Five Finger Death Punch - Battleborn Lyrics

Once upon a time
I swore I had a heart
Long before the world I know
Tore it all apart
Once upon a time
There was a part of me I shared
Years before they took away
The part of me that cared

I've been a thousand places
And shook a million hands
I don't know where I'm going
But I know just where I've been
I've flown a million miles
And I've rode so many more
Everyday a castaway
A vagabond battle born

I'm battle born

Once upon a time
I had an open point of view
But that was just so long ago
Before I had a clue
Was there such a time
Where I didn't stand alone
Was there ever a time
And how would I have known

Been a thousand places
And shook a million hands
I don't know where I'm going
But I know just where I've been
I've flown a million miles
And I've rode so many more
Everyday a castaway
A vagabond battle born

(Attention all passengers,
Flight 555 now departing from Las Vegas to London.
Please have your passports and boarding passes ready.)

I've been a thousand places
And shook a million hands
I don't know where I'm going
But I know just where I've been
I've flown a million miles
And I've rode so many more
Everyday a castaway
A vagabond battle born

Been a thousand places
And shook a million hands
I don't know where I'm going
But I know just where I've been
I've flown a million miles
And I've rode so many more
Everyday a castaway
A vagabond battle born

I'm battle born
I'm battle born

Everyday a castaway
A vagabond battle born

Battle born

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Five Finger Death Punch Battleborn Comments
  1. America Dude

    The comments are brutal but thx for service vets

  2. Spike Lowry

    When I was at Benning I would sing this while i was running for the PT test.

  3. jim spurlock

    Ever person should have to join military

  4. Ian Queteím Porta

    The firsts seconds of this Song remember me a The walking Dead jaja

  5. UnknownGamer

    Why is this song both in American capitalist’s playlist and wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell vol 2’s playlist too lol. So American capitalist is missing a song in the playlist

  6. ひCurlHed650

    Jk Gamers ?

  7. Neil Friedel

    This is definitely one of those songs that tugs me at the core.

  8. Ashley Steele

    This song hits home for alot of people thank you for doing this song it means alot to me and I know alot of other people you guys have my respect and screw anyone who has a problem with this song

  9. Cyglox


  10. Arie Pratama

    2:42 this video is too old, they still using an iPhone 4 😄

    Samu_CFH flames

    This song is from 2013 lol remember when i started to listening to them back in 2012 good /hard days

  11. Odie Ghoul

    This band is the metal equivalent of Nickelback

  12. Justin Cooper

    I gotta thank these guys for making music like this.they don't over make or synthesize the music,and they put a certain nostalgia to songs like this one, and I like that I can almost instantly recognize their songs because of that.

  13. TRVP G

    This is like church music for vets


    Ivan moody is one of the greatest vocalist ever to live. Who's with me

  15. Danny Gambrel


  16. Tirone Haimanchandra

    War mommy..and u cant talk anymore.

  17. Cora Rice

    It's disappointing that this video has 61 million views and only 211k likes. Where are all the fans?

  18. Ghostbusters Runic Society

    This song reminds me of my father, who was in the Army for 8 years, he served two terms during the Vietnam War. He was a Staff Sergeant. Also his brother Harold was also a Marine and served during the same time as well. My dad was been having some health issues as of late and he had to have apart of his left leg, amputated just above the knee. My thanks and honor goes out to all those who serve.

  19. Pokaru’s Sandstone

    Can someone please pop the blow up doll

  20. Frank Tremblay

    He who controls water controls life


    i am a just a mecanical of maintence, ours are my gods

  22. jking kingsbury

    Still love this song in 2020🤘🤘🤘

  23. Sabastion Downs

    I respect everyone with different opinions than me... unless their opinion is that they don't like FFDP

  24. dike suicidle

    One day before 2020. When the ball drops im gonna blast this

  25. Miranda Ahnström

    This song is to all parents out there to take best Care of your children❤❤❤

  26. Patricia Saluti

    I Love Them.

