Five Finger Death Punch - Mama Said Knock You Out Lyrics

Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rocking my peers
Putting suckers in fear
Making the tears rain down like a monsoon
Listen to the bass go bomb
Explosion, overpowering
Over the competition, we're towering
Record? Shock
When I drop these lyrics that'll make you call them cops (what)
Don't you dare stare,
You better move (move)
Don't ever compare us
To the rest that are all get sliced and diced
Competition paying our price

I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out
[Repeat 4x]

Shadowboxing when I heard you on the radio
I just don't know
What made you forget that I was raw?
But now I got a new toy
I'm going insane, starting a hurricane releasing pain
Letting you know you can't gain or maintain
Unless you say my name
Rippin', killin', diggin' and drillin' a hole
Past your soul



Mama said knock you out
[Repeat 4x]

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Five Finger Death Punch Mama Said Knock You Out Comments
  1. Dolppi

    The boom. It makes my adrenaline pop through the roof.

  2. Kyle Wedge

    Kyle drinks beer and kicks down doors

  3. Miles r Hahn Jr

    I love listening to five finger death punch and tech nine

  4. Jack Allport

    Ll cool Js version to this, is, wow..

  5. Cinnamon Toast Kool-aid

    God dammit I called it a comeback

  6. Theo The Music Lover.

    This is starting to make me like Tech n9ne

  7. Zakariah Williamson

    i made my bully listen to this then i knocked him out

  8. veljolock

    If mama says knock you out, you knock out.
    No questions, no hesitatiton.

  9. Court H

    love this song

  10. Jed Ikachi

    I play this when i drive the bus off-road to take the shortcut to school.

  11. Pelinal Whitestrake

    I could see the Military using this in a recruitment ads for the Army,Marines,AF,Navy,and CG

  12. Sean Schaefer

    I was expecting a really crappy cover of this this song but it was actually good.

  13. Buster Honeycutt

    Yeah well she's an old dope head anyway

  14. Máté Marosi

    Ivan will knock you out with his five finger death punch

  15. enchanted whispers legion

    Omg you guys so i am in the hospital because i knocked my brother so he took my dad rifle and shot my foot.. and that fucking hurt and now i can hear my dad yelling at my brother.. some good'ol sibling love, but best of all i dont have to go to school🤣🤣

    enchanted whispers legion

    Orr tried


    enchanted whispers legion can we get an F in the chat?

    enchanted whispers legion

    @Alastor F

  16. Thomas Johnson

    #nolifeshaq Metal Head Shaq

  17. SRT Ray

    I let my cat listen to this

    Now his a Lion

  18. Floppychzcake

    8 year olds playing wii sports

  19. Stephanie Gore

    Best cover.

  20. Cindy Mell

    That's right

  21. Frank Waldegg

    This i like a wet dream i had for a while

  22. Jazmine Prince

    Me this morning

  23. 40 Block Studios

    Dirt covered this song 15 years ago.

  24. Puppy Wuppy

    Where TF did tech come from?

  25. Nipnob Slopcob

    Mama can suck her herion patches with a straw

  26. Alec Barber

    I listened to this while I was beating my girlfriend

    Now she's dead

  27. Alec Barber

    I let myself listen to this

    It was bad

  28. turtle gamer101

    My family love you guys we know all your songs

  29. Breanne Venn

    This is so terrible! How da fuq did they talk tech into this?

  30. John Halias

    When Goku gets mad from Jiren almost killing his friends

  31. Coffie Tarwind

    Evaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. James Schmidt

    My speaker is turned all the way up....and it’s still not loud enough...

  33. Melzaur

    Ghidorah me getting my ass kicked by Heavy Metal Godzilla/Gojira

  34. MegaMikss

    БРАВО / BRAVO !!! 🖤❤️🖤

    Hails & Cheers from Serbia 👍🏻 🇷🇸 🍻

  35. DOOM GUY

    My m1a1 Abraham's listened to this

    Now he's a transformer blowing everything Michal bay style near my house

  36. PRună

    i came here after nightblue come back

  37. Pretzel. Clo


  38. Dr. Croc.

    My gecko listened to this. She’s a Komodo Dragon now

  39. Kimberly Ritchie

    I like this version better, although my dog hammer has not heard it yet. I think he will turn into Thor's hammer when he hears it.

  40. Janna Lorette

    This is so the cookie monster !!! Maybe animal but he doesn't know a lit of wyrds

  41. black Silveronxy majestic llcol

    All the work where her pay dino Lindsey ect Delores

  42. black Silveronxy majestic llcol

    Move keep out f u

  43. Judy Moody

    I used to be Trey Parker

    Now I'm Eric Cartman and you will Respect My Authority or else I'll knock you out

  44. broodjebakpao1994

    This song makes me wanna take a big fat dump.😤😤

  45. rhyso oberding

    This is PR hitting music. Hit all my current lifting PRs to this. It slaps

  46. Aiden Fry

    man i love how they can do a cover so well that most people don't know its a cover!

