chegou a 1 milhão? Ffdp merece muito mais reconhecimento

  72. carlos moura

    #Brasileiros ?

    Rodrigo Frazão

    Minha rola

  73. Rob Wright

    Not enough for all of that hell she gave me

  74. Rob Wright

    I do know what I'm worth

  75. Claira Dobbs

    Listening to this from Missouri USA bad ass song

  76. メサrxventxns


  77. James Lord

    M.ore I.s N.ever E.nough

  78. Ромка и ReD волк пик. Ден

    I love you 😘

  79. Thomas Hernandez

    I never heard of these boys until a year ago and they jam. And this is one of my favorites by them.

  80. Mystic Unigon

    Omg, it's scary how I can hear the person singing this who did this exact thing to me. What's scarier is that he sounds almost exactly the same when he sings. He wanted too much from me but knew he couldn't have it. My friendship wasn't good enough and it caused me to leave and also break a promise (which I can't stand to do), but I couldn't stay where I felt uncomfortable and so I left.

    The NKG

    have to do whats right for you sometimes

  81. Ромка и ReD волк пик. Ден


  82. Ромка и ReD волк пик. Ден

    I love you!!!! I'm 6 years

  83. Sinisa Slijepcevic

    good song

  84. S.P. King M

    Saying what most bands/songs .....cant.

  85. Espíritu

    Finally. I couldn't find this song for years on years.
    Thank you Five Fingers Death Punch, thank you so much. <3

  86. Jessica Workman

    I cry Everytime I hear this song! But God, Ivan soothes my soul!

  87. Mike Umbel

    Ffdp is the last real metal band and I want to say thank you

  88. hoffi196696

    Einfach die besten Jungs 🇩🇪

  89. Frederick Woid

    Kind of sums up my life love this song

  90. CarrieShellie M Warner

    M.I.N.E = MOR IS
    NEVR ENOUGH; this speaks the truth: Evrybody hurts Evrybody bleeds
    Evrybody bends 2 fill a need
    Evrybody's born with their own a curse
    & I'm not alone
    Evrybody cries
    Evrybody breathes
    Evrybody wants 2 feel they're FREE❢❢❢❢.. This was deeply satisfying one of my fav. songs/Luvin this song/I can relate 2 this song✞ღ✝❣❢❢ッ...

  91. Jim Granger Sr

    I love u five finger death punch and I'm 13

    Jackson Hargrove

    Yea you'll understand them someday truly, not now

    Jackson Hall

    hell ya

    Zachary mayzes

    Ive been lovin them sense 11 and im 14


    You're 13 and you're someone's senior?

  92. Jim Granger Sr


  93. max song

    one of my favourite band.another is marilyn manson. china

  94. lej-down gasp

    This song could be in final battle in Avengers II

  95. xk13

    One of the best ballads ever. So powerful! \m/

  96. Rock4070

    As a person that recently experienced heartbreak i can relate to this song. That's in the past.


    Same man, I was diagnosed with depression after and was prescribed to the most powerful anti depressant and me and her broke up 5 months ago worst 5 months ever and I’m still depressed and on the most powerful anti depressant. I felt like I would never become non depressed but I did believe in her and I knew she was lost and wasn’t herself I even prayed and she said she’ll give me a second chance. So I guess what I’m saying here is stay strong and stay in it, they’ll either come back if you want them too or it’ll get better either way

    Holden Schneider

    XxFALCON xX depressed depressed depressed depression anti depressants


    Holden Schneider yeaso

  97. Matthew Bruce

    Masterpiece, very deep song

  98. Ziva

    Dat voice <3