  27. Shawn McIntosh

    Da boyzzzz rockin'


    kid: why
    Dad: we got bigger speakers downstairs

  29. Brittany Tinney

    I just wanted to report the whole crew is well and the baby is alive. I shouldn't have written that. They are telling me I saved a lot of a lives again.

  30. Brittany Tinney

    If you see the lead singer tell him I gave birth as a POW to Spikes baby, Lottie Will's daughter is also mine and I am pregnant with number three. He was just telling me through the wire that I am beautiful. We would sing together and he is a huge fan of My Zombie cover he says I did it justice. I was headed up by Rome. We go way back he was reminding me that time I beat the shit out of Amanda for lacing my drink. Let him know Brittany is all right from the Britisher we go way back and that is why I disappeared from town. I am investigating LAPD and the Sheriff's department in a halfway house where they are holding felones and female pedophiles without a writ of habeas corpus. I am apart of Seal Team and they are holding several hundred people without due process and trying to use me as an informant committing a capital offense of opening military mail after I suspect I was court marshaled.

  31. Stephen Dre

    Creed is tight

  32. Darrell May

    Great job guys!,,,

  33. Spartan Actual

    The legacy of this band and the way me and probably couple million other people emotionally connect to this music just tell how this band will go down in history for centuries

  34. BattleBorn

    How does this video get 60M views yet only 210k liked. This video and song rocks

  35. Kimberly Ritchie

    Thank you ffdp and all who keep our country safe.

  36. Icalynn Davis

    Born in Las Vegas, Nevada: The Battle Born State


  37. Jamie Salko

    5/14/20 Pittsburgh cant wait 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  38. keira rf

    oh I love this song

  39. Spartan

    I can' t belivied ksksksks a sex doll in audience, at 2:17 kskskssk. But this song is very prety

  40. new found life

    u guys still playin good songs too

  41. nediA Medisolt

    This song reminds me of my dad because he traveled for work which left me a week with him at most before he left, and that was before my parents were divorced so that’s about three to four days in a week or two which meant I saw him only three years of my life when I was 13

  42. Danny Gambrel


  43. Logan Heisler

    8.4k dislikes? Whats wrong with people

  44. Alex Carvalho

    Sensacional musica!!!

  45. Evan Fletcher

    Metal is the sound that beats in the heart of everyone that society tries to forget exists, I see you friends keep on Rockin.

  46. Daredevil Rush

    True statement i been shuned my whole life and judged for a accident that happened so many hate me before they even know me and trust me i live with so much pain and i know where i was and how far i have come and i can't wait to see my next chapter

  47. Mary Eileen

    This band is awesome. They do so much for our troops. That sets them apart from other bands. It dosent hurt that they are all cuttie pattoooties

  48. TheLuigiex50

    Gray mane or battle born

  49. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 420

    100% Disabled US Army Infantry Veteran >>> Battle Born And Proud Of It !!!! Hoooooaaaaahhhh!!!!! BTW Where The Hell Is My Supposed Benefits?? Hell The Public Aid Sponges/Illegal Pukes Get A HELL OF ALOT More Benefits Than A DAV WW VET??? WTF!!!!!!!!!

  50. Krisztián Zsédely

    Zoli a legnagyobb király!!!

  51. m labatte

    my dad and i are so battleborn. It's innate and in our blood.

  52. Ronald Murray

    Long b4 they took away the part of me that cared.....

  53. raymond sutton

    I'm not a soldier never was but I can relate to this song because of my childhood

  54. EPIC1312

    Just saw ffdp in Texas last Thursday. By far one of the shows I’ve seen live. 🤟🤟🤟

  55. Allen Trey

    Christ is King...go Hong Kong... you're bravery and constitution inspires Americans...#everydamnday

  56. Joe Daniel

    November 8th, 2019 and I'm still rocking out to this song!