  47. Sili Cookie

    I made my 3ft tall midget friend listen to this

    By the end of the song he was 7ft tall

  48. darkness is imprisoning me

    That was beautiful😢😢😢

  49. Jeffrey Mullikin

    my "insert family member, partner, pet, etc." listened to this

    "insert event" happened

    Jeffrey Mullikin

    fucking just stop yall, seriously, nobody cares, you arent funny, you're just fuckin retarded, like the song and shut up, this isn't some hackjob comedy hour

    Darth Bogdan

    Woah, calm down Jeff. Let the people have their fun, no need to get your knickers in a twist over it.

  50. GamingWithJesus

    Kyle listened to this...

    Now he is a viking

  51. RIGaming7110

    I let my cats listen to their saber tooth tigers...

  52. Jacek Wałasiewicz

    this goes hard as fuuuck

  53. maggotmusic757


    ..Tech N9ne just lost cool points.....

  54. Michael Miller

    When you pick up rage in Doom.

    Madara Uchiha

    Bro agreed

  55. Evan Thornhill

    You Are So Good I Like This Song

  56. Eric Smith

    My mom died of stage 4 lung cancer

    Merit Host

    I send my condolences to your mother.

  57. When I run out of coke

  58. Dean River

    Good song when you're battling a stubborn turd.

  59. daniel wilson

    This is so stupid

  60. furry fan

    My cat loves this

  61. LouAnnBerchtold213/Hamster Lover

    I like to listen to this when I want to beat the shit out of someone 😂😂

  62. TheAtonne

    Oh fuck yeah. This is pure rage music. Put it on, strap up and get ready to fuck your enemy's shit up baby!!

  63. Cody Rogers

    Tom bradys like Bill said knock you out

  64. Griffin Herlyn


  65. Gojifan67

    lmfao gay AF

  66. kristianleader11

    I let my bunny listen to this....

    Now I got bugs bunny...

    sad potato

    lol at 3am in a dark corner you just hear, ''Ahhh whats up doc"


    mine tered to big chungus

  67. Elix

    When you fight the big robot in The New Colossus

  68. Jamie Melton

    Great fight or workout song!

  69. PA MMJ

    Am I the only fucking person that finds this to be the most cringe worthy thing on the internet right now

  70. connor Mann

    Rob Halford: am I a joke to you

  71. Henry Carroll

    fan of both artists, but this is ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  72. Only me

    Minds me of jusse n I watching secret life of pets...good time

  73. John Halias

    I let a campfire listen to this

    He burned down a continent

  74. Tom Degand

    Zoidberg sums this up nicely...

  75. AssassinEmbers

    me when i see the BABYMETAL haters

  76. FBI17490

    I listen to this on the 🚌

  77. janderson9413

    I listened to this and now I'm a republican who hates black people lol xD

  78. Macker

    let my 1 inch penis listen to this know its 5 feet

  79. Edgar Butcher

    Tech should make more metal collabos

  80. Karen Hylton

    I listened to this in my Honda .... now it’s a Harley 😂


    not really funny?

    Karen Hylton

    Macker 😂

  81. Derek Knopp

    I let my pet rat listen to this now he is training 4 turtles to be ninjas

  82. Jeremy Landfill

    Is anyone here just for tech n9ne I am

  83. Trisha Cabral

    Rock it five finger death punch

  84. Jacob Caswell

    Sounds like doom.

  85. WoreWhores _

    Seareax: Mama said eat yo ass ×4

  86. Mr. Cheese

    Tech N9ne Plus Slipknot ✔️
    Tech N9ne Plus SOAD ✔️
    Tech N9ne Plus FFDP ✔️
    Tech N9ne Plus A7X ❌
    Tech N9ne Plus KoRn ❌
    Those 2 last features would be phenomenal.

  87. Gene Lariv

    My mama said knock you out!

  88. Nelson Vega

    Mama said you getting FUKKED up!

  89. evilgame /michael sperling

    Friday of the 13 song

  90. Kapws KapwsAlliws

    I let my glass of water listen to this.....

    ... now the water melted the glass

  91. 01_0 swiggity swooty

    I let my dog listen to this... Nothing happened he is still a dog and i just wanted to copy some comments

  92. Glenn Hertel

    The Wrong Side Of Heaven.

  93. Glenn Hertel

    Mama Said Knock You Out.

  94. Lifelessweeb 34

    FFDP+Tech N9ne=Gold

  95. Jeffrey Lemere

    Anyone else hear Tech N9ne at 1:14 to 1:38? sound like it, but I could be wrong.

    Zedus 123

    It says it on the title

  96. Trisha Cabral

    Nice I like it so much