  57. Amber Covey

    It's about walking with the ones that stand alone, being by their side.


    After listening to this at the gym I tested positive for Performance Enhancers!

  59. Edna Hamilton

    I love you guys ❤️💙🤍

  60. Syntax Error

    Why has this song replaced coming down?

    Josh Welker

    It's a chill relaxing song

  61. Kelly S.

    Can’t explain it,I just love this song.

  62. Azrielis

    I am a disabled Vet that was just told that his daughter wanted another there man to walk her down the isle...I Love Her so much that would never say a thing but I have never been hurt more...I am BATTLEBORN I will live with this pain til I die I Love You Sweetie!!!!!

  63. Mary swords

    Once upon a Time

  64. Kristiana Campo

    This is the first time I’ve heard this song, crazy thing I too am Battle born, Reno battle born here! I love you guys keep making music! My fav songs are wrong side of heaven and under and over it!

  65. Cian

    Best ffdp song imo

  66. QDROP


  67. QDROP


  68. brandyn brownie

    Just don't play this song around a grey-mane

  69. Walter Zanini

    Em português 5FDP é o mesmo que 5 FILHOS DA PUTA...
    Que nome do caralho!!!

    In Brazilian portuguese 5FDP is the same as (FIVE MOTHERFUCKERS)
    Awesome name!

  70. new found life

    oh shit its battle born time

  71. Jókedvű Kismedve

    That's cool but I'd rather side with the Gray-Manes.

  72. BMON3Y Ø5 [BRETT]

    JK gam3rs

  73. newgene2000 newgene2000

    Was there such a time where I didn’t stand alone? I can’t remember


    Graymane or BattleBorn?

  75. Katie Wacker

    I'm like how can anyone dis like this song? Apparent 8.3K people can. Mind blown

  76. Jeffrey Buck

    Love ffdp amazing musician's. And very nice guys.

  77. William Alves

    September/2019 and I still love this song! ❤

    Railfan Jax

    William Alves October 2000000000000000000 and still listen to it

  78. Veronica Bontorno

    So inlove with this song <3 thanks FFDP

  79. Finley Archer

    Good stuff

  80. Susan Woods

    This song has helped me outta very dark place! Love these guys

  81. wbdeel1

    Love this!

  82. Tabetha Bricker

    Best concert of my life!

  83. 1 love south. black n white

    Any body who stands with our military i support 100%

  84. cheryl reeder

    Battle won !!!

  85. Jack Hartzell

    Years before they took away the part of me that cared

  86. Robski Bullet Movement

    Jk gamer brought me here... His old intro... BTW the tune is Narly 💪


    Robski Bullet Movement here from him too

    Robski Bullet Movement

    @BMON3Y Ø5 [BRETT] 👌🍻

  87. Danny Gambrel


  88. joel cruz

    702 área code¡!!! 👍🏻

  89. Jesse Kelly

    Jkgamers anyone?


    Jesse Kelly yes


    Jesse Kelly yes

  90. Branden McGrath

    one of the best bands..i dont blame u for being tired

  91. Ryan davies

    Oh the hell do these artists write songs that exactly reflect what we are feeling and just seem to make it not matter in the space of a few minutes.
    Keep it up guys

  92. Julia Guffey

    This band is one of the many reasons ive always wanted to join the military. They just motivated me to do what i always wanted. Proud to say as of 30.7.2019 i am apart of the US Army💪🏽🇺🇸

    Larry Williams

    Good great to have you aboard Battle.

  93. Onedayilbeok

    Metal doesn't get much better than this!

  94. Scott Woodham

    These guys a very much for President Trump they support are President

  95. Harm Spannhoff

    1 mix aus Creed und Fury in the sloutherhouse , nicht schlecht !

  96. Peter no

    Maybe they would prosper if they made videos regarding their music and lyrics?...

  97. Lance Johnson

    thank you for the amazing time in my home state much love brothers